A Reapers Heart  (A New Species Fanfiction Series #1) by Aquamira
A Reapers Heart (A New Species Fa...by Aquamira
While New Species are safe for the most part, there are still some secrets the government keeps hidden. Are the New Species really the only ones that came out of humans...
  • dohner
  • jaded
  • homeland
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HOMELAND - Saving Quinn (PART 2 of the Quinn/Mack series) by harlowrose
HOMELAND - Saving Quinn (PART 2 of...by Harlow Rose Olsen
This is PART 2 of my Quinn / Mack series. PART 1 explores their backstory and is complete, but I needed to put PART 2 out there first because S6 still f*cks me up. You...
  • soldiers
  • daradal
  • newyork
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Chances by shawnmarvel
Chancesby shawnmarvel
Being adopted by Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, Christian no longer lives a simple life. From Iron Man's son to a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and a Warrior, Christian is finally wh...
  • strategic
  • shield
  • avengers
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The Witch of Green by grapemuffin
The Witch of Greenby Nicole
She pressed my hand against a small oak that was growing through an old stone wall, and began to speak. "You see, the tree grows back after being cut down, which cr...
  • wild
  • death
  • fantasy
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Mother Tongue by tahnsarkin
Mother Tongueby tahnsarkin
  • poetry
  • india
  • family
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