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Saving Grace by kaylaacasal
Saving Graceby kayla casal 🤠
Rafael Casal x Female Reader TW: Cursing -(y/n) grace, a strong and independent woman. Famous for her songs about love, abusive relationships, and breakups. -Daveed Digg...
Look into my eyes || Aidan Gallagher  by puffsnique
Look into my eyes || Aidan Nique
Sinopse A família de Emma Richards e a família de Aidan Gallagher decidem passar as férias de verão juntas em uma casa na praia, já que o pai de ambos eram melhores ami...
Heart Stealer (Daveed Diggs x Reader) by Artzee_Dorito
Heart Stealer (Daveed Diggs x Sav :)
(Y/N) (L/N) and Daveed Diggs had been friends for as long as (Y/N) could remember. They used to play together when they were children, and even be rebellious teenagers a...
!!Hamilton One-Shots!! by DrRafaCasal
!!Hamilton One-Shots!!by ✨Rafa✨
Hey! I'm gonna make a one-shot book cuz why not :) All my rules will be in the first 'chapter' but I'll give you the most important things here. I will not do ships suc...
Uma noite em Paris by ficsbyste
Uma noite em Parisby Esther
Uma noite em Paris | Beauany Uma viagem a trabalho,esse era o objetivo,ela só não esperava encontrar o ex que "desistiu" do relacionamento deles no mesmo prédi...
Love since Childhood (Daveed Diggs x Rafael Casal) COMPLETED by Doc100
Love since Childhood (Daveed Hamiltonian
Rafa has had a crush on Daveed since they were little boys running around the Oakland streets. Can he confess or will he hold onto his secret forever?
Something In The Water. (Daveed Diggs Fanfic)  by ToriMadden2
Something In The Water. (Daveed Tori Madden
Faith Grey meets Daveed and Rafael in Oakland while busking on a street corner. Will she choose Rafa or Daveed? Will she risk her friendship with both or move back to O...
Love Is a Winter Flower by devaneiopoetico
Love Is a Winter Flowerby ⋆. EVE
O AMOR É UMA FLOR DE INVERNO | Apesar do exterior forte e da resiliência, ela se sente muito menos determinada do que mostra para Hades. Apesar do exterior inócuo e ing...
The Campers - Now United Fanfic  by BeatrizdiGrazia
The Campers - Now United Fanfic by Beatriz di Grazia
16 adolescentes passam 1 mês em um acampamento sem adultos, trabalho e internet. Muitas coisas podem acontecer, desentendimentos, amores, revelações ....
Gin and Toxic (Rafael Casal x Reader by lovek10
Gin and Toxic (Rafael Casal x lovek10
Y/n L/n is a single mother of 3 Salish Capri Sky who is 11 Naomi Nevaeh Sky who is 6 And Sage Lucius Sky or "Indigo" which is what his father calls him, He is...
F༶U༶C༶K༶   U༶  by CFranFon
F༶U༶C༶K༶ U༶ by pinguim de moletom
Onde Vinnie e Vera tem um lance apenas sexual, até uma hora que as coisas complicam e eles se aproximam. "𝙿𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚊! 𝙰𝚌𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞 𝚚𝚞𝚎 𝚎𝚞 𝚗ã𝚘 𝚚𝚞𝚎𝚛𝚘 𝚖𝚊...
Amor e ódio  😍🔥 by NicolleRibeiroAlbano
Amor e ódio 😍🔥by Fanfics_Rp❤️🔥
Espero q gostem dessa história viu , casal CRISEDDY: amor e ódio! +18 / +16
Scarlet and violet ( Rafael Casal x oc but also Daveed Diggs x oc ) by Lilia888
Scarlet and violet ( Rafael Lilia888
Daveed's second cousin Adeline, Daveed, and Rafa messed up real bad, causing murder, fear, and passion to flow through the veins of the greatest city in the world. This...
Daveed Diggs Imagines by MINDLESSCHICAS1431
Daveed Diggs Imaginesby Antifa Bitch
Destino: Skopelos | BEAUANY by sianywrite
Destino: Skopelos | BEAUANYby sianywrite
Depois de meses viajando para todos seus destinos desejados, a sonhadora Any Gabrielly decide voltar para a cidade onde sua falecida avó morou durante toda sua vida. O...
Love Follows Everywhere (Daveed Diggs X OC) [ON HOLD] by Depresso__Latte
Love Follows Everywhere (Daveed G
CW// Verbal and physical abuse, mentions of abuse, mentions of rape, self-harm, eating disorder, mentions of smut (not sure if I'll go into details with those yet) Mia C...
Just For You {Rafael X Reader} by DarkRoastea
Just For You {Rafael X Reader}by Ven
•Rafael Casal Reader Insert •Warning• Depression, Sex, Language, Angst, Fluff • •••After hitchhiking a man's umbrella, {Name} starts to talk to the man more. S...
Out of the Woods by prettylittytitty
Out of the Woodsby Lacy
"Don't tell me you fucking got us lost" "Okay, I won't tell you." "Daveed!" -------------------------- This is a Hamilton (Daveed Diggs) st...
Don't Let Me Fall - {Rafeed fanfic}  by CoolBoxTurtlez
Don't Let Me Fall - {Rafeed CoolBoxTurtlez
Nothing is ever going to change, come on. They were gonna be best friends for life with no exceptions. They had music to write, movies to film, concerts to preform, and...