The Butterfly Effect | Star vs the Forces of Evil  by StarryEyedButterfly
The Butterfly Effect | Star vs StarryEyedButterfly
When Marco Diaz comes to realization about his feelings for Star, his thoughts consume him. He can't seem to get the princess off of his mind, and as a result, he sets o...
  • angst
  • starvstheforcesofevil
  • love
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My incomplete marriage (raglak ff ) by anaz1994
My incomplete marriage (raglak ff )by anaz
its an sr track story starting from after swara missing in mandap raglak marriage happen....its an different track lots of twist is there to know more peep in
  • love
  • laksh
  • incomplete
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i wanna heart to die but not soul to live by Ishqbaaz_1
i wanna heart to die but not Ishqbaaz_1
just peep inside
  • rajputs
  • oberois
  • forgiveness
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Now You're Mine {TomTord Fanfic?} by Picturepickle
Now You're Mine {TomTord Fanfic?}by Picturepickle
Before Description, cover is not by me and I take zero credit for it, ALL credit goes to the one who made it!!! This story is a bit questionable. It has subjects as in t...
  • tomtord
  • fanfiction
  • incomplete
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Bruised by CrowningCrows
Bruisedby CrowningCrows
[DISCONTINUED] Aya Kurosawa didn't mean to board the wrong bus or bump into Sang Sorenson or start a fight in the mall. She sure as hell didn't intend on getting tangled...
  • ghostbird
  • school
  • humor
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Love To The Core by Nanayurina
Love To The Coreby Nanayurina
Highest ranking: #3 incomplete Chunjiexing is a prince that supposed to take the throne after his father died. But he died under assassin hand. But he got his wish come...
  • malepregnancy
  • wattys2018
  • happyending
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Soul Eater Fanfiction (Soul x Reader) by Melody_WolfKnight
Soul Eater Fanfiction (Soul x MelodyWolfKnight
A new girl in Death Weapon Meister Academy named (F/N) (L/N) falls in love with the demon scythe named Soul Evans. Sad stuff happened in her past. She has a secret that...
  • fanfiction
  • ninetailfox
  • incomplete
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Spencer Reid and the Broken Girl by eea1219
Spencer Reid and the Broken Girlby eea1219
sometimes really bad things happen to really good people ------------------------------------------------------ Lea was drowning in a world of pain and depression was cu...
  • hotch
  • prentiss
  • gray
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Protect Me by RednWhteLoTuss
Protect Meby Red
Suko was found in The Outskirts of the Hidden Leaf Village, Unknown Of How She was Places there, She was thus taken in by One of the 3 Sannins, Orochimaru. Who happens t...
  • nejihyuga
  • sakura
  • orochimaru
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Lucys Revenge by solestealer52
Lucys Revengeby solestealer52
Lucy has been abused and ignored after lissana came back from idoles (i think thats where she came back from). Her only friend is happy. But one day things go too far an...
  • incomplete
  • nalu
  • lucy
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Eleven's Conundrum by wanderingcyansocks
Eleven's Conundrumby KitChenSync
An eleven-year-old girl appears in the TARDIS with no teleporter or any transport module. And calls herself a TARDIS's soul. Taimadera came from an alternate universe an...
  • telepathy
  • tardis
  • incomplete
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Revamped by odd_toddy
Revampedby Milo
I just woke up from a nap and wanted to write this. vampire!josh with human!tyler. josh is recovering from the death of his most recent pet, and refuses to leave his r...
  • vampire
  • joshler
  • angst
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What Are the Odds? (Blue Zircon X Reader) by 0SpotTheOcelot0
What Are the Odds? (Blue Zircon 0SpotTheOcelot0
You're just like everyone else. You live a normal life, with a normal job, with a normal apartment, and with a normal everyday schedule. But when you happen to see a mys...
  • nosmut
  • romance
  • nolemon
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Assassination Classroom One Shots by MoriiIsogai
Assassination Classroom One Shotsby MORi
  • assassinationclassroom
  • kiliglmao
  • oneshot
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The Destiny of Mingjun by skye9432
The Destiny of Mingjunby ForeverSleeping
NEW COVER MADE BY THE AMAZING @sofia18m "We will play a game of Go. If benwang wins, you're benwang's. If you win, though I doubt that it'll be easy, I'll let you w...
  • romance
  • powers
  • ancientchina
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All or Nothing by Cipher4Life
All or Nothingby Cipher4Life
BillDip X Werewolf Dipper was an Omega. In modern society that meant nothing. Alpha's, and sometimes Beta's, ruled while Omega's went about their miserable lives quietly...
  • billdip
  • gay
  • death
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Rafael by el-writes
Rafaelby el :’)
You and Rafael Casal have been best friends for years. Everything had stayed the same until you reunited with him at an airport after a few months apart. Read to find ou...
  • relationship
  • rafael
  • fanfic
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Part of the pack by Depressed_Tuna
Part of the packby Thankful_Tuna
Emerald (Eme) Grady is Owen Grady's only daughter and child. She had been around the raptors ever since they where born. She helped raise and train them. She has a unexp...
  • incomplete
  • jurassicworld
  • raptors
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Unpublished Stories/One Shots by Anoraan
Unpublished Stories/One Shotsby Writer-Senpai
My incomplete ideas of stories or one shots I was too lazy to edit and publish.
  • yuri
  • yuuki
  • unfinished
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Different World by DarksideAuthor
Different Worldby ♥Λтяσρα♥
"Sequel to Darkside" Astra and Aaron are taking the next step into their relationship after the horrific events of the War of Allea, but something cancels...
  • youngadult
  • teenfiction
  • magicalrealism
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