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Haikyuu Spin off : Hide and Seek by epicfail_0229
Haikyuu Spin off : Hide and Seekby Mee-chan 🧡
Sakusa Kiyoomi is looking for the woman who made him think that 'dirty' is hot. But the person he's looking for is actually with him all this time. His part-time housek...
FLAWED | √ by its_sanjh
FLAWED | √by Sanjh
Perfect in the eyes of one another. She labeled herself as a curse while he considered her his lucky charm. He was considered insane yet she wasn't scared to walk in hi...
the housekeeper || jacob perez. (1) [EDITING] by diamondprince
the housekeeper || jacob perez. ( diamond
They say love is unexpected. The best kind comes naturally. You'll learn to accept their flaws, as well as their perks. When Jacob Perez meets his new housekeeper, love...
Colby Brocks Housekeeper by realgal1
Colby Brocks Housekeeperby realgal1
Nancy had gotten fired from her job and needed help finding a job. Luckily her friend, Jackie, had a friend who needed a housekeeper. She starts her new job but didn't k...
Something About You | Chresanto A. | by Shaaniaa
Something About You | Chresanto shania ❥
I'm the type of girl who's scared to stand up for herself, afraid of what would happen if I do. I'm the type of girl who let people disrespect her and let people talk to...
A Happening at Graceland [Elvis] by PurpleKorea134
A Happening at Graceland [Elvis]by Amanda Palmer
We're in the present day, and Ava is working at Graceland as a custodian who helps clean up the place every day for the tours and also makes sure that the untouched area...
Just Your House Cleaner  (COMPLETED) by VeraGar
Just Your House Cleaner ( Vera Garkavets
Tell me what you think about it 😉 What happens if an ordinary girl flies to Los Angeles to earn extra money and becomes Zac Efron's housekeeper? Can there be something...
Headspace family by Sammy089Miki
Headspace familyby Sam
Ava Michaels is nineteen years-old. Needing money to pay for university, she takes a gap year to work as a babysitter, a job given to her by an employment agency. What s...
Business & Pleasure  by driadanielle
Business & Pleasure by DriaDanielle
Money. Sex. Power. That's all that is on Dominic Wood's mind. That is until he loses everything and falls for his maid Ladia... *Warning: Sexual Content 18+*
Mafia Madness by eeee360
Mafia Madnessby eeee360
18 year old Hazel Evans takes a trip to Italy in the summer for what she thinks is an assistant job for some fancy company, little does she know she is now working for a...
Dusty (Tom Hiddleston /Reader) by LexyDunbar
Dusty (Tom Hiddleston /Reader)by Lexy Dunbar
I am a housekeeper in England. My job is fairly easy, clean the house, dust the books, wash the tea cups, and get out before 7pm. The only odd thing is I have never met...
The housekeeper and the girl by hejyahoo
The housekeeper and the girlby hejyahoo
Jonny one day realizes that the daughter of the family he works for has grown into a gorgeous young woman, and all he can think about is what is under all those clothes...
Religious Games (Michael Jackson) by BellesKitchen
Religious Games (Michael Jackson)by Megan Lynn Glass
"He wants to play religious games and all I want is him." In which, Michael meets his new live-in housekeeper Emily Laurent and feels like his heart took flig...
The Housekeeper (boyxboy) by lostXXfantasy
The Housekeeper (boyxboy)by Nyx
Luka Gray is a reckless and immature young adult who lives his life without a care in the world. Roman Montgomery is a cold hearted lawyer who doesn't care about anyone...
Suffocated by ForeverPinkyish16
Suffocatedby Sthabile Matlena
Life can suffocate you, and some of us die without giving a fight. Not literal death but you get what I'm saying. The dying goes for most of us , but few and very few...
BERSIH HIGIENIS, Hub 1500-166, Jasa Bersih Guest House di Jakarta Selatan by cleaningservicejkt1
BERSIH HIGIENIS, Hub 1500-166, cleaningservicejkt1
Download , Jasa Bersih Guest House di Jakarta Selatan, Cleaning Service Guest House di Jakarta Sel...
The Padalecki's Housekeeper by Bellameows1
The Padalecki's Housekeeperby Bellameows1
Desperate for money you apply for a job as a private housekeeper. When you meet with the employer and find out who you are working for, you know this will be an interest...
Dark Love  by Bored12455
Dark Love by Cute_kpopp
Dark Love is about a mafia boss and a housekeeper. Mafia boss= Nam Joo Hyuk. Housekeeper= you. Amelia is the house owners (daughter)
Greed, Love or Lust? (Sample) by MissLulu004
Greed, Love or Lust? (Sample)by Lulu.M
Dawn is a 20 year old girl who gets an opportunity to work for the amazingly sweet couple Amelia and Christopher Johnson's after her friend is injured. Dawn's adventure...