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Hannigram oneshots!! by MangledCheese
Hannigram oneshots!!by Caspy !!
just some silly short stories that i come up with about two gay cannibals... cover art is by Rottensu !!
LongBow ~ LGBT (Historical-Romance-Fantasy) by chattanookee
LongBow ~ LGBT (Historical-Romance...by chattanookee
While being a counselor, Daniel encounters an unruly client and the violent incident sends his life and self-reflection reeling into the arms of a fellow counselor and u...
It's a Secret by lovble
It's a Secretby lovable ❀
a boyxboy story about two masculine boys; one in which must face the challenge of coming out. its a sexy lil story ;)
2 birds with one stone by TastyCrustySocks
2 birds with one stoneby TastyCrustySocks
an erotic and sensational story about a tale as old as time, a love triangle!
Dude, I love you by xExpressionx
Dude, I love youby Christopher
"The prequel to all Jack and Jack Fanfictions." Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky have been best friends since kindergarten, but when high school started they sta...
Pilot by DarkGods69
Pilotby Cultayne Abhvishek
The year is 1948, 2 years after the end of World War II. 3 Star LT. General, Avery Laurent Clyde, is in charge of a new secret flight project and is tasked with selectin...
Fairy Tail Theme Songs by DemonCat4Life
Fairy Tail Theme Songsby Demon Cat
Here are the songs that perfectly fit the characters, please enjoy!!!
Evan Hansen's Clone (Unfinished) by Clonescestonly42
Evan Hansen's Clone (Unfinished)by Clonescestonly42
Evan Hansen wakes up after a bad day of school to discover a clone! Feeling lonely his entire life, Evan tries to grow close with himself. [Contains romantic acts many p...
All Hunt and No Love | Petopher | Soulmates by Kirah69
All Hunt and No Love | Petopher |...by Kirah69♂
Teen Wolf: Petopher | The Argents have never trusted soulmates. When their children got their mark at age fourteen, they were forced to cover it. It was the parents who...
The Ghost In You - BoyXBoy by Rickymontaratm
The Ghost In You - BoyXBoyby Ricky Montara
Zero is a medium, living in an old manor house built in the Victorian era outside of London. Upon entering into a music shop with his friends and roommates, Chris and Sa...
a rebel carries no name by nymphtune
a rebel carries no nameby the cryptid
a story of rebels and struggle, loosely set in India around the time of British Raj. two unnamed boys and the story of them. read on, for names only bind you to presumpt...
Correspondence (Gay) (Maze Runner - Minewt) by Lygophilia
Correspondence (Gay) (Maze Runner...by Abigail Baozi
After Alby's death, Newt is devastated. Devastated because he could do nothing to save him from the Grievers, devastated because he can never confess the feeling that fl...
Shinji in the Flesh Pit (Not Clickbait) by DaddyTops
Shinji in the Flesh Pit (Not Click...by DaddyTops
Shinji, alone, confused and purposeless finds himself at the famous Mystery Flesh Pit National Park. Among giant bugs, and dark, surreal landscapes, Shinji discovers an...
DONT BE STUPID by sweaterkid
DONT BE STUPIDby Slippery Alien
A Trikey fanfiction that holds love, passion, hate, violence, and old dudes doing sexual things.
Hawks X reader  by ImXouya
Hawks X reader by C
This is a brief overview of some things I wanna mention :) One, this story is more or less sfw. There is some explicit jokes and some homoerotic stuff LMFAO.💀 But if th...
Only You by burbs-rnt-real
Only Youby Yes
A homoerotic tale of highschoolers in the climax of their life! Witness the raw love, friction, and turmoil throughout this emotionally twisting ride. Follow the main ch...
Drugs and Dominoes by EltonFunkerson
Drugs and Dominoesby Elton Funkerson
The strange adventures of a group of degenerates living in a world full of drugs and bad writing.
Wonderland  by wonnderlannd
Wonderland by Carl Flor
Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron: what really happened between them? Find it out in this not-too-unreal fanfiction.
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Wish i was a book. (Short story) by hecravesbooks
Wish i was a book. (Short story)by dilfs' obssesed
~ Fanfic Alternative Universe about the ship Itharion from Crescent City By Sarah J Maas. ~ Ithan is an attractive but lonely and shy librarian, Tharion a popular profe...
DESTEIL by winchesdurr
DESTEILby Winchesdurr
The Homoerotic Short Series by Winchesdurr Apologies for any misspellings!