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Ride On by rylienoland17
Ride Onby Rylie
Sequel to Ride It comes down to a matter of opinion. You either give effort and make it work, or you give up. Evangeline wasn't one to do the latter, until the day that...
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Equestrian poll by slambourne
Equestrian pollby .Dozens.of.dreamers.
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Ride Along by rylienoland17
Ride Alongby Rylie
Sequel to Ride and Ride On There are two definitions of trouble with the green at play. One, money. Two, an absolutely insane, green filly. El Diablo Caballo.
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Changing Ways by sweetembers
Changing Waysby Bella
Rumours are so easy to start. A whisper here, a whisper there, passed on person by person. This is 12 year old Robin's daily existence at school...only it's worse, beca...
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Rebound *Book Two* by TheLoon
Rebound *Book Two*by TheLoon
Now at the age of 21, Ali Michels is a top eventer. Atop her mount, Rebound, they have lived up to the saying 'Anything Is Possible'. Rebound was previously a slaughter...
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Unlimited Possibilities by Crazymeg1
Unlimited Possibilitiesby Meg
Nora has ridden horses all of her life. Though there are many horses on her parents equestrian centre, she mostly rides a grey thoroughbred named Ace. Everything is perf...
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Meadow (ON HOLD) by Crazymeg1
Meadow (ON HOLD)by Meg
Meg has had a good life, now that she isn't on the run. She works on the ranch giving lessons and training horses, but her fiery mare named Meadow may just be her hardes...
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Striving for Show Jumping by horseloveramy
Striving for Show Jumpingby Horselover.Amy
A story about a teen called Melody (Mel for short) who competes regularly at show jumping. She faces challenges, bullies and over protective parents. She will strive to...
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Cold by bugbeesinha52
Coldby bugbeesinha52
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Riding with Spirit||The Saddle Club by KittyKeri_613
Riding with Spirit||The Saddle Clubby Kitty
Tessa, a nine year old girl from Britain, moved from her family estate to her family mansion in Australia. Her only friend there is her stallion, Knight, a gift when she...
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Sex by hairstone2000
Sexby hairstone2000
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Authority by bridiegilstrap59
Authorityby bridiegilstrap59
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The viper is back by riggybonnie
The viper is backby riggybonnie
Alex 'viper' is not very well known in the horse world but is incredibly talented. Red is a stable hand with a knack for horses Alex gets a job at willow creek riding...
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Record by dreare1914
Recordby dreare1914
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Exactly by klemenstrelegan32
Exactlyby klemenstrelegan32
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The Eventer's Rodeo {starting again very soon!} by ponyjumper2012
The Eventer's Rodeo {starting ponyjumper2012
16 year old eventer, Marissa King has been working all her life to make it to her first CCI* event. After meeting a rodeo cowboy, she considers giving the other saddle a...
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Circus by sleevelike1902
Circusby sleevelike1902
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Keith's Precision Cutting Edge Painting by CuttingPainting
Keith's Precision Cutting Edge Keith's Precision Cutting Edg...
N/A, Lacey Township NJ, 08758 609-242-2333
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Meteor by unreprehended1926
Meteorby unreprehended1926
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Water by esquiress1927
Waterby esquiress1927
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