FierroChase oneshots by DesguisedElm8
FierroChase oneshotsby Julian
It's Magnus Chase and Alex Fierro. Alex is a girl in most of these, but either gender would work. It's up to your imagination. There will be some Blitzstone. Requests ar...
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FierroChase Oneshots! by FierroChaseKisses
FierroChase Oneshots!by Fierro Chase
These are Alex and Magnus one shots! (Some BlitzStone here and there.) Includes the following... AUs (Alternate Universe) Angst Fluff Etc... ** All characters belongs to...
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???Why??? FierroChase AU FanFic by Dream_1928
???Why??? FierroChase AU FanFicby Dream_1928
Magnus doesn't know what is missing in his life. Then Alex Fierro moves in next door. With all of his/her pink and green Magnus finds out that he is missing her. I...
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Blitzstone one shots!!! by lolpewdsdiecry
Blitzstone one shots!!!by lolpewdsdiecry
I'm trash, I apologize for my horrible writing
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f a m i l i a r i t y. - [fierrochase] by chasefierro
f a m i l i a r i t y. - [fierroch...by 🌻
once upon a time, alex almost hit magnus in the face with a mug of steaming hot coffee. fierrochase // neighbors au
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Searching For Purpose-Blitzstone by vera-gemini
Searching For Purpose-Blitzstoneby °«Vera Gemini»°
Hearthstone never thought that his father would put a bounty on his head for running away. He also never imagined that he would get cake thrown at his head by an angry d...
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Percy Jackson/Magnus Chase/The Heroes of Olympus/The Kane Chronicles Imagines by nelujjhh
Percy Jackson/Magnus Chase/The Her...by han
Long title, I know. Anyways, as you can probably see this (hopefully) wonderful book will hold as many imagines as I can possibly write about characters we all love to d...
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Ask Magnus Chase and Friends by MessyTheAuthor
Ask Magnus Chase and Friendsby messy
Hi, I'm Magnus. My friends and I answer some questions for you guys. Have fun reading about us doing and saying things against our will. For those of you fangirls wond...
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BLITZSTONE ONESHOTS (on hiatus :/ by milohicanwrite
BLITZSTONE ONESHOTS (on hiatus :/by milooooooo <3
!!!!! ON HIATUS !!!!! Blitzstone. If you don't ship these babies, please don't read because this IS ALL ABOUT THESE BABIES. I sinned in a later one-shot, so yeah beware...
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Magnus Chase ; Momentos by --Jud--
Magnus Chase ; Momentosby (´・ﻌ・`)
Recopilación de curiosidades, datos, chistes, memes, fan art, espacio para desahogarnos y llorar mientras el tío Rick nos hace gritar de alegría y dolor con cada nuevo l...
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Fierrochase short stories by spartan96219
Fierrochase short storiesby Spartan96219
Magnus is kinda used to running around doing jobs to prevent Ragnarok by now. I mean, It's clearly a full-time job for the floor 19 gang by now. No big deal right? Well...
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Lost Without You (A Blitzstone Fanfic) by ThatFangirlingCat
Lost Without You (A Blitzstone Fan...by MacAttack
In this book, you will see the development of both main characters from a young age and see them grow to be older. Hearth, deaf and scared, is conditioned to hate himse...
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Mortals Meet: Magnus Chase by AverageFangirl523
Mortals Meet: Magnus Chaseby AverageFangirl523
Art Credit: cookiecreation on Tumblr, solbabydraws on Tumblr and stektrum on Tumblr So, have you heard of those stories about mortals or demigods (unknown to them someti...
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An Empty Cup  by Tanith1234
An Empty Cup by Tanith1234
Hearthstone had always reminded himself to never let himself get too attached to anyone or to anything. Being an empty cup so that he could master magic came first. He w...
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Magnus Chase-Short Stories and One Shots by WritingInTheory
Magnus Chase-Short Stories and One...by Writing in Theory
Read the title. Open to mediocre and good suggestions. Some of the short stories may have up to 5 parts.
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Jason Grace and The Land of Fire and Ice (Magnus Chase x HoO Crossover) by sthxngg
Jason Grace and The Land of Fire a...by ah cool
As I felt the stab in my back, I first thought of maybe having a shot a rebirth, or at least make Elysium. Well, the fates and a certain mouthy Valkyrie who's obsessed...
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• blitzstone one-shots • by residentbicon
• blitzstone one-shots •by ✿ diagnosed w the big gay ✿
a book of one shots dedicated to your favorite fashion nova bad bitch of a dwarf and his pinball-wizard (and actual wizard) elf husband. requests are open. highest ranki...
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Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard || The Ship of the Dead  by wiltedviolets
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgar...by you are art
DISCLAIMER: I in no way own the Magnus Chase series or characters, nor do I own this book title. All characters belong to Rick Riordan. PLOT SUMMARY: Loki is free, and...
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Isabella, Tartarus survivor by AlayaJenkins
Isabella, Tartarus survivorby AlayaJenkins
Isabella has been trapped in Tartarus for 71 years. Even she doesn't know how she managed to survive. When she meets two people, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, ther...
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Fierrochase - after the Ship Of The Dead by julietpmusic
Fierrochase - after the Ship Of Th...by julietpmusic
Hey guys! This is your usually love story, featuring Magnus Chase and Alex Fierro! This is after the Ship Of The Dead. Read to find about more ;) Disclaimer: I don't ma...
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