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My Broken Life✓ by BATULXX
My Broken Life✓by ♡
WARNING: THIS BOOK NEEDS MAJOR EDITING (Book I in broken series) "What are you doing on my bed? Get down right now." He growled. i got startled and tears star...
Together Forever by FatimaO111
Together Foreverby ﷽
-- We hear many times of couples meeting, spending time together, getting to know one another before getting married and having their happily ever after. How often, tho...
The Bond  (Hausa story) by _ilovetoread-
The Bond (Hausa story)by _ilovetoread-
{UNDER EDITING} Join the roller coaster ride of the bonded lives of Amir and Aisha (Iman) Amir. A carefree guy with a hidden past And Iman. A girl who wasn't prepared...
My Bias is My Husband by Fiyaqismina
My Bias is My Husbandby Jeonhyung
Kisah perjalanan dimana sebuah rumah tangga yang bahagia tiba-tiba musnah hanya orang ketiga Fiya sebagai Isteri kepada Park Sunghoon atau dikenali sebagai Sunghoon Enhy...
(Ejen Ali ) misi : Aliza by yaya_47
(Ejen Ali ) misi : Alizaby nadia
menceritakan tentang seorang super ejen yg bernama ejen aliza dia disuruh untuk melatih ejen ali namun ali pelik dgn ejen aliza kerana dia tidak menunjukkan wajahnya...
It Started with a Hijabi's Diary by flower_seeds_
It Started with a Hijabi's Diaryby My Imaginations ♥️
"And they plot and plan, and ALLAH plans and ALLAH is the best of planners" (Al-Quran) "Can you tell me to whom this diary belongs?" The person gave...
Ejen Ali || Back To Past! [Alilicia] by Marcelrazelino
Ejen Ali || Back To Past! [ Marcelino R.N
Ali yang kembali ke masa lalu untuk memperbaiki masa depan. dan dia harus merelakan semua yang telah ia lewatin. tapi ini demi masa depan.
iman | hakim ziyech by madridisimo
iman | hakim ziyechby pomme de terre ™
' i was simply at the wrong place, at the wrong time. '
Truth or Dare by EjenAli_96
Truth or Dareby Ejen Ali 🇵🇸
Baca je lah, harap korang gelak ketawa dan enjoy
The Star Agent (Ejen Ali Fanfiction) [Book 2] {Edited} by Samrudhii123
The Star Agent (Ejen Ali Universal21
Sabriye's not only a fan of Boboiboy, but also Ejen Ali and fate has more in store for her. She gets sucked into a portal once again and gets teleported to a location sh...
sexs LGBT by qisssri_
sexs LGBTby qisss
dimana seorang lelaki alim digoda oleh kaum sejenis yang bertopengkan perempuan seksi dan mngurkan... dapatkah lelaki itu bertahan atas godaan itu?? baca jika ingin meng...
Ramadhan With Ejen Ali And Friends (2020+COMPLETE) by Twins-Studio
Ramadhan With Ejen Ali And Aliff-Aliya
Fixed Ramadhan With Bbb X EA Telatah. Perangai Pengajaran Ejen Ali dan kawan-kawan di bulan Puasa
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Her Quiet Thoughts by Lovesotrue
Her Quiet Thoughtsby Sheen
Now that I work remotely from home, graveyard shift, from 9pm to 6am on a Daylight Saving Time, so many intrusive thoughts flow freely. There are happy ones too. Writin...
Life of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by islami_yazar
Life of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)by islami_yazar
Life of The Prophet Muhammad and sunrise of İslam religion. God had created Prophet Adam, the father of humanity. Prophet Adam looked up and saw a name written in the sk...
ethereal by Seungwwanio
etherealby Wan
No idea
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MR and MRS MAIDOKI by Azizat_Hamza
MR and MRS MAIDOKIby Azizat Hamza
ADAM da BIE mata da miji ne da suka yi auren soyayya, kamar kowanni aure TOGETHER FOREVER suka yiwa junansu alƙawari, sai dai bayan shekara goma Bie tana son su rabu, sh...
(Completed)Protocol:Override (Ejen Ali x Alicia fanfiction) by Starco_LoversxL
(Completed)Protocol:Override ( Ring'O'Rosie
7 years has pass and all of the junior agents has graduated from their highschool and soon will be mentor at MATA. Ali who's been chasing Alicia loves for 7 years fin...
FareWell { EA FF } by EzzraLloyd
FareWell { EA FF }by ジョン・ハリー
Dendam hanya membawa kepada kancah kehancuran yang dahsyat dan dendam juga membawa kepada putusnya hubungan yang erat. Dendam tidak mampu digambarkan dengan kata-kata ke...
CIK BUNGA🥀,CIK AIS❄️ by Viesah
CIK BUNGA🥀,CIK AIS❄️by Kenpaci🥺
Misi : Important (Ejen Ali) by winning09_k
Misi : Important (Ejen Ali)by Ejen Alilicia
Ali is loved by everyone now and ofcourse for the one who's loved he loves someone too but...he's to young to realize it, he's just 12...He's just 12, many underestimate...