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Akatsuki ask or dare by pikatachi
Akatsuki ask or dareby Pika
what the title says
immortal bonding by multifandom_nerd_413
immortal bondingby Gamkat😍kakuhida
kakuzu and hidan are stuck at the akatsuki base alone *warning lemon* credit to the artist's for cover photos
ItaDei Fanfiction  by Waffles_455
ItaDei Fanfiction by Waffles
Deidara, the youngest member of the Akatsuki, has some issues with a few other members, resulting in verbal and physical abuse. Itachi finds Deidara one day and wonders...
My gf is a heartless ceo by Maestralie
My gf is a heartless ceoby Black_Spade
Zeikhanlie is a hardwoking,friendly and extrovert person. Many people admire her because of her simple beauty but really attractive. She's also a humble person that's wh...
Things we do for love by piano2099
Things we do for loveby Ghost Rider
Naruto, a demon. A monster. A murderer. Or so they said. In reality, he was just a kid, with a tailed beast sealed in him. No one cared for him. Or so he thought. Follow...
Rēbørn - A Naruto Fanfiction - Book 1 [COMPLETE] by aaliswalker
Rēbørn - A Naruto Fanfiction - Boo...by Aalis-online
Reborn with the luxury of chosing her own ability, given a chance to start from the beginning she decides to change to world. For better of for worst. #1 in naruto 20/0...
Book 2: Belonging in the Naruto World by sgirlsgirl
Book 2: Belonging in the Naruto Wo...by sgirlsgirl
The Sequel to "Book 1: Where I Belong" . Serena had fallen into her favorite show Naruto, but before the plot even started! She went from being 14 in the real...
Switched Up // Itachi Uchiha AU by Hipster_Harry101
Switched Up // Itachi Uchiha AUby Miaa
"People keep telling me you're dangerous." "Is that so?" Itachi smirked and looked down at his sheet of paper. "Maybe they're right." Sta...
bold (naruto Various x reader) by i_am_bored432
bold (naruto Various x reader)by o jee
your name is y/n and you are a jashin worshipper. but thats really all you know. Haku convinced zabuza To take you with them to 'use your immortality as a weapon' but yo...
Psychopath Naruto fanfiction [ORIGINAL] by Otsutsuki_707
Psychopath Naruto fanfiction [ORIG...by Otsutsuki_707
Hey this is where the story will continue since I couldn't log back in to my other account anyways WARNING: Short chapters ahead THIS BOOK WAS HORRIBLY WRITTEN GO AWAY ...
Akatsuki boyfriend senarios by pikatachi
Akatsuki boyfriend senariosby Pika
if the Akatsuki members had a girlfriend I'm taking request
Akatsuki's Possession ✗ by Sleepychen
Akatsuki's Possession ✗by M I N 💌
A modern Konoha High School fiction. Multiple characters x OC. p.s. It might seem like there's a lot of chapters, but trust me, they're SHORT. Not too horribly long, so...
You Reap What You Sow by SlythrinPrincessRin
You Reap What You Sowby Adelis faith feliciano
What happen when they betrayed her what happens when they call her name like weak, useless, a pathetic excuse of a waste of space. What will she do will she stay and tak...
Hinata's Revenge {Complete} by Me_182
Hinata's Revenge {Complete}by Me_182
Hinata left the village after she had enough to being called weak on the way an akatsuki tells her to join what will she say...
The Masked Singer |Sasunaru| by your_localghost
The Masked Singer |Sasunaru|by bl00dyRed
Uzumaki Naruto a bright Blond teen, his parents died in a car crash at the age of Thirteen is now Nineteen-years-old and attends a famous University in Japan making inst...
Book 1: Kira by narutos_wife
Book 1: Kiraby narutos_wife
The tale of the lost Ōtsutsuki
Are We Really Just Friends? {Obito/Tobi × Deidara} by MasterBinkus
Are We Really Just Friends? {Obito...by MasterBinkus❤
We're Tobi and Deidara really just friends, or was there something more to it? What was this feeling that Deidara got inside him every time Tobi laughed? What was this e...
Stuck In The Naruto World (A Naruto Fanfiction) by kaylashears
Stuck In The Naruto World (A Narut...by kaylashears
Mesaal Shiota is an average girl with good looks. Her Mum and Dad have average jobs, with average pay and average children. Her brothers have average grades and attend a...
All you need to know about Six The Musical 💜👑💜 by Beethequeen2022
All you need to know about Six The...by Jul_And_Eve
Have you ever wondered what Six The Musical Is? Read this
Four Bad Boys And Me(Completed) by Bangtanmaiden
Four Bad Boys And Me(Completed)by BinibiningCarmela
Characterization(all credits to Blue_maiden) Date Written: (August 18,2018) Date Finished: (December 31,2019) Published Finished