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Elements //Alec Lightwood++Shadowhunters fanfic by siredtoblossom
Elements //Alec Lightwood++Shadowh...by siredtoblossom
Amelie Wayland was one of the best shadowhunters at the institute, but there was something else about her something that neither her or anybody else could quite put thei...
The Best Friend by lizwalshe
The Best Friendby lizwalshe
Being the best friend of Jace Wayland is not an easy thing, especially since I'm in love with him. When I was twelve, my parents were brutally murdered and I had seen th...
HIDDEN HERONDALE ✔️|| A.l by officialcga
"You seem okay for a mundane that just saw a demon" the blond guy says "A demon?" I say directed at him. "Well I believe in aliens so it's not...
Dominique by MidnightHerondale
Dominiqueby Midnight
There came a new Shadowhunter to the New York Institute: Dominique. But... she is quite shy. She has a secret, but... secrets are meant to be told, aren't they? *by the...
The Warrior(Alec Lightwood) by sheen303
The Warrior(Alec Lightwood)by sheen303
Shadowhunters -season 1-season2-season3 Katherine Fairchild had run away from her home when she was eleven and had been taken in by the Lightwoods. She has trained with...
Shadowhunter Chronicles Imagines/ One-Shots | REQUESTS ARE CLOSED by Morganaallen
Shadowhunter Chronicles Imagines...by Morgan
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED >>> DM ME Things I Need -the character -time period -your bloodline (Shadowhunter/Downworlder/etc) -plot The Infernal Devices - Will Hero...
Love in the darkness | A.Lightwood by alexandra_ab7
Love in the darkness | A.Lightwoodby Alexandra A.B.
A long time after Clary's arrival, it seems that the things aren't going in the Lightwoods favour. Besides that they are vizited by an important person, an envoy of the...
The Other Morgenstern by legendbug1L
The Other Morgensternby Rar
Jocelyn had another daughter before Clary. Her name.. Cordelia Jane Fairchild Morgenster. Born with fair skin blonde hair and green eyes. A resemblance of bothJocelyn an...
The Infernal Devices Rewritten by LilacPotterhead
The Infernal Devices Rewrittenby LilacPotterhead
When Evan DeLuca finds herself at the gates of the great London Institute in Victorian England, something is most definitely wrong in London's Shadow World. Shadowhunte...
Shadows--Jace Herondale (1) by sheen303
Shadows--Jace Herondale (1)by sheen303
''Who are you?'' ''I am many things, but for tonight, I am your knight in shining armor.'' ''Really? Doesn't seem like it.'' Olivia Fray's life was mundane. Simply and e...
Sнadow Girl ▹ Jace Wayland (editing) by voidwolvxs
Sнadow Girl ▹ Jace Wayland (editin...by T
"The story of Annalina Grey, the girl who came before clary, the real love of jace wayland's life" [book 1]
Demons and Heroes // A.L by Ninjaofserenity
Demons and Heroes // A.Lby Ninjaofserenity
Sequel to Angels and Warriors.
The Mortal Instruments: One-shots by MtkaSwimmer
The Mortal Instruments: One-shotsby Rachel
This will be different stories about Malec, Sizzy, Clace, and Heline (Helen and Aline) These will be cute and fluffy! Some will spoil you for the books and the tv show.
War☆ Alec Lightwood *DISCONTINUED* by KaitlynRae99
War☆ Alec Lightwood *DISCONTINUED*by Kaitlyn
"Don't hide who you really are. Because take it from me, you will regret it later in life." Everyone in the Downworld and the Shadowhunter world knew who Magnu...
Heavens Shadow ▹ Jace Wayland (2)  by voidwolvxs
Heavens Shadow ▹ Jace Wayland (2) by T
"The story of Annalina Grey the girl who's life has been turned upside down and must learn the hard way a shadowhunter's life is never easy" [book 2]
" i'm a whole new level of freak clary! nobody knows what i am but mom! " started: November 2020 published: August 4th, 2022 edited: ended: I don't own The Mor...
edom's princess (shadowhunters) by mingfuckingdynasty
edom's princess (shadowhunters)by mingfuckingdynasty
-» i was the princess of edom . stronger than any forces the angelic beings have ever seen . an abomination . and i will be back to avenge my mother's death , lillith...
Getting The Past Back (An Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments Crossover) by CanUHandleMe
Getting The Past Back (An Infernal...by JC
Set in a different dimension where Tessa and Jem decided to live at the New York Institute after they got married. Everything seems normal at first - with the possible e...
✓ | A TID Cinderella Story by rosethequeen1836
✓ | A TID Cinderella Storyby ♡Rose♡
Our Infernal devices characters in a Cinderella plot line. Tessa Gray, a high school graduate living with her step family. As a bibliophile, she longs to go to her dream...
From the Depths of our Shadows by Book_Wormsaesthetic
From the Depths of our Shadowsby BookWorms_Aesthetic
After a deliberate rescue from yet another blond Herondale, Zara decides to accept the angelic flow of blood in her veins and claims what's rightfully hers.. but it's ne...