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The cabin by Lynn59122
The cabinby Lynn59122
A little girls sister was doing u goes to a cabin to bring back her sister with a ritual will she survive? Idk btw I'm new
Truth or dare by cookiecake_6mix
Truth or dareby YummyCookieUwU
Ruth and a group of teenagers decide to go play truth or dare in an abandoned mansion in the woods, but her friends start to disappear one by one. She figures out they w...
i have endured. [the story of nobody at all] by authenticfatigue
i have endured. [the story of nobo...by hurtperson.
this is the truth. read on if you want to know how it really is sometimes. this is just my story, told from my own perspective. [deals with mature themes, reader discre...
Obsession (Maplewood Mystery #1) by nikizzzheng
Obsession (Maplewood Mystery #1)by Niki Zheng
Six friends have a mysterious stalker who is hell bent on breaking them apart. *** *This is a 2 book series. Go check out Compulsion!* All rights reserved©️ 2020
Mysterious Roleplay Book by FatherSweetArt
Mysterious Roleplay Bookby SAWYER
Hello my dear friends! You must be confused to why I have two roleplay books. One of them is for my ocs that live in the same universe the other is for ocs who don't bel...
The Newcomers by TheOtherKitty
The Newcomersby TheOtherKitty
A set of people have arrived in a small farming town in different ways and all have to now deal with what very well may be their own personal hell.
The Perfect Birthday by KaryssaTheWriter
The Perfect Birthdayby Ary Sharp
It's Chelsea's seventeenth birthday. All her friends were throwing a party for her, giving Chelsea a big surprise. Westen, her boyfriend, had hoped to make her as happy...
Sinful City  by _-Nift-_
Sinful City by !Nift Time!
❌ Read this Please!❌ This Story can contain: Mention of @buse can talk about Gore\Blood Can talk about some 16+ Stuff //////////////////////////////// If you have any i...
Barefoot by OH_I_AM_HURT
Barefootby OH_I_AM_HURT
Thinking of a crow what do it remind you. Black? It just gives me a sensation of a keeper. Have you ever heard that crow has keeper eyes? Here goes same to this story...
Winter's Mourn by -smookie-
Winter's Mournby 𝒸𝒶𝓉.💕
"I have proved time and time again that impossibilities do not exist. Everything is possible." There are things in the world that mortals are not meant...
𝓑𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓭 by H3ap_M3ch4n151m
𝓑𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓭by Nicholeplayzr1
Today is my 13th birthday! But every day, I see a tall man with white hair wearing a blindfold... BUT! TODAY I AM CONFIDENT IT WILL BE A GOOD DAY! Or... will it..?
Q&A With Fazbear Frights Books Characters. by KawaiiCookie1234
Q&A With Fazbear Frights Books Cha...by KawaiiCookie1234
You can ask the Fazbear frights books characters anything you want, hope you enjoy this.
Unforeseeable Carnage | BNHA x Male OC by AethenTales
Unforeseeable Carnage | BNHA x Mal...by AethenuTanro
Someone who was meant to be seen as non ordinary. A person who isn't one to reveal many things about themselves due to having minimal trust in others. One who would do a...
The Quest for the Antidote  by Frenchbean7788
The Quest for the Antidote by Bean from Space
A story about a bunch of highschool kids ending a zombie apocalypse
A Paranoid Teenager's Guide to Killing Demons And Running Away From Home by kingofcarr0tflowers
A Paranoid Teenager's Guide to Kil...by eddie dóttir
Dahlia-Fleur has always had a strange relationship with the paranormal and unknown. After desperately trying to contact her long-deceased father in Paris, Dahlia is rush...
A Wise Person Doesn't Try (Soon...) by angeljuxe
A Wise Person Doesn't Try (Soon...)by Angel Juxe
In requirement to reconcile the word 'crime' and 'justice' in Wilhelm's National High School, a metaphysical male student namely Markson brought about an agenda to divul...
Debut (A bts horror story) by Jinsupremacyyyy
Debut (A bts horror story)by Nezzera😩
It's June 15, 2013, 2 days after the kpop group bts debuted, and they decided to go on a trip as a celebration of their accomplishment to a huge cabin somewhere in Japan...
Butterfly Stories by Just_A_Hollyleaf_Fan
Butterfly Storiesby Ivyleaf
Really stupid stories about butterflies my friend and I made up. All of them result in the butterfly's death, so turn back if you don't wanna read that. But trust me, th...
A Sweet Cherry But A Psychotic Monster by ShadowA325
A Sweet Cherry But A Psychotic Mon...by Tara Wild
She had it all. Her personal hell which was her tower, a badass attitude, rich? So... What could have caused a good girl like her to be so over obsessed with her 'toys...