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Mafia's Soul: The Hidden Wealth ni tayswift679
Mafia's Soul: The Hidden Wealthni Min
Mira is an ordinary girl that experiences a painful life because of the sudden incident in her family. Natanggal sa trabaho ang kanyang ama kalakip non ay ang depresyon...
Pandora's Heart: The Missing Piece ni StoriesOfAbby
Pandora's Heart: The Missing Pieceni I am Abby ♡︎
A Journey through time and space to search for the missing piece of the way back home. What will you do if one day you find out that you're not in the same world you use...
A Day With A Fae ni LavishaPander
Wala ni isang araw na hindi pinangarap ni Sunday na matahimik ang buhay niya. Iyon na nga lang ang pangarap niya tapos hindi pa maibigay sa kanya ng kapatid niyang pinag...
Take me to Church ( Completed ) ni DonCarlit0
Take me to Church ( Completed )ni O M P I
Alexa and Chester's relationship was seems to be perfect, they've been together for a perfect and strong 3 years relationship. Chester was Alexa's first love, she really...
Say It Like You Mean It ni MoonLumiere
Say It Like You Mean Itni Annechovies
Hindi alam ni Margarette 'Gary' Robles ang gagawin. She has friends, family issues and an illness that came back from the past to haunt her. Nakilala niya si Rage Frias...
Memorya ni Carolina ni ArtSencilla
Memorya ni Carolinani Art
Isa lang ang lalaking naging crush ni Carolina Ybanez mula pagkabata hanggang sa siya ay lumaki at iyon ay si Dale Martinez. *** Ating balikan sa memorya ni Carolina Yba...
Our Lovely Dogs ni princesstinymochi
Our Lovely Dogsni Aiai
This book is for the cute and lovable they are Chico and Momo. Our additional family members Chico puppies
Looking Up Into Heaven ni ulangentlyfalls
Looking Up Into Heavenni ulangentlyfalls
"Part of me aches at the thought of her being so close yet untouchable, but her story and mine are different now. I have been inlove with her since we were eleven a...
The Crimson Curse ni ganghanbiteu16
The Crimson Curseni deadlyphoenix
"It was just a normal day but it turns out to be the scariest." One day when Nerissa "Issa" Jaze Monique Nelo and her parents were travelling to th...
The Gift Of A Witch ni _Letterman_
The Gift Of A Witchni Letterman
Larisa is a very beautiful princess who lived a luxurious life. But the beauty she possesses will fade because of a gift of the powerful witch that will make her situati...
Crossing The Line ni kydoss
Crossing The Lineni kydoss
Auri, an innocent and kind girl, gets sucked into the world of complicated and mysterious life as a Queen from the past. ***** After knowing the affair of her boyfriend...
Sweet But Dangerous  ni CandiceAyapana
Sweet But Dangerous ni Candice Carillo
"Past" 4 na letra at 1 salita. Pero maraming nagagawa,isa karin ba sa taong gustong bumalik ang nakaraan?kung saan sasaya ka ulit at masasaktan?, O isa ka sa...
Make Him Happy In 30 Days ni Potatubowls
Make Him Happy In 30 Daysni RINAAAAAA
Because of her friend's birthday, many things happened in her life She was kidnapped to do her mission where she will make the son of the man who kidnapped her happy in...
When buhay becomes Life (ON GOING) ni jenny_kulot
When buhay becomes Life (ON GOING)ni Niniya_Jen
Siya si Shanel Mei Zamira. Simple, mabait, masayahin at half din sya. Hap tao hap human charot. Friendly pati sa mga plastic pero warshock pag may makaaway. Tunghayan an...
Loving Her Pure  ni youremylittlestar
Loving Her Pure ni Ina Senyora
Kaye means pure and that's her name. She's pure and honest to everyone but when it comes to him, she's a big lie and a liar. They had a relationship for almost two years...
Tatlong taon na ang lumipas, marami nang nagbago ngunit nanatili pa ring matibay ang samahan nila Jadie at Gian, kasama ang kanilang cute na supling na si Gieldian Kyle...
RIDE WITH FAITH ni treshinyy19
RIDE WITH FAITHni treshinyy19
A teen girl who had a boring life and thinks she doesn't deserve her life right now in some ways. She wants to explore what she wants since she's a risk taker and she do...
CONNECT ni pijjustine
CONNECT: A Trilogy ➪A three-part story revised and compiled in one book. ➪These days, we use social media to connect with other people. It is our choice to break this fo...
Sweater Weather (Wake Up, Sunshine Series #2) ni nagareru_kawa
Sweater Weather (Wake Up, 大河
𝗪𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗨𝗽, 𝗦𝘂𝗻𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗦𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 #2 Because the world is too cold for you to be out there, so let me hold you and put your hands in the holes of my sweater. ...
Reverie  ni ElyseWP
Reverie ni Elyse
Short stories about life and love.