Mysterious Huntress (DL x OC) by Dragon-Born-Princess
Mysterious Huntress (DL x OC)by Dragon-Born-Princess
What happens if Yui brought her older sister to live at the Sakamaki with her? She is a skilled huntress that kills supernaturals that doesn't belong to the human world...
  • mukamibrothers
  • sakamakibrothers
  • diaboliklovers
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Dustin's Horror Stories by DustinRoss
Dustin's Horror Storiesby DustinRoss
Hello horror fan! Are you tired of the average ghost under the white sheet? Had enough of the same serial killer stories that just run over and over? Congradu-motherfuck...
  • horror
  • spooky
  • creepy
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A series of SPOOKAY stories by Squidlolz
A series of SPOOKAY storiesby Squidlolz
This is another one of my weird works, but this time it's a series of spookay stories, inspired by Hooked chat stories, creepy pastas, and not intentionally some of your...
  • spookay
  • stop
  • seriously
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Retreat (live or die) by chandiaz2239
Retreat (live or die)by chandiaz2239
Sa school merong group of student at pa graduate na sila.. kaya exited na sila sa kanilang retreat.... pero di nila inaasahan ang mang yayare... isa itong horror story...
  • retreat
  • love
  • friends
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Something by -IAmTheWalrus-
Somethingby -IAmTheWalrus-
When Ringo purchases a ring from a local jewellery store, he doesn't realise that it's dark and mysterious past isn't just superstition. Soon, strange things start to ha...
  • georgeharrison
  • paulmccartney
  • sixties
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The Death Camp by NinaLiahLiz
The Death Campby NinaLiahLiz
You and your friend Piper go to this camp and meet some wonderful people .. but are they all what you think they are ..? Are you gonna be fine or are you gonna be standi...
  • campfire
  • murder
  • newstory
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Haunted Revenge  by adommybearforever
Haunted Revenge by adommybearforever
Thank you for loving me Addy ~Kitty POV~ You're so very special to me Kitty ~Addy POV~ Tommy White is very special because he was born with special powers called telekin...
  • friendships
  • adam
  • horror
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Creepy stories  by rubysepticgirl
Creepy stories by rubysepticgirl
I thought I'd make a book on a bunch of nightmares I've had scene as they are kinda cool and they might actually be real stories, i hope you enjoy and sorry if you don't...
  • thriller
  • gory
  • oneshots
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Haadsa Ya Haqeeqat (Daily Updates) by Uzma_Farheen
Haadsa Ya Haqeeqat (Daily Updates)by Uzma_Farheen
Kaun Jane Kya hai Haadsa aur Kya Hai Haqeeqat? Laut aate Hain wo bhi, jinhe kisi se ho beintehaa Mohabbat **DAILY UPDATES** Story Dedicated to @sonusravya
  • khushi
  • arnav
  • horror
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Les temnoty by KateinaLavikov
Les temnotyby KateinaLavikov
Pětadvaceti letá Haily se vydá na osudovou cestu svého života. Měla poslechnout Johna, který se ji snažil varovat, nebo vyřeší záhadu která se odehrává na místě zvaném...
  • mistery
  • darkness
  • scary
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