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E' colpa delle stelle by camillavaamare
E' colpa delle stelleby camillavaamare .
Damon Salvatore per vincere una scommessa con suo fratello fa innamorare Caroline di lui... la ragazza fa un incidente con l'auto, quindi mentre è ricoverata in ospedale...
  • boniebennett
  • vioenza
  • sovrannaturale
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Chasing || J.K by -LovedM
Chasing || J.Kby ☕
Seokjin is an exorcist by trade, anxious and antisocial by nature.When he takes on his latest job he seems to get more than he bargained for in the deceased Jungkook,a w...
  • fluff
  • horror
  • gay
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Phantom Chained by RThorsen
Phantom Chainedby Max Thorsen
Today marks the 90th anniversary of that evening when I got buried alive alongside that foul creature, thanks to whom I am now going insane from loneliness and being po...
  • ghost
  • horror
  • wattys2018
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Bloody  House by ILoveAkagi25
Bloody Houseby Kae
Well i was getting bored so I thought 2 write this Please read it *puppy eyes * 👀 If u r interested 😏
  • highschool
  • bloody
  • bl
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Catoptrophobia  by IAmNyctophobic
Catoptrophobia by IAmNyctophobic
Stacie Hawkins, a 15 year old young girl develops and extremely intense fear for mirrors. Her friends at school scare her with the "Mirror Man" story. Everyone...
  • darkness
  • ghosts
  • scary
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The Fallen Ones | Fairy Tail Fan Fiction  by XxKingKoaxX
The Fallen Ones | Fairy Tail Fan F...by Kingkoa
Written By: Kekoa Gordon In the beginning days of Fiore before the time of the dragons...there existed a tribe of people exiled from the world's civilization known as t...
  • horror-thriller
  • actionpacked
  • fantasy
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The Last Glance by KayeGloria_023
The Last Glanceby B L A C K
Makes Memories That Last A LIFETIME.......
  • fiction
  • horror
  • mystery
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Salt and Opium by AlexBrice
Salt and Opiumby Kan Varga
A collection of short bitter horror, thrilling, tragic stories.
  • stories
  • tragedy
  • short
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Lost in the purple Rain by Jo_hope
Lost in the purple Rainby Jo_hope
Marie from birth, has always been different. At a young age Marie as been abandoned and lost in the wilderness where a creature to creature have been taking care of her...
  • wild
  • josie
  • hope
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LICO 1: Rebeliousa [English] by poccoloco
LICO 1: Rebeliousa [English]by Zubzy
As D-Day approached I became a zombie , all distant stares and unresponsive grunts. *** Doomsday, no one knows when, or how it will happen. But for Erica, what she sees...
  • thriller
  • trend
  • trending
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The Pandora Box by gracemark11
The Pandora Boxby Grace Mark
This book is a collection of short stories, one shot, Letters, random thoughts and quotes. I book will try to bring you Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Humour, Horror and so on...
  • friendship
  • shortstories
  • tragedy
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Concorso Di Scrittura 2K19 by _Shottt
Concorso Di Scrittura 2K19by Giò 🍒
Avete voglia di farvi conoscere e di dimostrare a tutti il vostro talento? Beh, siete nel posto giusto! Questo è il primo concorso dell'anno e se avremmo successo, c'è n...
  • fanfiction
  • fantascienza
  • mistero
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The Land of the Rainbows Serpent by DirectorGaines
The Land of the Rainbows Serpentby Montie Gaines
Dark Jungles are echoed with times of ancients and beasts from before the don of man. One such beast is the Bereaved Knight, a large human shaped figure clad in heavy pl...
  • action
  • dark
  • fantasy
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Grandma's House by amyschmitty
Grandma's Houseby Amy Schmitt
Ten-year-old Teddy's great-grandma Rose is an enigma. She lives alone in her strange old house, hoards hundreds of newspapers, books and other odd treasures, stacks them...
  • cozy
  • dark
  • darkfantasy
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My "Inky" friend by ToastYeaToastYT
My "Inky" friendby ToastYeaToastYT
When all else fails for Anwar Qasim, he relies on his own self most of the time, but not when it comes to his dream jobs. He has been trying to become an author/webcomic...
  • secrets
  • demons
  • powers
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Kalag by boltu25
Kalagby boltu25
What is the one thing that you can't fogive in this lifetime? I mean, come on, be honest, hindi tayo Diyos para lahat ng kasalanan ng mga taong nagkasala sa atin eh kaya...
  • healing
  • ghost
  • horror
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Dark mind by Azusa6789
Dark mindby Azusa6789
"Whats your name?" My 15th therapist, Dr.Linda, asked me. "Juniper Thompson" "Second name?" "Kristen" "Age, darling?"...
  • lovable
  • suspense
  • notalovestory
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Paranoia by Zumotori
Paranoiaby Zumotori Makabe
A story about a boy who meet's a ghost
  • horror
  • paranormal
  • romance
Asuka and the Music Box by KylaGaming126
Asuka and the Music Boxby Kyla Gaming126
Looks just like the Mario and the Music Box (If you guys heard of it or saw the Pc game before). Asuka starts going to the mansion, as something wasn't right. After she...
  • senrankagura
  • yagyu
  • katsuragi
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Anathema *In editing* by delilahprincess
Anathema *In editing*by Selena
Are you afraid? Well, you should be. Because this isn't a fairytale, this is reality. Your reality. An time is running out. Tick tock. Are you ready to play? Too bad 'ca...
  • soul
  • horror
  • mates
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