We Got Married S5 by beyondimaginati8n
We Got Married S5by 멜 :)
We Got Married S5 Exo, Red Velvet, BTS, Seventeen, CLC, Twice Cover by Guppyxee
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K CHAT by beyondimaginati8n
K CHATby 멜 :)
A new app was released and these groups are in it! BTS, TWICE, MONSTAX, RED VELVET, SEVENTEEN:) COLLABORATION WITH @guppyxee
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Fate by EXOplanetdose
Fateby Wuxihuang
Twelve people. Twelve different stories. Six love stories, don't worry, they're all different...
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Instagram- K.T.H x K.J.N by RyzelleCzarlyne
Instagram- K.T.H x K.J.Nby 니니젠젠김❤
It's when two famous Idol fell inlove with each other, just because of Instagram
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My bully jungkook  || j.jkff by jeon_kim340
My bully jungkook || j.jkffby Ashley Nicole Morgan
As my dad being a CEO we have to keep moving houses moving houses also meant moving to new schools now that we live in Seoul I have Transferred to this new luxurious sch...
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yêu chị hơn cả bản thân anh || kim taehyung x bae joohyun by CrystalHwang
yêu chị hơn cả bản thân anh || || Crystal Hwang ||
Người viết: Crystal \\"Trời đổ mưa rồi kìa chị." "Chị thấy mà." "Trời đổ mưa như thế...vậy sao chị chưa đổ em?" \\
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Secret letters // Seulrene by sseulgom
Secret letters // Seulreneby (:
A lover that fall in love and made a secret letter..
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Ferris Wheel {BP×BTS×RV} by Jen_deukie
Ferris Wheel {BP×BTS×RV}by Tjen_CL2101
"The Ferris Wheel, it's full of memorable memories that we don't want to lose but everything has been forgotten" _____ ~1st Book ~English Fanfiction ~BTS ~BLAC...
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Perfect Man | Red Velvet & Bangtan Sonyeondan by bangtanxvelvet
Perfect Man | Red Velvet & caitlin
"Well shit." "Where's the fire hydrant?!" "Forget it! Run!" ~*~ It all started with a fire in the Home Economics class, which led to the b...
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Spank Me/E'Dawn/ by MichelleKhan2
Spank Me/E'Dawn/by MichelleKhan2
"You've been so naughty " He whispers softly slightly tingling my ear. "E-E'daw-" He shut me up and Spanked me hard. I gasped in pleasure. There was...
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Связь под полной луной/ BTS/JONGKOOK/ by _thanks_
Связь под полной луной/ BTS/ bunny girl
Если у меня есть вечность, я хочу всю её провести с тобой и будь уверена, мне будет мало и ее. Мы можем видеть только наш с вами мир. Но кроме этого измерения, за зерка...
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Lost Of Words by iwantmilktea
Lost Of Wordsby ?
You lived a normal life until you meet 7 boys........
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Jisoo x irene by Blackvelvet_q
Jisoo x ireneby Blackvelvet_q
Jisoo x irene!♥️ enjoy the story🌚 Everyday part enjoy 👌
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Sherlock by LoveLoki2018
Sherlockby LoveLoki2018
An orphan since seven. A Consulting Detective and his husband. A ten year old girl. And a housekeeper who's handy with a gun. Together they must solve the murder of Iren...
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Who Are You? by baerinei
Who Are You?by Baechu
Pernah ingin berkenalan dengan orang lain tapi tidak bisa mengungkapkannya? atau sering bertemu dengan orang yang awalnya tidak menarik perhatian kita tetapi lama-lama m...
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Our Favorite Creation  (A Vrene Fanfic) by angelofthemanythings
Our Favorite Creation (A Vrene
Irene is a person who has lived through so many hatred. One day, she was enrolled into Seoul Art Performing High School ( SAP) which has changed her life around. She the...
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A Hidden Angel by _Dissolved_Diamond_
A Hidden Angelby _Dissolved_Diamond_
this a about (y/n) and how she was alone when she was 4. She was tortured so she escaped. This book idk if you'll find it but it's an aphmau thing. Hope u enjoy. Also th...
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Gucci Gang  by sweet_harmony13
Gucci Gang by sweet_harmony13
Gucci Gang.....they kill people, why tho?
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Enamorada De Mi Mejor Amigo (Mark y TN) by Lupita1199
Enamorada De Mi Mejor Amigo ( Lupita Guerrero
TN y Lee Min Hyung son mejores amigos hasta que se ven obligados a separarse :c
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In Life or Death by MariatheAlpha13
In Life or Deathby MariatheAlpha13
New book. This is for Memorial of Melissa.
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