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Leaving my love behind by Greys_anatomy_22
Leaving my love behindby Greys_anatomy_22
This takes place when Derek chooses Addison over Meredith. Meredith is heartbroken and feels she can't stay in Seattle with everyone looking at her, so she leaves but up...
Caught In The Trap-HTGAWM  by honeydixon
Caught In The Trap-HTGAWM by 𝘩
"Why does everyone around us die?" the young helpful daughter, of Annalise and Sam Keating, finally gets to attend the very law school her mother works at. it...
in which Dr.Proud changes George's life forever. "Either grow some balls or get the hell out of my OR!" Nascent (adjective)- just coming into existence and beg...
Four Bad Boys And Me(Completed) by Bangtanmaiden
Four Bad Boys And Me(Completed)by BinibiningCarmela
Characterization(all credits to Blue_maiden) Date Written: (August 18,2018) Date Finished: (December 31,2019) Published Finished
The Secret Life Of The American Teenager [SEASON 6] Together Forever by magicofessence
The Secret Life Of The American rainy days
This is season six of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. RANKED #18 in NON-FICTION RANKED #73 in FANFICTION Secrets are yet to be revealed. Amy Juergens leaves...
Lovesick » Danny Wheeler by gihlbert
Lovesick » Danny Wheelerby mack
Her romantic heart will be her downfall. Danny Wheeler © gihlbert, 2022
The Jacobs Twin(A Fosters Fanfic)  by Oncer121598
The Jacobs Twin(A Fosters Fanfic) by Shannon Brunicke
Dakota Jacobs is the twin sister of Callie. When Callie ends up going to juvenile detention, Dakota ends up going with her. When they get out, they're placed with the Fo...
parklife↳ pretty little liars by weloveafan
parklife↳ pretty little liarsby multi fandom queen
❝ all the people, so many people. they all go hand in hand, hand in hand through their parklife ❞ in which savannah dilaurentis starts receiving threatening texts a year...
Destruction by lgbtmer
Destructionby lgbtmer
After a tumultuous fight with Derek, Meredith feels more alone than ever. So she drinks and drinks and then she ends up in hospital. Meredith is strong, but is this the...
A Woman's Wraith 🗡 Revenge by Ashlyn_Hart
A Woman's Wraith 🗡 Revengeby Rapunzel
Emily and Rose Thorne lived in the Hamptons until an incident ruined their family and their reputation, forcing them out of town. Years later, they have returned to thei...
Far Away | A Lost Fanfiction  by onelesswriter
Far Away | A Lost Fanfiction by Patty.
"You can't run forever." The survivors of Oceanic 815 crash on a deserted tropical island. They are forced to work together in order to survive. So does, Rob...
The New Fosters: A Brallie Story by justareadinggirl
The New Fosters: A Brallie Storyby Just A Reading Girl
THE FOSTERS, FANFIC! When a foster girl named Callie gets a new foster family, she thinks it will be like all of the others, but what if its not? She knows it can't h...
Just 14 Days (Surrera fanfiction) by station19chronicles
Just 14 Days (Surrera fanfiction)by Station 19
2 ex lovers Andy & Robert are back In town for their College Winter Break. Will they be able to let the past be the past and rekindle what they once had? He wants her ba...
Mr. Toby Cavanaugh   (A spoby story) by TheLittleMissSwan
Mr. Toby Cavanaugh (A spoby ColifersLilBean
Spencer and Toby meet in rosewood, But to be together the must endure Pain, torture and even losing each other first. They must decided is their love is worth fighting...
Once Upon A Time: Hook's Adopted Son (Book 1) by RavenDragon643
Once Upon A Time: Hook's Adopted Ravenfire 177
What if Hook had one other piece of happiness, an adopted son? What if the child was a certain viking? After Hiccup was banished from Berk, he and Toothless travel to th...
Wounded; A Brallie Fan Fiction *EDITING* by miaships
Wounded; A Brallie Fan Fiction * miaships
In a bind of events, Callie and Brandon find themselves threatening to ruin everything for their family on one fateful night that confronts Callie's chances of getting a...
The Fosters Fanfiction (Little Kid One Shots) by fostersfanfic73
The Fosters Fanfiction (Little fostersfanfic73
Have you ever wondered what the fosters were like as kids? This fan fiction takes place when the kids are younger, around the age of 6-10. All the kids are present and S...
Thousand years Lena and Stef by desigirl57
Thousand years Lena and Stefby desigirl57
This story is about how stef and lena met and it also goes to 10 years later to when they are married but in half of my own way I do not own the fosters or the actors I...
Wrong Feelings: Forgiving by bay_emmett
Wrong Feelings: Forgivingby bay_emmett
The second part to "Wrong Feelings"!
A Jonnor Story: Is this wrong? by xojoshy
A Jonnor Story: Is this wrong?by JΩSHϑΔ ♕
The story takes place after the aftermath at the party when Connor, Maddie , Maddie's friend Chelsea and Jude played spin the bottle. Are Jude & Connor are right for eac...