Victor by Night | Finnick Odair by itsjustannie
Victor by Night | Finnick Odairby annie :)
Sagitarra Scrymgeour -- Sage, for short -- has already fought her way and conquered the title of Victor during the 72nd Annual Hunger Games for District 5. Still recove...
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Our Love Could Be Lethal by SwimmerGirl217
Our Love Could Be Lethalby SwimmerGirl217
"Sweetheart you underestimate how much Finnick loves this girl. My tip, don't be the one to get in between the bronze God and his ninja-assassin girlfriend otherwis...
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Finding the Missing Piece: An Everlark Story by cogdill
Finding the Missing Piece: An thg_jennifer_josh
Katniss Everdeen is a sixteen year old girl. She feels life is going great with her family, friends and life in general, but things take a turn for Katniss the night bef...
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Kiss Me Or Kill Me by TashaAmy1803
Kiss Me Or Kill Meby Таshа Амеlia
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To Hate or to Love by district12svictor
To Hate or to Loveby a friendly writer
||Modern day everlark|| Peeta doesn't like Katniss and Katniss doesn't like Peeta. The dislike eachother with a passion. Or do they? Katniss and Peeta are highschoolers...
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My Husband Is My Savior by SimplyAmber96
My Husband Is My Saviorby Amber
Derek Knight, Kingsbury's youngest murderer, finally gets his chance to live a normal life with girlfriend Arabella after he's released from prison. While Arabella is re...
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Sweeney Todd randomness by LoAndLiLovettTodd
Sweeney Todd randomnessby Lotus and Lilac
Admin: on my other account (@EmeraldCLovegood), I have a series like this for Harry Potter, so I thought "why not make one for Sweeney Todd?" So, here's this r...
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Finnick Odair's Story: Dark Secrets (The Hunger Games Fanfiction) by princesswifi
Finnick Odair's Story: Dark princesswifi
Everyone knows who Finnick Odair is; youngest ever victor in the infamous Hunger Games, irresistible heartthrob from District 4, ally to Katniss and Peeta in the Quarter...
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Clato a hunger games fanfic  by bookwormzyss
Clato a hunger games fanfic by bookwormzyss
cato and clove have both won different games a long with katness and Peeta who won 74th and along with the hole berries thing so now 75th games are coming and the victor...
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The Hunger Games Imagines & Preferences  by _story_writer007
The Hunger Games Imagines & _story_writer007
Title says it all
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Massacre • Finnick Odair by AdoptedWinchester
Massacre • Finnick Odairby Rhiannon
"What happened to you?" "The same thing that happened to everyone who has ever left that arena." •~•~•~•~• In which Grey Spectral was a name Finnick...
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Sugar and Blood by KiKi1417
Sugar and Bloodby KiKi1417
"You aren't a fighter Jo." Jay said. Those words made me look up at him. His composure was as carefree as ever, but his eyes had a softness to them, proving he...
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Hold it Down (A Kevin Gates Love Story) {Completed} by IndiaSlays
Hold it Down (A Kevin Gates Love @$laybandz
{READ} *WARNING* Copyright is Not to be Done to this book. If So It will be handled by Law and Wattpad . Constance Is off To A New Start In her Life Until she meets up...
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Forced Love | Johanna Mason X Peeta Mellark (REWRITE) by everlarked
Forced Love | Johanna Mason X — audrey
"You two will be undeniably and irrevocably in love on camera. You need to convince the citizens of Panem, that you, Peeta, are over Katniss and that you've accept...
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Szent Johanna Gimi - Cortez húga, az SZJG új ,,nagymenője" by JenniferStrongborn
Szent Johanna Gimi - Cortez hú Jennifer Strongborn
Ti is sokszor elképzeltétek, hogy mi lenne, ha Corteznek lenne egy húga, aki a testvérével egyszerre járna a Szent Johanná-ba? Ez a lány tényleg létezik, legalábbis az...
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Dark Years by nickie_thg
Dark Yearsby Nickie
A lot of things happen before their senior year of high school, but what really happened? Follow Katniss, Peeta, Annie, Finnick, Cato, Clove, Johanna, Gale, and Glimmer...
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Hijacked - The Hunger Games by lauren-adell
Hijacked - The Hunger Gamesby l a u r e n
Imagine an alternate scenario in which Peeta is taken to district 13, and Katniss is taken to the Capitol after the Quell. "I'll see you at midnight." (Comple...
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Panem Dawn: Mockingjay Reimagined by Shawnascorner
Panem Dawn: Mockingjay Reimaginedby Shawna Scott
Alyssa Whitestone has survived the 73rd Hunger Games and the cruel and haunting Third Quarter Quell, the latter which she has been rescued from by Plutarch Heavensbee an...
  • whitewood
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Ready Or Not, Here I Come by whitefang2468
Ready Or Not, Here I Comeby Jessie Loves Animals
Once upon a time, there was a pretty young girl that had no clue that werewolves and vampires and what not existed. And then a werewolf bit her. That's where the similar...
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The Third Quarter Quell  by clatoshipper101
The Third Quarter Quell by clatoshipper101
Sequel to 'Words Cut Deeper Than Knives' After winning the games you would think they could just let you live in peace. That's what we are told, but that's a lie. If Sno...
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