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~ Aidlyn & Sbg short stories  ~ by SOKEEFE_113
~ Aidlyn & Sbg short stories ~by ✧ Sokeefe ✧
Aidlyn & School Bus Graveyard ~ short stories! :>> And if you ask - no, these aren't oneshots, but I'm too lazy to change the cover <3 ~~~~~ Warning, SPOILERS...
Little white lies by Lovl3yxSt4rs
Little white liesby Lov3ly 💋⭐️
Ashlyn and Aiden x fake dating trope = This
*18+*(it happened at the sleepover)aidlyn sus fanfic by kaylalopez2010
*18+*(it happened at the kaylalopez2010
this is an aidlyn sbg fanfic for my friend ella(not her real name)(this is for adults)
Aiden x Ashlyn - A Night Alone by sbgn3rd_2278
Aiden x Ashlyn - A Night Aloneby sbgn3rd_2278
At a party with a few of her friends, Ashlyn meets a boy named Aiden. And when they meet for the very first time, Aiden instantly falls in love with her. But will Ashlyn...
School Bus Graveyard Oneshots by iifoundjoy
School Bus Graveyard Oneshotsby Joy
School Bus Graveyard Oneshots !!Taking Requests
The Unexpected  by Ashylynbanner42
The Unexpected by Ashlyn Banner
This is after all the stuff with the phantoms, and they are adults. Ashlyn and Aiden had gotten closer, and the years went by. everyone but them got married. Logan and T...
★Aidlyn stories★ by urmomish0t8
★Aidlyn stories★by urmomish0t8
the story changes POV's but I'll say when it switches so dw :)) mostly aidlyn with a bit of benlor and tylenol
aidlyn one shots !!! by zomb1eg1rlss_04
aidlyn one shots !!!by ashlyen
mostly just aidlyn one shots lol. i will add warnings at the start of a oneshot! hopefully doing some angst,fluff n so on
• Always together, Always and forever • SBG ONSHOTS by lexishowedup
• Always together, Always and lexi !! ⊹ ࣪ ˖₊˚⊹⋆
Just some one shots that include: • ships • fluff • slight angst does NOT include • major smut • smut • major angst Ships included: - Aidlyn (Ashlyn x Aiden) - Tygen (Ty...
School Bus Graveyard |Headcanons And Oneshots.  by F0x_sh1
School Bus Graveyard |Headcanons F0x_sh1
Headcanons that the characters you said and the scenarios you want The original webtoon named 'school bus graveyard' and the characters are belonged/owned to lilredbeany...
(There's a room where the light won't find you)SBG story by kaylalopez2010
(There's a room where the light kaylalopez2010
no phantom dimension/ mental health issue AU
The Hoodie Situation [ENG] by ptit_lion_art
The Hoodie Situation [ENG]by Petit Lion
Seeing Ashlyn wearing his hoodie had made his heart beat faster than any adrenaline Aiden was determined to see her in his clothes again. And for that, he needed a plan...
IRL (SBG) by SavingHerSunflowers
IRL (SBG)by bawling and balling
I was going to add this to my main story but that's mostly for oneshots and Headcanons (ignore the fact I ramble on their that's not important) but u guys should go read...
Aiden X Ashlyn sbg fanfic!! by pixl_writes49
Aiden X Ashlyn sbg fanfic!!by Pixl<3
A fan fiction about Aiden and Ashlyn getting together. It does have some Tyler X Logan and ben X Taylor.
FATE. (Aiden x Ashlyn) School Bus Graveyard'  by ISABEL1372
FATE. (Aiden x Ashlyn) School bella
when the two students meet and form a bound in a strange way unlike others how might they go about living when dealing with the tortures of the phantom realm? Or how mig...
Just by chance :) (college au) by ST4RZ4UU
Just by chance :) (college au)by st4rz2sbg
This is written without the phantom dimension where they just meet with the group project
aidlyn/ashden one shots  by ERWelizi
aidlyn/ashden one shots by ERWelizi
There will be stuff like gc where it's not all about them, but mostly them and Ben x Taylor!!
Aren't We Too Young For This? / School Bus Graveyard  by F0x_sh1
Aren't We Too Young For This? / F0x_sh1
No phantom/Mental issues AU At my AU(Mental issues AU) the group have different mental illnesses and they met at mental asylum when the building's place changed and they...
One shot book thingy by JelliPeixe
One shot book thingyby TheJellipe!xe
lol i dont know why i did this. anyway this is a oneshot book thingy, (NO WAY really?) it'll include oneshots about Genshin Impact, School Bus Graveyard, and my own book...