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Earth, After ✔️ by talia-v
Earth, After ✔️by T
Some fates are worse than death--survival is one of them. In the two hundred years since humanity left the Earth's surface to live in the sky, life on the ground faded...
Cape Issue [a Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel Story] by capemucampari
Cape Issue [a Kamala Khan/Ms. Capemu Campari
Cover Art by @SaraFangirl_Art on Twitter and @sara_fangirl_2018 on Instagram Coming back from an Avengers mission in space, Kamala Khan, leader of the Champions and stil...
rip my heart out (and tell me if you love me, my darling) ◇ mikaheng (chuang21) by anotter_mimi
rip my heart out (and tell me if mimi-chan~
Agreeing to have a study date with his crush was, probably, Wu Yuheng's worst idea. Uhm... no, wait, scratch that. Kissing his crush on the lips when he was sleeping was...
Feminism, Simplified by 5moreminutesmom
Feminism, Simplifiedby Lane
Feminism is confusing. A lot of people have complicated relationships with it, so here I am to do my best to start a discussion about it. I do not claim to be an expert...
The Picket Fence by kataphrays1468
The Picket Fenceby Kat Aphrays
Anandita (Annie) Patel is the toughest man she's ever met. After a decade of slaving away and building her empire, she is now the CEO of one of the most successful compa...
Fuck White Men by ZaneHaydentheQueer
Fuck White Menby ZaneHaydentheQueer
A short poem about how fucked white men are. Thank you.
A brown girl's thoughts by LGB_JUDE
A brown girl's thoughtsby Loser 69
This is going to be about stuff that I think about on a daily basis such as feminism, identity/race, relationships, love, sexuality and all that jazz. I'm really just tr...
Liberal School  by heednottherabble
Liberal School by Ralphie Tennelli in real 😳
Meet Joshler Zampton, the perfect all-American teenage boy. Best player on his school's golf team, worst player on his school's baseball team, and a pure-minded red-bloo...
Your Great Love by ambisyosalee
Your Great Loveby Amilay DG
Your love never runs out on me. Right? Right now, I'm talking to God. I feel it. I do not fear at all. My heart perhaps now free. When you say the magic word, I'll free...
Intersection -- a Preview by DenLim
Intersection -- a Previewby Den Lim
A guy haunted by the past and a girl who sees the future. One seeks redemption and the other searches for the truth. Will they fall apart before they fall in love when t...
Somebody to Love by skyeee2345
Somebody to Loveby skyeee2345
Brooklyn Mathews desperately wants her other half. She wants the love of her life to drop in her lap. She keeps looking to find love anywhere she can. Literally- anywher...
Snapped? by ForeverMyHeartWillBe
Snapped?by アビー
What happens if some celebrities got effected by the snap too? And what if some members if a band or idol group got effected too? What are the other half of the members...
The Wrong Person, At The Right Time by _lostin1derland_
The Wrong Person, At The Right Timeby _lostin1derland_
It had everything to be perfect. She was at the right party, at the right moment, but the problem was, she had the wrong guy. Will she ever be able to fix this horrible...
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