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Mycroft Holmes x reader one shots by sips___tea
Mycroft Holmes x reader one shotsby sips
Mycroft Holmes one shots from both the victorian and modern version. You can suggest ideas and plots if you want
Sherlock Character Preferences/One Shots (discontinued for now!) by sinclairsbryant
Sherlock Character Preferences/ michael
contains: sherlock , mycroft, jim , john , greg and irene i don't own any characters from Sherlock (obviously) heavily inspired by 'Sherlock Imagines' by ShylaQuiet &l...
A 20 year old, who was suffering found herself in love with her savior. Mycroft holmes. Starring : none other than our favorite sherlock stars (I personally love my...
Sherlock Preferences & Imagines by FictionJunk1e
Sherlock Preferences & Imaginesby danielle ✰
Hello! Have you ever wondered if your favorite Sherlock character had the same interests as you? Or what it would be like with that character? Well, look no further than...
The Other One *Editing* by missagentpotter
The Other One *Editing*by Ellie
Click. Click. Someone's breaking in at 221B Baker Street. Step. Step. They're coming up the stairs. The great detective opens to the door to find the perfect deduction w...
Mycrofts beloved by emochildof04
Mycrofts belovedby Emo
Annabelle Allegra Jean Holmes Mycroft's beloved daughter. Sentimental attachments can be a danger but Mycroft just had one Sherlock or as it turns out he has another, hi...
Enola Holmes imagines by GothicWidow
Enola Holmes imaginesby GothicWidow
Imagines for the characters of Netflix's Enola Holmes (2020). Currently only Mycroft Holmes but adding other characters soon x
Falling Stars and Cigarettes by AmeliaVentura
Falling Stars and Cigarettesby Amelia Ventura
Sibley doesn't need to be taken care of. After all, since she was young, she paid the bills, cleaned the house, cooked the food. She can take care of herself. Social Ser...
Sentiment || Sherlock Holmes by 20aimeel15
Sentiment || Sherlock Holmesby 20aimeel15
Accepted into the forensic department at Scotland Yard, Evelyn Hudson never expected to be swept up into the whirlwind life of Sherlock Holmes....but here we are. Based...
The Iceman's Baker (Mycroft Holmes) *ON HOLD* by DoctorLaz
The Iceman's Baker (Mycroft DoctorLaz
A cold hearted man and a cheerful, sweets-lover. Meeting through a certain doctor, these two will find themselves wanting more than a slice. Follow Mycroft and Bella in...
Sherlock Imagines by Pellegrino117
Sherlock Imaginesby Burnt Chip
Imagines including your favorite characters from BBC Sherlock! May also include Oneshots and Preferences.
Into The Near Future by WolfyKittyCake
Into The Near Futureby Saeryn Sawyer
After Sherlock's supposed 'death' his friends all come together to watch Sherlock Holmes and John Watson's incredible life story.... they all soon realize the secrets Sh...
mycroft x reader  by sips___tea
mycroft x reader by sips
You, a normal baker's life changes when she mets Mycroft. You get pulled into a world of murder and mystery.
One Idiot named Mycroft Holmes by AtomicGirl0
One Idiot named Mycroft Holmesby Atomic Girl
Just a One-Shot about Mr. Government himself and fem!reader. I only own Y/N L/N every other character is owned by BBC Cover is from tillieke
Sherlock Reader Insert Collection by Darthkitty24
Sherlock Reader Insert Collectionby Darthkitty24
My collection of Sherlock BBC oneshots! Includes Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Greg L., and Jim.
Sherlock One-Shots and Preferences  by Cinchester17
Sherlock One-Shots and Preferences by Chloe the Hunter
A collection of sherlock one-shots and preferences including: -Sherlock -John -Mycroft -Lestrade -Moriarty (I do not own Sherlock BBC or its characters)
Sherlock Imagines by CrazygirlP13
Sherlock Imaginesby Katelyn Peterson
Hello to the Sherlockians of the vast Wattpad world! I am happy to present a whole bunch of BBC Sherlock imagines! I understand if some of you read this and think &quo...
Stand By You by citrusfreak
Stand By Youby ._clueingfor_.
John has always been there for Sherlock, even if it gets weird. Welcome to my book. Contains spanking, cuddles, Johnlock, and little moments when in life when you need...
DELICATE || TEWKESBURY [1] by arsolaire
DELICATE || TEWKESBURY [1]by ❛ 𝐬𝐨𝐥 ミ
➘ 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 y/n, a young lady born with vast feminine grace tangled in a gamble of life desired to change the way she lived with two unexpected people aiming for t...
Mystrade Oneshots  by Professor-Stealyarty
Mystrade Oneshots by Joseph
[Discontinued] These are oneshotes I used to write years ago, but haven't in a while as my life has moved on. It is unlikely I will ever post more of these, but you are...