Cruel Love (Gotham/Oswald CobblepotFanFic)

Cruel Love (Gotham/Oswald CobblepotFanFic)

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(Was Cobblepot's Spy)(Slowly Working on Editing)


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"Why didn't you fight with Don Falcone? or Don Maroni? Why fight with me?'

"I Didn't fight with them because ...I was always just a spy to them. You make me feel like I am so much more."

True love. Crime. A King of Gotham. Welcome to Gotham, hell on earth calls you back even when you leave. You will always find your way back to Gotham
Nessita Michaels. Born a spy for the Falcone family, Carmine Falcone took her under his care when she was a teenager because her mother was dying and her father left her. She learned everything from Victor Zsasz who taught her how to be a assassain, before she turned on Falcone because of a huge mix up.
When she meets a certain person working as a dish washer in Bamonte's she becomes his aly for taking down Falcone ..Not being told he was going to take down her boss Sal Maroni too.

†Story Parts:

Part1. Cobblepot's Spy =Season 1
Part2. Cobblepot's Forbidden Love =Season 2
Part3. Cobblepot's Enemy =Season 4
Part4. Mr&Mrs Cobblepot's Vow =Season5

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