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LEILANI by africangoddesss
LEILANIby africangoddesss
Everywhere she went people would stare at her. Some in awe, jealousy, and confusion. But she never took much notice of it. She would tell those who asked that it was her...
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The King's Apprentice by ashlynniris
The King's Apprenticeby Autumn
I was abandoned on the doorstep of my adoptive family. Classic story right. Violet Taylers. That's my name. Well, at least I know that Violet is my name. But the name...
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Opal Waters | ✔ by Vintaginity
Opal Waters | ✔by Brittani
Opal, the young mermaid we met at the end of Olyvya's story. The mermaid that found herself transforming at the age of twelve. Now she is the prime age of seventeen and...
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blind by fate [ ON PAUSE ] by l0lyou_r_awsome
blind by fate [ ON PAUSE ]by Dio or Shouto
i dont own the art and this is inspired bt sightless eyes and another story i forgot the name off so it going to be very similar
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Part Of A Freak Show  by nightcoreheadphones
Part Of A Freak Show by Lee Shin Hyung
Werewolf Shifter x The Boy With The White Hair The colour of his hair had matched the snow that had fell that winters morning. His eyes like lunar eclipses. His heart as...
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Winter by meowmeow824
Winterby Meow
THIS WAS MADE ON GACHA 16-year-old Winter knew she was different, but didn't expect to be from another world. After being brought back to where she belongs, she meets ne...
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The Four Kingdoms by meowmeow824
The Four Kingdomsby Meow
Aria lived in the human world for 13 years, then fell into the supernatural world by mistake. She travels through the Four Kingdoms trying to find her way home, and unlo...
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HE'S COLDER THAN ICE  (levi X reader) by 74zix47
HE'S COLDER THAN ICE (levi X read...by 74zix47
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Unsweetend Truth by BriCandle
Unsweetend Truthby BriCandle
Barii is a naturally small child.He has long naturally white hair.He has big round eyes one is red and the other is ice blue.He was forced to live with his aunt and uncl...
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My Life At Cross Acadamy by Pshycotic_chick
My Life At Cross Acadamyby kenzie
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The rain and the ocean by Kattie_Olive
The rain and the oceanby Kattie_Olive
"Dario is going to rain," I said My name is Gabriela Pristine, the name is the female version of the angel Gabriel and it has a reason. Let's just say that fr...
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indigo by kobejayy
indigoby kobejayy
The last hope of the origami clan. When the last survivor of the indigo clan is discovered he must go to great lengths to learn about his past and protect his family
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The Girl With White Hair by -CoolBeans-
The Girl With White Hairby Nadia
I saw her. The girl with white hair. I was taking a walk in the rain when I came across a tea shop. I decided to go in to dry off and warm up. I sat down at a round tab...
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Apollo and Zola by Mia_Bravos
Apollo and Zolaby Mia Bravos
A distant worldly creature with incredible, but dangerous abilities falls in love with a serious and lonesome young women in a small town called Greenley. There, the two...
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The Boy Who Saw Snow For The First Time by Yumemi_
The Boy Who Saw Snow For The First...by Angel
I walked over to a nurse with profiles opened in her hands, she was reading but whatever, “excuse me, miss, do you know where Kyle’s room is?” I asked politely so she wo...
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Sick Boy by klaudia13x
Sick Boyby Cyko
"Watch out for him, he's sick" Miya glared at someone behind my back. I turned around to see a white boy walking by himself a few metres away from us. Literall...
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For the Heartless by fireytika
For the Heartlessby Fireytika
Collections of poems, and quotes for heartless character. I'm still learning how to write stories & poems properly. You can read his story on my comic, Frozen Heart : ht...
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Those Left Over (On Hold)  by Jahsizzlv2
Those Left Over (On Hold) by ∅HeLLBoY∅
I was weird from the beginning, being born with stark white hair and sometimes red eyes wasn't bad, you got a few looks sometimes called a monster, but if people knew wh...
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Anna Silverheart and the Legend of the Umbrals by gali_michelle
Anna Silverheart and the Legend of...by |•Gali•|
Anna Silverheart is a peculiar girl. She has hair as white as a dove's feather and eyes so silver they shine brighter than the blade of Excalibur. However, her peculiar...
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•¥•¥•The Gangs Forever Daughter•¥•¥• by Death_And_Life242
•¥•¥•The Gangs Forever Daughter•¥•...by Death_And_Life
Tsubaki was left on the street at age 9 and was all alone,the city's biggest gang adopts her and now she's the sweetest most gorgeous girl ever,she is ruthless when it c...
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