No Longer Alone | Finnick Odair

No Longer Alone | Finnick Odair

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Aria Mitchell, victor of Panem's 70th Hunger Games, wanted it all to end; the pain, the nightmares, the exhaustion of living in hell under the devil- President Snow himself.

Capitol darling Finnick Odair comes stumbling into her life, allowing Aria to no longer feel alone whilst he stands by her side- facing their pasts together.

Finnick and Aria have suffered under Snow for years. But when a rebellion is on the horizon and a band of former victors threaten what he's built, Snow hits his last nerve.

What happens when Aria is reaped from the existing pool of victors to represent District 4 in the Quarter Quell alongside Finnick?

Will it be enough for her to figure out what Finnick really means to her and to what extent she will go to keep him alive?

• Catching Fire
• Full Credit to Suzanne Collins for the creation of THG
• I only own Aria Mitchell and Dakota White