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Faith 2 Love by QVEEN-NADI
Faith 2 Loveby QVEEN-NADI
Sequel to Faith.
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Don't Leave, Please by Sweet_Sydney14
Don't Leave, Pleaseby Sweet_Sydney14
Cathy was just trying to be a normal girl. She worked at Dunkin Donuts, was paid pretty well actually. She's 25 and loving her life. Nothing can possibly change! Until...
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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
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Stampy, Sqaishey, Squid e.c.t here are some updates, facts and my general opinions on them.
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HACKER | MACGYVER by lilyroses95
"You Loved Me When I Was At My Lowest."
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Blake and Mac  by Hrichelle
Blake and Mac by Hrichelle
What happens when Matty and the gang need some outside help to rescue Macgyver back from Murdock? What happens when help arrives and throws a spanner in the works for t...
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Marcus and Martinus imagines by GunnarsenBaess
Marcus and Martinus imaginesby GunnarsenBaess
Hey! First things first, I'm not a writer, I just like trying new things and this might be one of them:) For now, requests are closed, just so you could see my first ima...
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He Got Game (URBAN) (LilBaby)  by TyErickaa
He Got Game (URBAN) (LilBaby) by S C O R P I O N
"After all the hurt you could still make me love you." Jai Falls, 19 the girl everyone has their eyes on- she was the prettiest thing walking everything about...
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Cruisin' For Some Lovin' by tiffanyrebecca7
Cruisin' For Some Lovin'by Tiffany
Wet Side Story is Samantha's life. Literally. Samantha, or Sammie, is Tanner's little sister, and she can't stand bikers. What happens when Mac and Brady show up and sho...
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Operation ~Bite Me~  10k x reader by LowKeyTrash0_0
Operation ~Bite Me~ 10k x readerby LowKeyTrash0_0
A 10k x reader fluff + implied lemon because we all love Znation
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Black Luna Old Copy by Wolfy411
Black Luna Old Copyby Wolfy
There is a new version being created Please comment :) I would like to improve my writing skills.
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What If? ~Jemma Every Witch Way by EveryWitchWay_Jemma
What If? ~Jemma Every Witch Wayby EveryWitchWay_Jemma
What If? What if Emma had met Jax first? What if Jax was that cute boy from next door, that caught Emma's eye? What If Jax was the captain of the Sharks? What if he was...
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10k X Reader Oneshots (COMPLETE) by trashygayshipper
10k X Reader Oneshots (COMPLETE)by shipping trash
his mind blown, but not from your gun. • long 10k x reader one shots • * C o m p l e t e *
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Moonlight by Catinthedarknes
Moonlightby Dani
Nothing is as it seems to be, at least not when it came to her private life. While she was painting the picture of the happy single for the world to believe, Stevie Nick...
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Fresh start. by aglover98
Fresh Aglover98
End of an era book 2
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MacGyver Imagines  by Angelwbw
MacGyver Imagines by Belle
Just MacGyver Oneshots :) Feel free to request something
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Sos macgyver 2016  by walkingdeadsurvivorT
Sos macgyver 2016 by Always Keep Fighting
One signal. One signal was enough for Mac to pack up everything and go back to Mission City. One signal and he was home. One signal and he was back with HER. The one he...
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Broken (COMPLETED by aglover98
Broken (COMPLETEDby Aglover98
Ariana was adopted when she was 5 by Malcom's family. Everything was nice and sweet until Ariana became depressed and no one knew why. Ariana came out in bruises and no...
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Lady (Rated M) by imaginary_lover
Lady (Rated M)by imaginary_lover
Her eyes were so beautiful, burned into his head as he starred down at her sleeping face, shocked at how innocent she looked in this one moment, fearing it'd go away as...
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you count z's, i count days// 10k//znation by potarot123
you count z's, i count days// potarot123
karter. her name is karter. damn "karter. kaarterrr. karter karter karter, the love of my life, my best friend" "your so cheesy, just shut up and kiss me...
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