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The Reality Jumper | MARVEL by pinkcxnnor
The Reality Jumper | MARVELby beans 👹
She bounces around realities, until she finds a reason to stay. [Loki fic] [2021]
The Avengers New Cat  | Loki Laufeyson Romance | COMPLETE by PricklePeach
The Avengers New Cat | Loki Laufe...by Eden Smith
Sparrow may not be the most interesting person on the planet at first glance, she's just a girl who works with her adoptive father in a cafe located in New York City, no...
Death Can Only Do So Much by ArsonPotter
Death Can Only Do So Muchby ArsonPotter
Eris is a guide for the dead and a genie. She's been stuck in her lamp, granting wish after wish for Hydra. As a genie and guide for the dead, she can grant unlimited wi...
Heart of a Dragon Rider (Loki x reader) by KSeasong
Heart of a Dragon Rider (Loki x re...by KSeasong
You are a dragon rider who is also part of the Avengers. You have a dragon named Eclipse who is an endangered species of dragon known as the Night Fury. Loki moves into...
Dragonscales by CheesyPotatos365
Dragonscalesby Crash
(Ranked #1 in LokixOC) Thistle is an elven dragon rider who finds herself living with the Avengers after helping with a mission. Loki tried taking over New York City, an...
The prince's new maid// Loki Laufeyson x Maid character COMPLETED by PricklePeach
The prince's new maid// Loki Laufe...by Eden Smith
Prince Loki and Prince Thor are to be assigned, new maids in the realm of Asgard. Loki is cold and harsh god of mischief but something piques his interest in his new ch...
The Trickster And The Hybrid // L. Laufeyson by TWolfG
The Trickster And The Hybrid // L...by Marvel_ous
WARNING: This story is cringy as hell so read at your own risk. ••• Everybody knew Bella was pregnant but not with twins. Meet Rosemarie Saga Cullen, twin to Renesmee C...
A Whole Bunch of Loki's by DarkHell616
A Whole Bunch of Loki'sby Hell
Here we have just a bunch of Loki's. Werewolf Loki's, Teen Loki's, Lokitty-Loki's and eventually even FrankenLoki's. Told in a variety of POV's, we have a collection of...
Nesting  (Loki X Rose) by ishimaruemi
Nesting (Loki X Rose)by ishimaruemi
Rose, an Omega surviver of HYDRA, travels to Asgard. Poisoned into an early heat, she doesn't have many options. Her extreme fear of doctors rules out the healers, and W...
Cat and mouse (part 1) by fangirl6523
Cat and mouse (part 1)by fangirl6523
"Just for a couple days, all you have to do is go in there and talk to him" Anna Briggs is a secretary for SHEILD, she's always wanted to be an agent but fury...
Loki fanfic- Sweet Damnation by TalesOfLoki
Loki fanfic- Sweet Damnationby TalesOfLoki
As the royal princess of Alfhiem, Elarinya was predicted to be the most powerful queen in her world. To rule with grace and chaos was the future chosen for her, but des...
By Name Only by Blueninjato1015
By Name Onlyby Ranbo Tenshi
A god in agony. A girl born from darkness. What do they have in common? Loki has believed that his own species were monsters for centuries. Always in the shadow of h...
Lies (A Loki/Avengers fanfiction) by Jadewritesastory
Lies (A Loki/Avengers fanfiction)by Jade
My whole life is a lie. Everything you know about me is trick; every story I tell is one of fiction. I will deceive you. And I will draw you into the fantasy that is my...
His New Beginning [MCU Loki] by Dawning_Despair
His New Beginning [MCU Loki]by Dawn Fyodorova
"A villain fights for what he doesn't have, but a hero fights for what he has left." *SPOILERS FOR THOR 2 and 3* Loki's imprisonment on Asgard has given him am...
Loki's Country Girl by KSeasong
Loki's Country Girlby KSeasong
You came to an equine school in upstate New York to learn more about horses. After you help out the Avengers they want to recruit you as their Mounted agent. You will be...
Avengers || Loki Laufeyson by Hufflepuff_lost2004
Avengers || Loki Laufeysonby Valkyrie
Alyssa Violet Nelson, daughter of Lia Halpert-Nelson and Dave Nelson joined the Avengers Initiative to help defeat The Mighty Thor's brother Loki, God Of Mischief Loki i...
Midnight in the garden of mischief & mayhem by gdudley
Midnight in the garden of mischief...by gdudley
Allyra's life is completely mundane, maybe even sub-par. Things change drastically one late evening while wandering through the garden when she meets someone who will al...
Clipped Wings (Avengers Fanfiction) by DayDreamerBookReader
Clipped Wings (Avengers Fanfiction)by DaydreamerBookreader
I do not own anything other than Katrina and some of the plot. All rights reserved to the proper owners. WARNING: Cuss words, violence, and strong emotions. ALL RIGHTS R...
Sweet Witch (Loki x OC) by Twixdoglover23
Sweet Witch (Loki x OC)by •Loki_n_Bucky•
Livana is a new Avenger, excited and nervous to join the team. However, before she can even introduce herself, all hell breaks loose in the tower when there's another su...
Wild Heart (Loki x reader) by KSeasong
Wild Heart (Loki x reader)by KSeasong
You are a shapeshifter who had been in the clutches of Hydra as long as you could remember. One day the Avengers attack the Hydra base you were at. You tried to escape b...