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Stuck In Magic  by sailorsoshi
Stuck In Magic by MARI
Margery Lee's Family is a bloodline of witches that have continued for generations.But after she finishes college and goes to live with her grandmother in the small town...
  • romance
  • comedy-romance
  • spells
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My Fake Boyfriend by namiraslays
My Fake Boyfriendby Namira Ahmed
Beverly De Luca is a hardheaded teenage girl with a troubled past. Wesley Parrish is a cocky guy with a superior status who caused her troubled past. But what happens wh...
  • livingtogether
  • hot
  • love
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The Voice by gladhaven
The Voiceby Robert Frazier
Brian Walker's life abruptly transforms when a mysterious voice begins speaking to him. He soon finds himself pitted against forces he never knew existed. But can the vo...
  • funny
  • zork
  • adventure
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The Adventures of Exodus Creed & Co. by RidleySparrow
The Adventures of Exodus Creed & RidleySparrow
A story which follows the quirky, unrealistic adventures aboard the airship known as, The Queen's Haven, of young Exodus Creed; the fearsomely attractive Scottish pirate...
  • quirky
  • humor
  • sciencefictions
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chokehold. ᵗᵘᵃ by ciIIianss
chokehold. ᵗᵘᵃby                  
touch me gently with the hands you've killed with, blood stained shirts and bruised lips. . .
  • numberfive
  • gerardway
  • diegohargreeves
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ҽ×օ by _lee_jooheon_
ҽ×օby 악마
∂σи'т ᴍᴇss ᴜᴘ му тємρσ~
  • fun
  • sehun
  • werewolf
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Tomboy by BlueRavenX
Tomboyby BlueRavenX
It starts out with basketball, pranks, friends, narcolepsy and annoying high school kids. Then it goes to gangs, rescues, stalkers, street fights and crazy truck drivers...
  • squad
  • badgirl
  • danger
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Ramblings of My Mind (A Book Of Poems) #wattys2018 by NancieAnn
Ramblings of My Mind (A Book Of Nancy Ann
Now Available on Amazon! Ramblings of the Mind, is a collection of art, poems, and thoughts. Many of my poems might be dark and depressing, but writing is how I cope wit...
  • romance
  • truestory
  • poems
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The Floating School by Rosianna_Red
The Floating Schoolby Fathima Thabasum🌹
"When will you save us?" Asked the long haired girl with a stern tone to her voice. "Soon." A nonchalant Man in the computer screen replied. "Ho...
  • original
  • adventure
  • funny
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If The Avengers Could Text... by emmalkipp
If The Avengers Could Emma
What happens around the tower daily. Through texts.
  • hulk
  • alltheotheravengers
  • blackpanther
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Dumb danganronpa quotes and shit by Kitkat061
Dumb danganronpa quotes and shitby
Memes quotes and whatever other dumb shit i find
  • quotes
  • memes
  • purestupidity
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The Dark Heir (Open Novella Contest 2019)  by HM_Braverman
The Dark Heir (Open Novella H.M. Braverman
WARNING: EATING OR DRINKING WHILE READING THIS STORY IS HIGHLY INADVISABLE. Once Upon A Time, Good Omens, Monty Python, and Arrested Development had a back-alley three...
  • prophecy
  • magic
  • funny
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Deep by SimplePerson485
Deepby SimplePerson485
The Empire ruled the above land . The Darkened ruled the underside or The Deep. No one questioned the motives of the two opposite rulers . Well perhaps that's not entire...
  • humor
  • fantasy
  • romance
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Crazy love by arbaaaaa
Crazy loveby arbaaaaa
  • humor
  • funniest
  • shkoll
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The Girl Who Broke The Player's Heart by Sarah100
The Girl Who Broke The Player's WriterXOXO
Kyle Finlay is an rich and arrogant playboy who thinks he's above all. His parents are one of the richest people in the country and being the only child, he had always g...
  • playboy
  • rivals
  • college
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Legends Of Walter by 1greenlee
Legends Of Walterby 1greenlee
When the world we know as today is in Chaos. And when hope is lost, the legends will become reality. Kei, Reile, and Maki are teenagers led by the daughter of a demon, D...
  • humor
  • action
  • monsters
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wubba lubba dub dub | misc. 2 by v-xviii
wubba lubba dub dub | misc. 2by © wormy
"I am in great pain, please help me." [miscellaneous pt. 2]
  • iwanttodie
  • whyamihere
  • mylifestruggles
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Ask Bucky (Marvel Fanfic) by MarvelFangirl1991
Ask Bucky (Marvel Fanfic)by Emma
Read it.
  • thor
  • tonystark
  • samwilson
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Book of random shit by Kpopfan_marissa
Book of random shitby My dad went to the grocery st...
Title says it all. This book will contain the following things: songs i like, memes, kpop, gifs, writing out my emotions, tags. Just straight up randomness. Note: I wil...
  • stuff
  • idontknow
  • memes
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