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A L L E Y S | Gotham by gothamfanfics
A L L E Y S | Gothamby gothamfanfics
In which a young girl is adopted by James Gordon, encountering and 'making friends' with terrible and good people in Gotham City. The ginger maniacs, mafia bosses, hitme...
Paralyzer [Gotham] by corpse_prxncess
Paralyzer [Gotham]by wulfy
"Some people aren't looking for someone to change them; they are only looking for someone to accept them." Gotham has no room for good doctors, it has to be pr...
Jeremiah & Jerome Valeska x Reader by inte11ectualproperty
Jeremiah & Jerome Valeska x Readerby inte11ectualproperty
Jerome Valeska may be a lunatic and a criminal but he knows how to show love,but only to his lover Y/N. What will happen when Y/N is reunited with a familiar face? Will...
Gotham parent preferences and one-shots by thegirlwithstories_
Gotham parent preferences and Bia
Ever wonder what Gotham characters would be like as parents? Well let's find out! Including: -Jerome Valeska -Johnathan Crane -Jervis Tetch -Jeremiah Valeska -Tabitha Ga...
Longanimity | GOTHAM by theunstableoriginal
Longanimity | GOTHAMby theunstableoriginal
Longanimity: (n.) silent suffering while planning revenge Or in which the citizens of Gotham have yet to realize just how much more dangerous a certain 1,017 year old va...
Gotham Preferences by alicegradswe
Gotham Preferencesby Alicee
Preferences for your favorite Gotham characters! Including: Jim Gordon Oswald Copplepot Edward Nigma Jerome Valeska Bruce Wayne Tabitha Galavan And more!
Gotham by betterthanwakingup
Gothamby betterthanwakingup
x readers for Gotham characters
TRUST || Gotham Gif Series by life-in-PURPLE
TRUST || Gotham Gif Seriesby life-in-PURPLE
"you shouldn't trust people so easily"
No Heroes by suckerforskinnylove
No Heroesby suckerforskinnylove
Events take place after S4. Selina Kyle wakes up in a hospital outside of Gotham, and realizes that Bruce Wayne broke his promise to stay with her. Alfred Pennyworth...
Batcat One-Shots 2 by fanfic_writing_girl
Batcat One-Shots 2by fanfic_writing_girl
SLOW UPDATES. These are some more Batcat One-Shots.
Thanatophobia | VICTOR ZSASZ [DISCONTINUED] by theunstableoriginal
Thanatophobia | VICTOR ZSASZ [ theunstableoriginal
Thanatophobia (n.) the phobia of losing someone you love Or in which a 1,017 year old Original Vampire finds herself falling in love with a certain hitman, despite her f...
Gotham // B.W. by 0804writer
Gotham // 0804writer
Clara is the daughter to Blake Williams. Blake is Jim Gordon's sister and when Blake commits suicide and leaves a note to take care of her, Jim and his fiancé Barbara Ke...
Silence is Deafening || J.V. by strawberryvaleska
Silence is Deafening || strawberryvaleska
"We aren't born monsters, the world made us that way. And one day, the world will make a monster of you, too." ~~ Set in seasons 1&2 ~~ In which a girl begins...
Chaos (Sequel to Headlines) by noxhance
Chaos (Sequel to Headlines)by BadKarma
* SPOILERS FOR HEADLINES AHEAD* (BOOK 2) After Sage's murder she is whisked away, just as all the other promising Gotham villains, to Indian Hill. What will happen when...
Static Shock Tv Show by IzhirAllen
Static Shock Tv Showby Izhir Allen
Spin off for Black Lightning show. Virgil Olvd Hawkins is science major high school junior. But he's being secretly superhero Static Shock for last two years ago. He sta...
GINGER & GORGEOUS by CrazyQueenWriter
"Hiya Jerome, I'm gorgeous! ...wait, hold on a sec-!" "Well, I'm not Jerome but you are real gorgeous." [In which the forced seducing niece of Theo...
Barbara Queen:  The sirens return  by fanficentral
Barbara Queen: The sirens return by C
It has been four months since the death of the infamous Barbara Kean. El Blackwell is 16 and living on the streets of Gotham, her life is finally getting back on track...
gotham tweets ™ by valeskau
gotham tweets ™by oran
INCLUDES SPOILERS. ( STARTED ) : 9 - 16 - 18 ( PAUSED ) : 6 - 19 - 19 [ © valeskau ]
Ruby (A Bruce Wayne Fanfiction) by strangerer_things
Ruby (A Bruce Wayne Fanfiction)by Maddie
Achievements in search bar; #1 - Bruce Wayne Fanfiction #9 - Bruce Wayne Ruby Gordon has too many secrets. Will the love of Bruce Wayne bring them out of the shadows?
Gotham Imagines  by meowingnreading
Gotham Imagines by meowingnreading
Just another boring imagines series