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Scorpion's New EQ by EmilySeifert
Scorpion's New EQby Emily Seifert
Fanfiction of the Tv show Scorpion. Can be read with or without watching the Tv show. Walter O'Brien goes to the home for homeless kids with Toby, Happy, and Paige to ge...
Adopted by Walter O'Brien by Notyouraveragegirl27
Adopted by Walter O'Brienby Natasha• A• Romanoff
Cassandra is an orphan with brown hair and brown eyes. But she's special because even though she is only 10 she has an IQ of 190 and an EQ of 160. ------ Walter O'Brien...
the smarter younger sister by Notyouraveragegirl27
the smarter younger sisterby Natasha• A• Romanoff
Natalie Green or Natalie Curtis has lived in England ever since she left her home in America. She is the younger sister of Tobias, the profiler for team Scorpion. When N...
Acutely Beautiful (Toby Curtis)  by Luke_Eat_My_Waffles
Acutely Beautiful (Toby Curtis) by Erika Hilton
In Which a Homeland Agent falls for a behavioralist Cover by luseoks
Hanzo Hasashi's Son x MK10-11 by CivilWarrior0
Hanzo Hasashi's Son x MK10-11by Civil Warrior
What if when Quan Chi invaded the Shirai Ryu base he only killed Satoshi Hasashi's mother..what if during the attack Satoshi hid from Quan Chi how would that change ever...
What If Deku Was Trained by Scorpion? by TheWorld60
What If Deku Was Trained by Shawn Perez
Izuku had just been bullied by Bakugo again. He notebook was destroyed, and was hurt emotionally by Bakugo's insult. He wanted to get stronger, and be the No. 1 hero...
Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
Brainiac | Walter O'Brien {ON HOLD} by CaptainCanaduh
Brainiac | Walter O'Brien {ON HOLD}by le trash
Sam McCarthy is a super genius with the IQ of 195. But she's in trouble. Someone's out to kill her. So for her rescue, a team of geniuses help her find out who this pers...
Scorpio (Tokyo Ghoul Touka x Male Reader) by Skilg4nnon
Scorpio (Tokyo Ghoul Touka x Skilg4nnon
For as long as you can remember, you've been in anteiku. Your mother was a member before you, since she'd been child hood friends with Ryoko, though she had you when she...
Free (Maze Runner fanfic Newtmas Newt x Thomas) by fizzabel
Free (Maze Runner fanfic Newtmas Newtmas&DetroitTrash
(Slight spoilers for TFC, but if you don't know what to look for you won't even know!) Thomas has been in the maze a little while now, and both he and Newt have unexpres...
Arthropods (Tokyo Ghoul Male Reader x Touka) Book 2 Scorpio by Skilg4nnon
Arthropods (Tokyo Ghoul Male Skilg4nnon
In the years since the Zodiac Civil war life had quietened beautifully for (Y/N) as everything seemed to fall into place, you became the leader of Zodiac, your relations...
The Ultimate Warrior by Leo243410
The Ultimate Warriorby Leo243410
I'm new in this story writing and what got to this was seeing amazing fanfics like so many Ships from MHA I wanted to give a shot so please bare with me This is the stor...
Lillie Harper - team scorpion  by kylie3377
Lillie Harper - team scorpion by Kylie ;)
Lillie has been in the foster system since she was a baby. She's never met her parents nor does she want to. She is however a very talented hacker with an IQ of 180. She...
Scorpion Sage(Adopted/Hiatus) by RoseyArchlightRain
Scorpion Sage(Adopted/Hiatus)by Rosey Rain
Naruto is a failure to the UzuKaze Clan that everyone in Konoha believes. Everyone except Lord 3rd, Danzo, Shisui and Itachi. His teachers are tired of how he's treated...
Just MORTAL KOMBAT things. by PrinceRainOfMK
Just MORTAL KOMBAT ☆JetFireisMyLove☆
(ReQueStS now ClOseD!) A book on only Mortal Kombat tingz. If requested I will do X-Reader scenarios. (When ReqUeStS are OPen again) Smut/Fluff/Ze Lemonz Pictures O...
Scorpion Reader x Rosario + Vampire by Theonlyone34
Scorpion Reader x Rosario + Vampireby Theonlyone34
You were walking through the forrest and suddenaly a portal appeared in front of you and tried to get away but got sucked in it and appeared here and here is where the t...
The Nerd's Mafia by selaeloestherina
The Nerd's Mafiaby Totally_weird
(book 1) Neddy Smith is a boy who finds himself in an orphanage, he is a nerd that is dedicated to his school work so he could achieve his dream of being a CEO...his pas...
Neglected Scorpion Reader X RWBY  by Undead-Hunter
Neglected Scorpion Reader X RWBY by I̷n̷f̵e̸c̶t̶e̸d̵
Pain....Suffering • • That's all you felt....that was all you ever felt • • But not anymore... • • You seek vengeance against those who made you this way....they will fe...
memes de mortal kombat by starligthpirate
memes de mortal kombatby ❄estresha pirata❄
memes no mames (necesitaba esa portada xdxd)
Mortal Kombat Husband Scenarios [On Hiatus] by KhaoticKris
Mortal Kombat Husband Scenarios [ KhaoticKris
Now it's time for the guys from Mortal Kombat to jumped in the marriage bandwagon! Man I always wanted to do this, I love MK!