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Finding Talent (1) by sweetembers
Finding Talent (1)by Bella
When Sadie was 18, her parents were killed in a car accident, leaving her all alone on her ranch with her quarter horses. Most of them she sold off, but she kept a few f...
Bits of Hope (Under Revision) by Crazymeg1
Bits of Hope (Under Revision)by Meg
17-year- old Katlynn A.K.A Katie lives on a ranch with a small barn that has one stall. It has been her dream to own a horse. When she see's a muddy, skinny, neglected h...
Changing Ways by sweetembers
Changing Waysby Bella
Rumours are so easy to start. A whisper here, a whisper there, passed on person by person. This is 12 year old Robin's daily existence at school...only it's worse, beca...
Riding with Spirit||The Saddle Club by iamnumberzer0
Riding with Spirit||The Saddle Clubby Kitty
Tessa, a nine year old girl from Britain, moved from her family estate to her family mansion in Australia. Her only friend there is her stallion, Knight, a gift when she...
The nerd is a cowgirl by LazyJ_Brand
The nerd is a cowgirlby Crazyalice
18 year old Brice might look like a nerd because she is a nerd but she has a hidden talent and a big dark secret. Her mom started doing drugs when she just 9 years old a...
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Whisper In The Wind (DO NOT READ, UNDER REVISION) by Crazymeg1
Whisper In The Wind (DO NOT Meg
Charlotte lives on a nice ranch, but her since her mom died, her dad got rid of all the horses there. One day she finds a beautiful gypsy vanner mare she names, Echo. Ca...
High Hopes by Crazymeg1
High Hopesby Meg
Haley loves horses, but she grew up in New York City, so she could never own one. But when she finds out that she's moving to Tennessee it's a dream come true. She plans...
MEENAH• Novel Series by Abdul10k
MEENAH• Novel Seriesby Abdul10k
💖💝💞Wannan labarine mai tsawo,labari akan rayuwan meenah......sannan inaso ku sani a 2019na soma rubutawa...💞💝💖 💞💞Tsarerren labarine a kan wata soyayya mai cike d...
Take the Reins by minidinkoid
Take the Reinsby erin
18 year old Lisa Atwood gets the offer of a lifetime. She gets a scholarship to a horse riding academy. When she arrives she faces many struggles. She's the new girl in...
Ride Along by rylienoland17
Ride Alongby Rylie
Sequel to Ride and Ride On There are two definitions of trouble with the green at play. One, money. Two, an absolutely insane, green filly. El Diablo Caballo.
Finding Faith (2) by sweetembers
Finding Faith (2)by Bella
In this sequel to Finding Talent, things take a twist when Sadie Lawrence is asked to train a herd of twelve shires, that are to be used in the winter fair pulling hay r...
The Saddle Club by Originalsforever100
The Saddle Clubby Lizzy
A collection of The Saddle Club fanfics I've done.
the heartless horse by chantalandequestrian
the heartless horseby chantalandequestrian
lou finds a horse in a feild and immediately makes a bond with it. the gray mare has been abandoned and lou and his friend harry help raise the horse and heal its past
Losing Freedom by Moon0Tea
Losing Freedomby Moon.Tea
I'd try running, but it was too late. My wounds were to deep, my leg was to sore to run on. He'd caught me I was no longer free.
Good for me not for you by chahdzoghlami5
Good for me not for youby chahdzoghlami5
A sad girl is always bullies because of her ugly appearance, falling in love with a strange man who helped her get out of her depression.You find out he's seriously ill...
Comeback *Book One* by TheLoon
Comeback *Book One*by TheLoon
It was that one jump. That one simple jump that changed my life forever. I would have won the championships. I would have been the best junior eventing rider. But I goof...
A Book of Horses by -causewhynot-
A Book of Horsesby -
This book includes a guide to the many breeds of horse from around the world as well as helpful tips to improve your riding and advice on horse care. Also included in it...
Church by megaparsec1937
Churchby megaparsec1937
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Television by paraiba1998
Televisionby paraiba1998
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Typewriter by majorana2020
Typewriterby majorana2020
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