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MSRA ⇒ Final Year by cxntering
MSRA ⇒ Final Yearby college equestrian
(Senior Year: Book Three) After an extremely difficult junior year, Kathleen Whitmore is ready to start the daunting senior year, where she'll be facing much more than j...
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Silverstone: Perfection is Not Enough by JfMaddie
Silverstone: Perfection is Not maddoo
~Book One of the Silverstone Series~ Silverstone Horse Riding Academy. It's the dream of every young rider. Over three quarters of the students who attend will go...
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MSRA ⇢ Starting New by cxntering
MSRA ⇢ Starting Newby college equestrian
- Read 'Maple Stream Riding Academy' FIRST! (Sophomore Year: Book One) COMPLETED After Cami Taylor's almost fatal accident at Maple Stream Riding Academy, the academy sh...
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MSRA ↠ Back Again by cxntering
MSRA ↠ Back Againby college equestrian
(Junior Year: Book Two) COMPLETED After waiting all summer to return to the academy and see her friends, Kathleen Whitmore returns to the academy to realize that things...
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Changing Rein (Complete) by EQWriter
Changing Rein (Complete)by EQWriter
Lexi Davies has landed a dream job as rider at a professional stud in England. Everything is perfect, she has amazing horses a great boss and her best friend works with...
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Pine Tree Riding Academy by PONY_mad_25
Pine Tree Riding Academyby PONY_mad_25
Tina Simson has dreamed of riding her whole life. Her whole family has no intrest in horses. but suddenly Tina is accepted into a Pine Tree and her whole life changes. T...
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Riverside Stables Book 1: Fears by LauraGeauvreau
Riverside Stables Book 1: Fearsby LauraGeauvreau
Emma Jackson is 16, nearly 17 years old and has a dream. Although, it will be nearly impossible to get that dream back. This year, her life is changing. After a horrible...
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Shall We Dance? by Dressage_Queen
Shall We Dance?by Equestrian for Life!
Dressage. Horse Ballet. The dance between a rider and a horse. So underappreciated in the small town of Drewsburn that it's practically nonexistent. Avery Ashford only e...
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The Unexpected Riders From France A Free Rein Fanfic by SummerMoon723
The Unexpected Riders From Neverland Potato
Everything is normal at Bright Field Stables. Everyone is doing their chores and playing with horses. When Sam tells the team that Lake Annecy Riding Club, a French ridi...
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City Boy Meets Country Girl by LifeofMeK
City Boy Meets Country Girlby LifeofMe
"He took advantage of you Mason! How don't you see that?" My brother says, "Because he didn't. And even if he did I don't care. Because I love him."
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Born In The Saddle - Quicksilver Stud - Book 1 (#wattys2016) by CalmOnTheSurfaceX
Born In The Saddle - Quicksilver Jay
At age nine Jenna Michaelson's whole life was already mapped out - future world and Olympic three day eventer. At age fourteen she's a know it all teen living alone with...
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Greengate Academy by WowzersLex
Greengate Academyby Alexis B
Claire Collins grew up with horses on her uncle's farm. Now that she's fourteen, she's gotten the once in a lifetime opportunity to start high school at the prestigious...
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Heartland: Ty's secret past by the100teenwolf123
Heartland: Ty's secret pastby Alisha hopkins
Ty Borden has a secret. One he is struggling to keep hidden. How will Amy and her family find out and will it change things between Ty and Amy...
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Me and my horse! by Theponygalgeegee
Me and my horse!by Georgina :))))))))))))))
This is the story of when 14 year old Gaby unwillingly moves from paradise in NYC to a weird little island off the coast of England with her older brother and her parent...
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Cross Creek Equestrian Academy (Completed) by AffinityandBeyond
Cross Creek Equestrian Academy ( Mattie
Cross Creek Equestrian Academy is one of the most prestigious riding schools in the United States. It accepts only the most elite riders in the country. - Blaire Grant i...
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J.O.P. Stable: The Twin Saga (Book 1: The Summer Finale) by Dressage_Queen
J.O.P. Stable: The Twin Saga ( Equestrian for Life!
Life for twins Jewel and Skylar Lockhart couldn't be better. Their rich, talented, beautiful and the daughters of Charlotte and Scott Lockhart, the owners of the most pr...
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Horse Academy (1) by _infinity_06
Horse Academy (1)by _infinity_06
[undergoing editing: in other words its really cringey so I'm fixing it LOL] Taylor Hastings has always dreamed of attending the prestigious Elliot Falls Academy, but it...
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Chasing Grace by psiithurism
Chasing Graceby elizabeth grace
Nineteen-year-old Josephine Swann has enough talent to send her on a trip for California to Europe, to train at famous show jumper Sebastian Miller's prestigious facilit...
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The Eventer's Club 2: Junior Year by Dressage_Queen
The Eventer's Club 2: Junior Yearby Equestrian for Life!
Evelyn Holloway and Ashleigh Sutton have had an amazing summer filled with horses and adventure alike, but with summer now over, a new adventure awaits them at school...
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New Strides || Canterwood Crest || Book 19 by jumpingchic
New Strides || Canterwood Crest || ♕ M A D I ♕
The original Canterwood Crest fan-made version of book 19! Sasha Silver is bringing a new friend home to Canterwood... Or should she say, a four-legged friend? Sasha's f...
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