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Típico  by BBNL813
Típico by Doctora Puta
Cosas típicas qué haces y no te habías dado cuenta... o si... nose.🙃
Falling For The Bad Boy [Completed] by Tripperpuppy
Falling For The Bad Boy [Completed]by Megan McGough
This is a dorbyn fanfic. Corbyn is the bad boy and he soon meets Daniel. They fall in love
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Hinterland by Retroflier
Hinterlandby Retroflier
Simon sincerely believed he was saving Morgan's life when he pushed her off the second-story roof of her family farmhouse. To be fair, his mother was burning it to the g...
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Inside the silent room [16+] by Choosybeetch_eng
Inside the silent room [16+]by Kate Poller
While you're breaking hearts at school, I'm glueing together the mine just to give it to you again.
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My Green-eyed Jerk by teenagexxxsavage
My Green-eyed Jerkby Zhinie
"let go of me" I screamed as tears began forming in my eyes. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry but his grip on my arm was tightening...
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The Athens Awards 2020 by DaughterofAthena125
The Athens Awards 2020by Asya Esenia Romanova
This is my first awards book please go easy on me. Open(✅) Closed( ) Judging( ). The genres and rules are inside. Stickers by @komal2016
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Frozen Grimoire: Paroxysm Blasphemy [Series I] #WRITEON by A_K_Villanueva
Frozen Grimoire: Paroxysm α.k. ѵíllαղմҽѵα
||ON-HIATUS|| "We risen from the ash as one--To be awaken as light against the darkness of night like fireflies flying at the dim sight." Starlight vanished, s...
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Raven by HepzieH
Ravenby Hepzie. H
Everyone has their own demons... Deeply hidden, killing them from the inside... Everyone... Even me... But, It is up to me if I want to...
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Elnea Kingdom AU: Fallen Petals by _Truth_Behold_
Elnea Kingdom AU: Fallen Petalsby SugarCookia
This was inspired by a mobile game called "Elnea Kingdom". I love this game wholesomely and highly recommend to those who just want to play a chill game a want...
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محبت سانس در سانس مجھ میں از قلم سوزین سائرا by suzanne_syra
محبت سانس در سانس مجھ میں از قلم س suzanne_syra
یہ کہانی ہے چار دوستوں کی۔۔۔ ان کی دوستی کے بیچ محبت اور اعتبار کی۔۔۔ ان سے جڑے خوبصورت رشتوں کی ❤
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Different Worlds by Zeemzie
Different Worldsby Ezinne Ojukwu
*Sequel to Best of both worlds but can be treated as a stand alone* I don't know what it is about her but when our eyes locked I felt the overwhelming need to defend and...
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Love, Loot And Lies.  by InxTristin
Love, Loot And Lies. by Tristin.🦋
Nothing is ever as it seems, life is like a poem, you never really know the real meaning of something until there's an analysis by the author themselves. Young, beautif...
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Season 5 My Version by ZexalBrony479
Season 5 My Versionby ZexalBrony479
These are just my ideas on how Season 5 would go in The Loud House. I hope some of this stuff does come true. Some of these stories are my own original ideas, while othe...
Memes de Harry Potter by SkyRoller
Memes de Harry Potterby -nojodaaa
Desde la SnapeZone hasta el SnapeChat: ¡Bieeenvenidos a memes de Harry Potter! /Los memes no son míos, créditos sus creadores/
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Trouble Next Door ⇝ EraserMic by AizawaShota
Trouble Next Door ⇝ EraserMicby ✿
››› [ONGOING] It has been over six months since Shota and Hizashi has gotten married and their lives are fullied with love and happiness. The family is living happily un...
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The Wave of the Stars by waterandpen
The Wave of the Starsby Rachel Lester
Water unlike any other--rolling, frolicking, full of life. You'll know it when you're in it--The Wave teems with galaxies, shimmering in other-world splendor as you surf...
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The Girl Next Door(DRAFTING) by fcanonizado
The Girl Next Door(DRAFTING)by Bruh
Gianna Reynolds has always been the girl next door to Adan Prince. She's nice, she's shy, she's a nerd, and she's his best friend. Adan Prince has always been the bad b...
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AWITL Social Media by XanaShadow
AWITL Social Mediaby Xana Shadow
This is the social media of the characters in my story. It was inspired by nxghtwing's work.
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Poems & Hoems by Lullaby_Lolli
Poems & Hoemsby Anikia
Sometimes you're classy like a poem, Other times you're a ghastly like a "hoem". Either way you can learn something...or not.
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