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Nursery by Writerandreader17
Nurseryby Tawney
For the first time in months, Lyla finally feels hopeful. Her life can finally go back to normal. Her parents came to their senses and left town, hoping to find a new re...
Miraculous Fan-fiction: The Trip by Brainyk05
Miraculous Fan-fiction: The Tripby Brainyk05
While Marinette's parents are away on a trip, Marinette will have to survive classes, being Ladybug, Chat's puns, oh yeah, and staying at Adrien's house for two weeks. ...
Written in the Stars || General Hux x Reader by eveningstar00311
Written in the Stars || General eva n. 🌹
You're the Princess of Louloúdi but when your planet is attacked and you are sent off to the Resistance everything changes. Is it for better, or for worse? This story t...
Skeletons From the Closet by nobodyimportant112
Skeletons From the Closetby nobodyimportant112
my bleeding heart on a screen, purely for your entertainment.
yandere shinso x reader (His Pov) by moon_phosphophyllite
yandere shinso x reader (His Pov)by toxic men are hot
"If you say no... then I wouldn't be afraid to use my quick to make you love me." This is about shinso hitoshi as a yandere, it is all from his view and how yo...
A Ministry Romance by ConstellationGhoul
A Ministry Romanceby Constellation
Life as a half ghoul is tough. But when you get a new job in the ministry as Cardinal Copia's assistant, things may change. Not Explicit Cardinal Copia x Fem Reader with...
My incomplete marriage (raglak ff ) by anaz1994
My incomplete marriage (raglak ff )by anaz
its an sr track story starting from after swara missing in mandap raglak marriage happen....its an different track lots of twist is there to know more peep in
Part of the pack by Aggro_Tuna
Part of the packby Aggro_Tuna
Emerald (Eme) Grady is Owen Grady's only daughter and child. She had been around the raptors ever since they where born. She helped raise and train them. She has a unexp...
Fall (Newt || The Maze Runner) - Sequel to "The Glitch" by GingersInJumpers
Fall (Newt || The Maze Runner) - :)))
THIS IS A DISCONTINUED STORY AND IS NOT FINISHED "What's his name?" "Thomas." WICKED has never seen anything like this before. Every single thing a...
The Butterfly Effect | Star vs the Forces of Evil  by StarryEyedButterfly
The Butterfly Effect | Star vs Starry Myst
When Marco Diaz comes to realization about his feelings for Star, his thoughts consume him. He can't seem to get the princess off of his mind, and as a result, he sets o...
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah 《Fanfiction》 by ColexEl
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah 《 Multxi_Fandoms
All of the fans wondered: What if Taarak Mehta had a child? ~~~~~~ TMKOC, but with (mostly) Tapu Sena. Many of their adventures but me adapting it. A/N: I might do my ow...
All or Nothing by Cipher4Life
All or Nothingby Cipher4Life
BillDip X Werewolf Dipper was an Omega. In modern society that meant nothing. Alpha's, and sometimes Beta's, ruled while Omega's went about their miserable lives quietly...
idfc • jensoo by pizzarettes
idfc • jensooby solis
in which jennie is in love with jisoo, but couldn't admit it. this is the first time i'm actually writing a fanfic... also i'm not very good with korean words bc i only...
The Name's Alex by JadeNight14
The Name's Alexby JadeNight14
After Blunt was replaced with Mrs. Jones as head of MI6, she had provided Alex with an opportunity. A new life. He's now sent to live with a caretaker in Forks, Seattle...
Works & Ideas For Adoption by Icey5105
Works & Ideas For Adoptionby Life Hates on Icey
Just a bunch of stuff I will never finish. You have my permission to do with it what you will. Let me know what you do with them - I'd love to read it! Thanks!
The Princess of Hearts || Ikemen Revolution || Lancelot Kingsley by LuluLove069
The Princess of Hearts || Ikemen Lulu
Novalynn Dove Clemence, youngest sibling of the Clemence family. Two years younger than Luka Clemence, three years younger than Jonah. Born with the moonlight white hair...
BABY MAFIA by Fikzo23
Melony Tray is an eighteen-year-old girl who just graduated from high school and has big dreams for her future. Those dreams become a mere fantasy when her parents can't...
The Story Of Pain And Hope(Bnha Izuku Life Fanfic) by Nonexistent_Turtle
The Story Of Pain And Hope(Bnha ~Zero~Z~
I dont own any music videos and I am just writing fanfic for the fun of it. Sort of being edited and such a bit before continueing!!! Izuku is done. Mother dead. Fathe...
The Mystic Messenger Journey: My Decsent into Madness by Thepotatowithahat
The Mystic Messenger Journey: My Potato with a Hat
If you're reading this then you've scrolled way too far down on Wattpad. Congrats. This is basically a log where I record my progress in Mystic Messenger and comment on...
who are you? | t/obidei + hidadei ✓ by shootholywater
who are you? | t/obidei + hidadei ✓by RION !!
[ABANDONED : REWRITTEN VERSION IS AVAILABLE ON @IRLTENTEN] 『" just.. who are you tobi? "』 | in which deidara wants to know more about tobi and gets more than w...