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Summoning the Ghost King (Old Version) by epicscott1
Summoning the Ghost King (Old Vers...by epicscott1
Danny Phantom, aka the ghost king, was minding his own business, but he gets summoned to another dimension by a kid who wants to try a magical book out. Now stuck in a d...
The mad jester (Harley Quinn x child reader) by Reaper-fire
The mad jester (Harley Quinn x chi...by Reaper-fire
She was abandoned.....betrayed, and hurt by the one she thought she loved Well Harley isn't mr.j's girl anymore After she left the clown prince of crime she struck ou...
Music of the Heavens by WinterWolf-99
Music of the Heavensby White Wolf
(I do not own Young Justice) White Hope was born with a powerful magic that enables him to use sound infused with the light of the sun. But his life is a lot more tragic...
A new bro? Batfam x Nico by Annaowen2468
A new bro? Batfam x Nicoby Annaowen2468
1 Son of Hades 2 Many feelings 3 brothers Made 4 each other 1. Nico Di Angelo is alone after his sister tragically got murdered. The son of Hades felt lost and alone...u...
Justice League: Vertigo by Dcfreak
Justice League: Vertigoby Nathan
A boy from an alternate dimension, running away from his past, but can he keep up with what lies in the future?
Gotham's Spider by MPereira_T2
Gotham's Spiderby MPereira_T2
Penny Parker lives in an abusive foster home in Gotham city. One day after the Justice League have a huge fight in the city they discover that they destroyed a foster ho...
Catching I Bruce Wayne by apollosmeatballs
Catching I Bruce Wayneby 5SecondsOfWinchester
*COMPLETED* Skylar Marie Jones was a simple senior student at Metropolis University until she made one wrong choice and is now indebted to the famous crime lord Steven M...
Legacy by IvanBullock
Legacyby Nerd Herd
Y/N al Ghul is the Batman of the year 2050. He was trained under the mantle of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Damian Wayne, the last of the bat family. After a fight aga...
Batfam oneshots by _Anxiety_sucks_
Batfam oneshotsby _That_Autistic_Writer_
Random (hopefully funny) Batboys oneshots hope you like them I am literally obsessed with Batman (he is my favourite Superhero) and also the Batboys so I decided to make...
Green Flecks by Playedcrowd5610
Green Flecksby Playedcrowd5610
Red Hood finds a brutally injured Danny Fenton in a back alley after patrol just after the halfa has escaped the GiW. He can't talk, and he is scared of any human around...
Clark's Niece - Damian Wayne x Reader by Batfam-Imagines
Clark's Niece - Damian Wayne x Rea...by Batfam-Imagines
Y/N is Superman's niece. When she is young she meets Robin, Damian Wayne. Follow them as they grow up together, as they travel the ups and downs of life together. The ar...
Another Chance by MykieFin
Another Chanceby Micayla
"Would you believe me if I told you other universes exist." "What-," "Answer the question, Tony." ___ Portals seem to be opening up all o...
Death Of Danny Fenton  by Zero31104
Death Of Danny Fenton by Zero
Danny is proclaimed "dead" by his parents after passing out from exhaustion after a long drawn out fight with a ghost. Do too his ghost half being unstable it...
Tidal Waves(Pjo) by Emmahalala
Tidal Waves(Pjo)by Elite
The war was over, the demigods won. Percy returns home to see her mom and her stepfather dead. She then finds out that her Brother, Jason Todd was alive and was living w...
My Songbird by youneverknow22
My Songbirdby Youneverknow22
"So I suggest you learn some respect before you get some beat into you!!" <<<•••>>> You've been a part of the Teen Titans for 5 years, and yo...
Renegade, Another Bat? by Tessa-B-gone
Renegade, Another Bat?by Tessa-B-gone
Re-write now up. Called 'Fallen Renegade: Forever An Apprentice.' Richard Grayson had a younger sister named Skylaina who got abducted by the Mercenary Slade Wilson aka...
Superbat Oneshots by _Anxiety_sucks_
Superbat Oneshotsby _That_Autistic_Writer_
OK so Superbat is one of my favourite ships in DC and also Batman and Superman are both my favourite Superheros so I decided to put them my favourite Superheros and ship...
Different universe, new me  ( Pjo/Hoo and Dc crossover ) by CraziiFanWriter
Different universe, new me ( Pjo...by CraziiFanWriter
The war between Olympus and Gaia is over. The demigods finally wanted a normal life, Percy wanted to be with his Wise Girl but the fates have other plans for him. A new...
Doctor Cerberus by Makedonius
Doctor Cerberusby Make
Izuku Yagi was neglected by his parents and abused by his friends, they used to beat him up everyday. But one day he was left on the brink of death, but he was found by...
Interdimensional Romanoff (Under Editing) by MPereira_T2
Interdimensional Romanoff (Under E...by MPereira_T2
Elijah Romanoff is the 16 year daughter of Natasha Romanoff, the past Russian spy, and Avenger. She and her mother have never been close, but that could be because in El...