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Itim na libro ni DarkerInks
Itim na libroni DarkerInks
Sa mundong ating ginagalawan, naniniwala ka bang tao, hayop, halaman at kung ano pa mang nakikita ng isang ordinaryong mga mata ang tanging nabubuhay? Papaano kung may i...
Ogvavile High ni ShyVavile
Ogvavile Highni Julius Gray
To officially graduate from the venomous amenity of the competitive system. The majestic trio; Sky, Sofia and Stormy are on the track on completing their secondary educa...
Zombie Apocalypse - Bad Blood (On-going) ni Mark_Jay_13
Zombie Apocalypse - Bad Blood (On...ni Emjey
Hindi inaasahang pangyayari... Hindi ligtas ang lahat.... Manatili ka kayang ligtas at buhay sa ganitong sitwasyon?
The Missing Hands ni thisbtsfangirl
The Missing Handsni D
Mysterious. Thrilling. Bloody. Death. Crime. Culprit. Those are some of the words that describes Vivero College: The School for the Good. Since the day that it was found...
The Rise of The Huntress ni twysavannah
The Rise of The Huntressni Aicelle
Huntress Book Hey survivalist, how prepared are you to survive the zombie apocalypse? Living-dead. Don't worry, I got yah! There she is. The Rise of the Huntress
Horror story the artsit. ni khloewrights
Horror story the artsit.ni Khloe
PANGIL SA DILIM ni samurai_pen0611
Due to a tragic accident that happened when he was young, Ben is enslaved with his own destructive guilt, fear, and doubts. These caused him to live a fragile, low life...
Island Trip And Walking Deads ni Sheyniix
Island Trip And Walking Deadsni Lady S👑
Everyone is in peril. They only have two options: discover a way out or perish in the hands of the ravenous walking deads. _____ TITLE: Field trip and Walking Deads AUTH...
Arabella academy, a good and a prestigious academy, an academy that appears out of nowhere,in front of the eyes of the other people it may be a good academy, but there's...
"Kill Joy!" (Silhouette 1) ni bunshung
"Kill Joy!" (Silhouette 1)ni Nikko Mendoza
(Silhouette Series 1) "How can I be sorry if I don't know the crime?" Powerful families, batch of students, a secret section, and the girl who connects all of...
The mysterious University  ni Lived_in_pain
The mysterious University ni Lived_in_pain
Anong gagawin mo?sakaling napunta kayo ng mga kaibigan mo sa isang unibersidad na punong puno ng misteryo. Limang kabataan Ang naligaw sa unibersidad na ito, Isa na rito...
Love on Ghost (ON-GOING) ni _bbires
Love on Ghost (ON-GOING)ni IRES
Gabella's birth is cursed. Her death would mean a destruction, but her existence would mean a living hell. Dark spirits will never stop chasing after her until she's de...
FELOMINA ni Rhytious
FELOMINAni Rhy Rahim
"Tunghayan ang madugong pagtatapos nang isang siglong paghihintay." Nang mamatay ang nanay ni Kael ay napilitan s'yang bumalik sa lugar na matagal nang kinali...
Abounded City ni yourshdw
Abounded Cityni Ms.Sylvie
9 teenagers reported missing and could not be found by police and there are also says that they are in abounded city. What will happen to them in the abounded city? Can...
ONE SHOT STORIES (in tagalog) ni nikki_rhona
ONE SHOT STORIES (in tagalog)ni Nikkirhona Serolftabulga
magsusulat ako ng one shot stories at ito ay nauuna munang maisulat sa aking facebook account bago ko icopy paste at itransfer dito. kung kayo ay interesado, maaari lama...
Back from the Grave ni BitterNini
Back from the Graveni BubblePopper
Darienne, a grade 12 student with a special ability. She can feel, see, hear and talk to ghosts. She transfered to a school where there was a girl her age who committed...
Truth or Dare ni 1maMoon
Truth or Dareni Luna
Let me ask you a question.... Truth or Dare?