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Candy Boy (Ongoing) by Hyull_Fanfiction
Candy Boy (Ongoing)by Hyull
(Drama, Comedy, Romance)
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LIES. [ Kim Sejeong Oneshot ] by garlicmint
LIES. [ Kim Sejeong Oneshot ]by Garlic Mint
" your love story is my greatest poem and you will never know how beautiful this heartbreak is " Stories of one-sided love. One-shots compilation
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[Completed] No Matter | Choi Yena x Male Reader by 99linerlover
[Completed] No Matter | Choi Kwangbae Duck
No matter what you do, life will find its way to get you P.s. This is my first story, and english is not my first language. So, bear with me :) The media i use are not f...
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Starry Night | Doyoung x Sejeong by QueenofMaskedWriter
Starry Night | Doyoung x Sejeongby Ica
Starry Night | Doyoung x Sejeong My Star Book 2 --- A day just like any other, repeats over and over again But I wait for tomorrow anyway Right here, by myself at the e...
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Unwanted Marriage ‖ Jikook Story by hbbanana06
Unwanted Marriage ‖ Jikook Storyby hbbanana06
" i love you jimin...." - j.j.k "i love you too...jeon jung kook..." - p.j.m Start - 28/12/2018 Ends - 10/03/2019
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Adam & Hawa by dikaap
Adam & Hawaby Dika Ayu Puspita
Tentang Hawa yang mencintai Adam Tentang Jovanka, kekasih Adam Tentang Hawa dan Adam serta Jovanka
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We got married (Sehun and Sejeong) by minnie_panda
We got married (Sehun and Sejeong)by minnie_panda
IOI's Sejeong and Exo's Sehun get married!!!! Sejeong realizes the hardship of being "in a relationship" with a world star Sehun. Will it get in the way and e...
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↬stars ˢᵉʰᵘⁿ ˣ ˢᵉʲᵉᵒⁿᵍ by chichoo-la
↬stars ˢᵉʰᵘⁿ ˣ ˢᵉʲᵉᵒⁿᵍby phew.
"Don't smile,you make me go crazy" [slow update]
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Rivalry over friendship || Pjm x Kth by Chammutae
Rivalry over friendship || Pjm x 참무태
When Jimin and Taehyung turn out to be the greatest of rivals,Hana has to try to balance her life between her overprotective brother and her possessive bestfriend. Will...
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365 Days by elikamareta
365 Daysby elikamareta
Seorang gadis biasa yang tanpa sengaja bertemu dengan sosok idolanya dan menjadi sahabat. Akankah kisah mereka akan terus berlanjut?
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I.O.I Incorrect Quotes by mnjngkng
I.O.I Incorrect Quotesby 강민정
Yes, I know I.O.I disbanded like three years ago. But hey. I will stan them still :) Enjoy. #1 Nayoung #1 Kyulkyung #2 Dodaeng #3 Sejeong #6 Yoojung #6 Doyeon 200308
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WORDS; FOR YOU by pypercle
WORDS; FOR YOUby pypercle
unexpected love                                             ~ sehun X sejeong ~  by ipurplebts7
unexpected .
"hyung-nim" I can hear Sejeong calling me, I love it when she calls me that... please don't copy my ideas!!! <3
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Season 2 | Family Wanna One by gristyantika_prefy
Season 2 | Family Wanna Oneby Grist.Prefy
Lanjutan dari Family | Wanna One Kisah berlanjut... Setelah 12 saudara itu lulus dari sekolah mereka dan memasuki dunia kerja, dunia orang dewasa semakin banyak hal yang...
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[ I.O.I ] ( I.O.I Couples ) Life by KMSDKS
[ I.O.I ] ( I.O.I Couples ) Lifeby Bui Nhu
안녕하세요 Fic này mình viết về couple SeMi là chủ yếu :))) còn các couple khác thì mình vẫn viết nhưng sẽ ít :))
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look at the stars (they're shining for you) // doyoung + sejeong by acrystalbloom
look at the stars (they're Muna
"If you suggested this to her half a year ago, she would probably laugh, saying that it sounded to her like it came out of some sort of television drama. But here s...
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Star Blossom | Doyoung ( NCT ) X Sejeong ( Gugudan ) by directorscuts
Star Blossom | Doyoung ( NCT ) X gyuuuu~~~
In which a boy and a girl met in a cafe and fell in love.
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bestfriend | doyoung by neotracks
bestfriend | doyoungby ♡ nct lovebot !
- a doyoung & sejeong tagalog ff ❝omg bes ang gwapo talaga ni kang daniel!!❞ - in which he fell in love with his bestfriend status: on-going cover by: @winkeuls hra: #15...
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8th Member | BTS by kiutiess
8th Member | BTSby kiutiess
Being the only female in a boy group isn't easy. In which Kim Sejeong debuted alongside seven boys. (Basically scenarios because they're easier to write) disclaimer: i...
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Resign | Kang Daniel by kangsenter
Resign | Kang Danielby kangsenter
"Pacaran sekantor aja gak boleh, masa bapak ngajak nikah?" "Yaudah kamu resign." "Bapak aja yang resign," "Kamu." "Bapak!&qu...
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