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Bus Rides by beeboopthefool
Bus Ridesby Bee
"Woah, I think you just fell for me. Literally." "Well... this isn't awkward at all."
Celebrity Crushes by DevansGirley240
Celebrity Crushesby Lana
Lana Reinford and Devan Key are YouTubers from opposite sides of the U.S.A. They both have a crush on each other and don't even know it. When Lana goes to California fro...
Red by Salubisandra
Redby it's beauty baby
it's about a girl trying to balance life between being a fan and a normal person
Warbird: Izuku by KeymonSanders
Warbird: Izukuby Keymon Sanders
Izuku was just like every other twenty percent of the Earth's population... normal. But he didn't want that, he wanted to be better - A Hero, just like the other eighty...
The Guardians by Yexo_19
The Guardiansby Cubawelmz M.
There's eight GUARDIANS who doesn't know what's their fate is. Master Shao took care of them since master Shao is the Guardian of the Guardians but the guys doesn't know...
A Mermaid's Dream: An Unknown Underworld Mermaid Story by legendaryfever
A Mermaid's Dream: An Unknown Legendary Fever
"No one else is here and it is just us." "Just say it already." "Or I could show you that I know. " "Then why are you delaying?" ...
Q&A With Fazbear Frights Books Characters. by KawaiiCookie1234
Q&A With Fazbear Frights Books KawaiiCookie1234
You can ask the Fazbear frights books characters anything you want, hope you enjoy this.
mango natsuhiko supremacy 🛐 by Hanakokuns_wh0re
mango natsuhiko supremacy 🛐by 花子の奥さん
If your reading this and you know you don't 😀 mango natsuhiko 🛐 mango natsuhiko 🛐 mango natsuhiko 🛐 mango natsuhiko 🛐 mango natsuhiko 🛐 mango natsuhiko 🛐...
unknown number by jumanann
unknown numberby jumanann
can chat lead to love ?? A guy texted his friend and realized that he find the funniest girl ever Could this girl be his soulmate ? Or does the distance will make them...
Fire and Ice: Not Everything Nice by CrystalBest13
Fire and Ice: Not Everything Niceby Crystal Best
What would you do if your world got turned upside down? June is your average teen (or as average as you can be in this world). She doesn't have a lot of problems and is...
Moon in the sunlight  by dawnof_athena
Moon in the sunlight by ✿𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒍✿
Thirteen year old Yuri has been through a lot. From having her mother take her away from her family to then having her drug/alcoholic stepdad who despise her. Just a few...
Ben's Magic Academy by MagicMysteryNovels
Ben's Magic Academyby Magic Mystery Novels
The story is about Ben, a wizard that can't do magic, and his friends. Follow then in their adventures that go from normal to magical and learn about this amazing world...
Running man animation truth or dare by WhiteThunder506984
Running man animation truth or dareby Me funny guy hehe
Saw nobody else did it so meh, I did it Members: White (Author AKA me) Liu Gai Miyo Kuga Lonky Popo Pala Pongpong Shan Makkhan Alto Spin Rema Kuku Dr. Mala Rose Lefnardo...
The Brothers and Their Crazy Sister by strawberryicecreamey
The Brothers and Their Crazy Sisterby strawberryicecreamey
NOT AN INCEST STORY* *I write this story at 3 A.M high on cookie dough ice cream. Chasity Russo is a crazy sarcastic girl who wants to live life to the fullest and does...
Flash Before Your Eyes by Lynxer3038
Flash Before Your Eyesby Lynx
"Okay, back to the drawing board. Scratching off some options: new-born child (no definitely not how that works), coma (yeah no, again). Okay, so being dead is prob...
Forlot: The Story of Fright Train - Book Sixteen by Forlot_Forever
Forlot: The Story of Fright ~Discover Forlot~
It may be a small town. But it has its many secrets. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- If you like adventure, mystery, humor, or cliffhangers...
A Typical Story by happymonkey78
A Typical Storyby happymonkey
Estrella Luna Martínez was ready to have her upcoming last year in high school, ready to get out the traditional Mexican daughter her parents give her. Her life was alw...
Locked Up  by smokeyvew
Locked Up by smokeyvew
Adam Reeler and Sydney Lawson were always attached to each other's hip. They'd always laugh together, learn new things with each other, they were practically partners in...