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~ | Only a Piece of Candy | ~ by _Aamon_123
~ | Only a Piece of Candy | ~by Akemi
What would you do if a stranger come up to you and offer you a candy? Would you deny it? Or would you accept it? This story will tell you the things that will happen if...
Astania Reviews by AstaniaCommunity
Astania Reviewsby Astania Community
This is a review shop dedicated to helping you improve your craft. Our reviewers are experienced, helpful, and ready to help you learn. They vary in the review services...
The haunted by Marcella367
The hauntedby Marcella367
All kicked out and left behind. What happens when they enter a place no one has ever escaped? What happens when all secrets leak? What happens when all dark memories are...
✧ TRANQUILLITY ✧ by dueXwriter
✧ TRANQUILLITY ✧by Dexy's due
I'll always bring us back....♥ . . . . . Highest rankings: # 2nd in -thriller # 19th in Romance thriller
HE'S NOT DEAD by Hi4954
HE'S NOT DEADby Hi4954
Because of the Dead Plague, the US state of Massachusetts gets split into two major cities, Plymouth and Apocalypse Pit. Dead walkers roam the streets and monsters are k...
ကျောင်း by Poehtain_2004
ကျောင်းby Poe Htain
လက်ဆော့တတ်တဲ့၊ စူးစမ်းတတ်တဲ့၊ မကြုံဖူးလို့မယုံကြည်သေးကြတဲ့ ကျောင်းသားတွေဟာ.........
Dreadful Valentine  by Natasha_Rana
Dreadful Valentine by Natasha Rana
Supernatural things started to happen in small town where girl name Dove Valentine meets two, the one who was Newly admission in her High school and the other stranger...
I See You by Mila_Wright
I See Youby Mila_Wright
i'm writing short horror stories currently while i'm finshing my first novel "Lily Rose return" it's available on Wattpad check it on my profile 💕 wait for mo...
Waiting For A Girl Like You  by Madmax_24
Waiting For A Girl Like You by Samantha 💗
Originally written on AO3 tells the story of Madison Mayfield. The Mayfield siblings have always stuck together,they lived a normal life until their mother got a divorce...
Sur. Game. To. Die by Rin_kasigawa
Sur. Game. To. Dieby Rin Kasigawa
There was a girl who was poor and her friend invite her in the game called SUR. GAME. TO. DIE there was 100 players play this one will survive, this game is survival. An...
ASVATHAMA  by cwiwwww
ASVATHAMA by e.clipwzee
PROLOG Kita hanya di ciptakan tuhan untuk saling melengkapi satu dengan yang lain. Kita manusia,manusia yang memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangan. Akan tetapi,waktu seakan...
THE AFTERHOUR by QuintonN123
The Man woke up and found himself in an empty void. "Where am I?" - He thought to himself - "Who am I?" . He will soon realize the empty torturous Vo...
Nightmare Soup by JASON4VOORHEES2
Nightmare Soupby JASON RYAN QUALLS
Tales That Will Turn Your Stomach
මයුර නිම්න🦚🦚💐(YIZHAN )by ජොබී 🖤
කැලෙ ඇතුලෙම පරවෙනවා බන් හුගක් මල් ජාති.....!
Twilight Escape  by Andymy1gamer
Twilight Escape by Andrew Gamer GL
Taking Place before Twilight left Canterlot to Ponyville to meet her eventual friends, Twilight got a Special Present from her Teacher and Mentor, Princess Celestia, whi...
me and you  by niluhuss
me and you by nilu huss
#horror #love #teen
Agatha by Aericeis_on_air
Agathaby Aerice riel
Hindi ako ang may kasalanan, wala sa dugo ko ang magnanakaw -Agatha "Pero nasa dugo mo ang pagiging madugong tao"
Game of Survival by MrXSoulDark
Game of Survivalby MrXSoulDark
In a bleak and desolate future, the world had fallen into chaos. A devastating zombie apocalypse had swept across the globe, leaving few survivors in its wake. Among the...