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𝑀𝑦 𝑆𝑜𝑛 (Naruto Uzumaki 𝚡 Mother!Reader) by CheeseBurgSteak
𝑀𝑦 𝑆𝑜𝑛 (Naruto Uzumaki 𝚡 I Like Cheese
A fluff story. Y/n is a sweet,kind, and loving woman who recently moved into the village of Konohagakure, The Village hidden in the Leaves. That's when she came across t...
ONESHOT: Uncontrolled Lust by chanelskye
ONESHOT: Uncontrolled Lustby Chanel Skye
Some of this Oneshot's story contained rape, violent and bad characters. But this is not BDSM. Maybe some of it has incest. But, you don't know until you read. Just like...
FORBIDDEN by hermesdemi
FORBIDDENby hermesdemi
Surely, Love knows no boundaries. A heart can never be taught for whom it should beat radically to. But what if a FORBIDDEN LOVE for someone ones felt is twinned with lu...
Tsunade's Mama Mode by WallaceWilliam91
Tsunade's Mama Modeby Guillermo
Legend says that there's nothing that can surpass a mother's love. Naruto would argue that a grandma's love is by far scarier. An overheard conversation when the blonde'...
RUHANI RISHTA🤱 by Ruchihere
RUHANI RISHTA🤱by Ruchihere
SIDNAAZ STORY ❤️ Starting day:- 29 July 2022✨ Har rishta khoon ka nahi hota..kuch rishte rooh se hote hai! Ek soul ka connection dusre soul se..Soul connection 💫 Ye Kah...
Anagapesis by Myself_bipasha
Anagapesisby Bipasha Mandal
Sometimes you don't promise yourself to move on, You just don't feel anymore....... A Riansh Story. Cover by : @shreyaanshi21
Transmigration: Waking up as the male lead's brother(WMLB) by G_2Xxxx
Transmigration: Waking up as the G.Zxxx
Leo was just having a normal hang out with his best friend when a truck suddenly hit the front of the cafe where they were sitting. Strictly speaking the truck suddenly...
Captain Marvel: My Mother (BOOK II) by sakuralou2689
Captain Marvel: My Mother (BOOK II)by sakuralou2689
Amnon Montmartre (Amnon-Selah) got abducted and enslaved by the Kree-Lizard forces while his mother Carol Danvers-Montmartre had to find a way in reuniting with him. No...
HIS MOTHER'S SON  by treasureoripe
HIS MOTHER'S SON by Oripeloye Treasure
He travels far away from home with one goal; make his mother proud. Joshua's life revolves around his mother's love, she is his heroine and his main motivation. He is de...
Charizard OC (Poke'mon) x Wanda Maximoff (Marvel) by RWBYKnight4142
Charizard OC (Poke'mon) x Wanda Alexander Olson
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN ANY IMAGES OR VIDEOS USED. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO ORIGINAL OWNERS. One night, a young boy, unknowingly, collapses on the doorsteps of Ave...
Miss Scarlett & Her Baby Boy by SkylarLee1996
Miss Scarlett & Her Baby Boyby Sky
Story about a boy an girl being friends could there friendhship become more both going to the caregiver an little school. There will he some smut between BIG TAYLOR an...
Loving the Soccer Mom by Kady_Mae
Loving the Soccer Momby Kady_Mae
Savannah James is high school English teacher / girls soccer coach by day. And single mom to a bubbly four year old by night. Savannah has a great job and amazing son, s...
A Mother's Love by bbymnstrr
A Mother's Loveby xx
After Karlheinz married Cordelia, Beatrix, and Christa, he sought for another woman to become his wife. His gaze soon fell upon Y/N. She was a pureblood vampire with a s...
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The Son of the Ice Queen(RWBY x abused male reader x mother Tzarina Katarin.) by BrawlBismarck
The Son of the Ice Queen(RWBY x BrawlBismarck
(Disclaimer: I don't own any artwork or videos used in this story, and I don't own RWBY or Warhammer Fantasy. They all belong to their respective owners. Also in this ti...
Unconditional love by KENTRELLMYBD
Unconditional loveby KENTRELLWIFEYY
"Imma love you unconditionally no matter what"
Auror's Son | Book 2 Harry Potter x OC by Mordecur
Auror's Son | Book 2 Harry Mordecur .
After a summer of training with his mother. Raven's new year at Hogwarts starts. What new moves and techniques has he learned? Raven senses danger within the walls of Ho...
Smoak-Queen Family One-Shots: Our hearts Stay with the Ones We Love by AgentofDreams989
Smoak-Queen Family One-Shots: AgentofDreams989
I recently finished the entire series of Arrow (actually took me over a year to watch, but it was worth every minute!) and I am now fully certain that my favorite part o...
AbhiGya: Love Birds & Their Three Kid's.. by overthinking019
AbhiGya: Love Birds & Their ᗩᗩᖇ丅Ꭵ ❤🧿
18 years ago one thing happened between two love birds, & they separate their ways only without divorced, only they signed one contract, that they will never comes in be...