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Falling Down • Coco Cruz (Mayans MC)  by agent_stark
Falling Down • Coco Cruz (Mayans Agent Crystal Stark
Made this for fun she had no intention to fall in love with a man, little did she knew, she fell in Johnny 'Coco' Cruz's love spell. That man had her and she had him. Ma...
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JustQwazyCloutGang by danasiaparham
JustQwazyCloutGangby Danasia Parham
They might be happy on camera but what happens off camera
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[Styx & Stones] ~ [Newt Scamander] by Potterhead155
[Styx & Stones] ~ [Newt Scamander]by Pøtterhead
"Newt" "Styx" "What were you doing in the Forbidden Forest?" "Visiting a Friend"
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good girl > coco cruz by hectsbellerin
good girl > coco cruzby Clo
"You know her Dad's kinda rich, right? And legit?" "Nobody with that kinda money, is legit." Isabella Lexington's father is a hugely successful, ri...
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Pariah  • Mayans MC by Venomis
Pariah • Mayans MCby Croweater
When Esai fucks up, his father fakes his death and sends him over the border to Mexico, not wishing to see him again. The only persons knowing that he's still alive, are...
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Mayans MC (imagines/one shots/canons) by Holywolf200
Mayans MC (imagines/one shots/ Holywolf200
Just stories for the handsome Mayan boys.
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Our Empire|| IamJustAiri & Tray Bills by JustJamieB
Our Empire|| IamJustAiri & Tray Jamieee
Just read :)
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When We Loved by Diasha1129
When We Lovedby AshaKnows
After Tray and Airi realize that they were meant to be things get confusing
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Glass Hearts by staciemarie_bloom
Glass Heartsby staciemarie_bloom
Ruby Parker is the most outgoing and bubbly person in the house and Nestor is an ex military that's head security for the family of a drug cartel. What happens when this...
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Sugar Rush|| Tray and Airi by HonimamaJones
Sugar Rush|| Tray and Airiby Honimama
They started off as close friends.
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May I [ON HOLD] by leanamcg12
May I [ON HOLD]by _.royall.trairi._
This is a book about tray and airi welll known as Trairi see what they go through to see if there meant to be or not 🤔🙃💞 SORRY SLOW UPDATES A NIGGA BE BUSY 🥶🥶🤬
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Remembering Myself  by Holywolf200
Remembering Myself by Holywolf200
Baby we can make it Pull me off the pavement Bring me back to basics Ever since I left you You took a part of me I can't replace it I'm half of what I came with Carrying...
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sunset > angel reyes  by hectsbellerin
sunset > angel reyes by Clo
"You ever wanna just ride into the sunset and see where you end up?" Ava Martìnez has mixed with biker clubs all over California. Being a bar girl gets you acq...
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FTRS/RAR One-Shots by DauntlessDemigodA5
FTRS/RAR One-Shotsby ❄Chloe❄
A little one-shot book with random stuff about the FTRS/RAR groups, mainlt devoted to content for the three main FTRS/RAR ships: Heavin, Jilly, and Kollie. All characte...
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Crazy For My Love by About_Trairi23
Crazy For My Loveby About_Trairi23
New girl from ATL came to Houston Texas because her mom had Got a new job so let's see where life takes her and who will she meet ?
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When Midnight Strikes-Sequel to Rumpelstiltskin's Reign (An FTRS/RAR AU) by DauntlessDemigodA5
When Midnight Strikes-Sequel to ❄Chloe❄
CURRENTLY ON HOLD IM SUPER BUSY ••••••read the first book (Rumpelstiltskin's Reign) or this won't make sense•••••• ---warning----If you haven't read the first book, I'm...
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Black Hearts (Pandora hearts and Black Butler crossover) by OzVessalius1
Black Hearts (Pandora hearts and Oz Vessalius
It all start with things being normal... Visiting schools to attack chains that are there, meeting new people... But then there's going to Hell.... When a certain situa...
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Rumpelstiltskin's Reign-An FTRS and RAR AU by DauntlessDemigodA5
Rumpelstiltskin's Reign-An FTRS ❄Chloe❄
COMPLETED! For all the FTRS Fairy Tale Reform School/Royal Acadamey Rebels fans (come on I know you're out there somewhere!). This is a (slightly dark) AU where Rumpelst...
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It's me and you 🤞🏾 against the world 🌎 baby 💕 by airi_mfnbills
It's me and you 🤞🏾 against the airi0nna.p00h
Tray and Airi are both youtubers and musical artists. They have many supporters and of course haters. So it's just them against the world 🌎
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Remember Me: A Jilly AU by DauntlessDemigodA5
Remember Me: A Jilly AUby ❄Chloe❄
---lots of fluff, despair, death, crying, Jilly, subplots, and good kissing scenes----- COMPLETED! Hey guys! So this is a really brief, pretty short FTRS AU where Gilly...
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