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Grow Up (Frerard)  by desolationglow
Grow Up (Frerard) by <3
Gerard is a troubled student. By senior year, his father has just died, his brother is shunning him, and he's lacking friends. Things only get worse when he falls for Fr...
Counting Stars and Scars  {Kellic}  by thebibliophileninja
Counting Stars and Scars {Kellic} by a walking travesty
Vic is good at hiding things. He hides his depression. He hides his self-harm. And above all, he hides the fact that he's completely in love with his best friend Kell...
Emo Trinity x Reader (Book 2) by NightSkysSprinkles
Emo Trinity x Reader (Book 2)by NightSkysSprinkles
Title says it all! I try to write with gender-neutral pronouns, unless otherwise stated or requested. Requests are closed. P.S.: I'm publishing the same stories on tumbl...
Just One Regret || Brendon Urie by SecretJungle666
Just One Regret || Brendon Urieby Inactive
Who could love me? I'm out of my mind. He was at the climax of his journey and swimming with triumph with his wife right by his side. "We did it." He asserte...
Let Me Hear Your Love (Gerard Way x Reader) by TheKilljoyBride
Let Me Hear Your Love (Gerard TheKilljoyBride
After winning a radio contest, you get the chance to see you favourite band, My Chemical Romance, on your birthday! You even get VIP backstage passes for after the show...
Before Killing Was Cool ➊ FRERARD by thanksfrank
Before Killing Was Cool ➊ FRERARDby a sad ending
Frank Iero reckons there are a hell of a lot of people he'd do away with in a school shooting. He has a vivid imagination and what he finds to be a pretty reasonable ven...
2 hearts || ryden by -stonedplanet
2 hearts || rydenby miles
sequel to 2 weeks brendon urie finally meets the unknown person he had been texting for two weeks, but things don't go as planned when he finds out who he is.
When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Doctor Who AU) by angeleyes-demonsoul
When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Skittles
"A ginger! I'm finally a ginger!.. Thought it would be more exciting, honestly." Doctor!Gerard Companion!Frank A fun concept I wanted to explore :) I also love...
Frerard Stories by oneoftheemotional
Frerard Storiesby Novocaine Angel
Title says everything. Gerard Way + Frank Iero. I do only write this for fun. I know that Frerard isn't a "thing" anymore. I don't know if it ever was a &quo...
2 weeks || ryden by -stonedplanet
2 weeks || rydenby miles
spencer smith gave brendon urie the wrong number, causing brendon to talk to someone and finds out who they are in two weeks. (yes i am aware than ryden isn't official i...
Kill Your Heroes: A My Chemical Romance Fic by smoulderhalder
Kill Your Heroes: A My Chemical space jesus
My first MCR fic, not sure what's going on, don't remember. I dunno you guys, it's unedited and kinda nasty. You do you if you wanna read it.
kik group chat by blxrryfxced
kik group chatby no. 1 alex gaskarth stan
just your average kik gc fic. not too much drama happens; it's all a joke really. //lowercase intended\\
Faux Amour (Frerard/Bandom Hogwarts AU) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Faux Amour (Frerard/Bandom Skittles
A bandom, but primarily Frerard, Hogwarts AU! This is in English, so don't let the title fool you!! I mean, who hasn't pictured themselves, or their favorite person/char...
The people are gone {Petekey} by petekeyaf
The people are gone {Petekey}by s t a r b o y
sequel to To People Who Leave! Read that before this - - - Loss. It's lonely and it's sad. And it draws people together. Everyone wants to be together. But for Pete The...
instagram➹frerard by OhLookAShipper
instagram➹frerardby LieutenantGalaxy
frankieromustdie: @gerardway you're a whole lotta ass and not enough sass gerardway: @frankieromustdie you fucking like my ass, though, don't you frankie mikeyway: @gera...
The Runaway Groom // Brallon by TheTruestBlue
The Runaway Groom // Brallonby TheTruestBlue
"Drive the car." "Wait, who the hell are you?" "Satan. Now DRIVE!" Dallon bringing home a stray puppy in his apartment already got him scol...
Party Games (Frerard) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Party Games (Frerard)by Skittles
18 year old Gerard Way doesn't know what he wants from life. He's graduating without a dime for college and his only real skill being art. The fear of the unknown was se...
I Knew You Once  [ Taylor York ] by TalyTells
I Knew You Once [ Taylor York ]by Beca Yumi
"You being gone felt like a big hole in my chest. Empty and dark. And all this time we've been apart it just kept getting bigger and bigger. And I fear is going to...
Gays Have Risen | Bandom Kik Fic by sky_223
Gays Have Risen | Bandom Kik Ficby 🌸bruv🌸
RyrosMilk: Name/Age/Sexuality/Pronouns
Seven Minutes In Heaven // Peterick by sk1nss
Seven Minutes In Heaven // Peterickby lil
Love is not a game, but it started with one. (Note: I didn't know that the age of consent in Illinois was 17 (over here it's 16) so slight warning for underage sex and B...