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QADR- by _fatima__h
QADR-by Ummul~khair🍯
Huda, A Young Neurosurgeon gets married to a Soldier named Marwan. Ups and Downs gets in their way, Obstacles of Life, Qadr, Both Good and Bad. Will they get through it...
The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha Kingby It's a secret
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
Things Happen For a Reason (One Direction, Niall Horan) by Blink180Luke
Things Happen For a Reason (One Di...by Blink180Luke
A trip to London is the experience of a lifetime for Sarah and her friends Haley and Kendall. They knew with all of the site seeing, great food, hot british boys, and no...
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Things Happen | ✓ by Corabellina
Things Happen | ✓by ❀ɕora❀
The last place Kendall Hanks thinks she will end up is in a foster home. Let alone with the filthy-rich Mason's as her foster family. As an orphan, life has always been...
Something to Cool Could Happen: A Tom Holland Love Story  by ThereforeIHaveValue
Something to Cool Could Happen: A...by ThereforeIHaveValue
When vacation plans go awry, Tom, Harrison and Jacob find themselves in a remote location. Instead of getting back on the flight to paradise, they decide to go on a spon...
Start Of Something Beautiful -Ed Sheeran Fan Fic- by teen_nerd
Start Of Something Beautiful -Ed S...by teen__nerd
Ed Sheeran. The Ginger Jesus. This is the story of how we fell in love. Enjoy.
The Story No One Asked For  by filizshaikh7
The Story No One Asked For by filiz💫
Zoya Khan the lead of this story. She is having a dreadfull past and trying to cope up with .. fighting her own battles alone no rays of hope left in her life .. but wha...
Anything Could Happen by ReadySetRock_xxx
Anything Could Happenby ReadySetRock_xxx
Ross and Stevie have been best friends ever since they can remember, they know everything about each other...well everything apart from the fact that Stevie is in love w...
Short (Dark) Stories by DarkSpector
Short (Dark) Storiesby Dark
Horror, saddening, strange, abnormal, comedic, you name it. I'll do one! (This is basically another creative trash heap of my horrible ideas)
Vampire academy: Roses secret. by ReadytoWrite
Vampire academy: Roses secret.by ReadytoWrite
Rose has ran away from St.vladimer What happens 14 years later when she bumps into Lissa and Dimitri? Will all her secret's unfold, or will she die trying?
Illusion of Time: History Rewritten by PennNamedQuill
Illusion of Time: History Rewrittenby JustAWriter
How does an unknown, amateur, physics and history major, dropped in heart of Montgomery By studies, almost out of college, become the center of space time crisis? Well...
The Iron Giant 2 by ecgyannet
The Iron Giant 2by ecgyannet
Will Hogarth his friends and family find out in this story.
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Switched by Nightwing_b01_
Switchedby Fandomsunite.___
What would happen if all the young justice members switched powers?
angels roost  by axlejet
angels roost by axle jet
This is a story about a girl who...... well just find out .
Paired together (  froppy X Deku story ) ( Maybe Lemon??? ) by KellyMcAllister1
Paired together ( froppy X Deku s...by Kelly McAllister
this story is about froppy and Deku got paired up for a projects that will take a whole semester to finish but both realizing that they had much more in common and simi...
Writing Tips For Everybody by FLAVAK
Writing Tips For Everybodyby Liz, Frankie, Vaishy, Konny...
6 WRITING TIPS to help you write or start a story during writers block or simply starting a new one must read~! Don't be a silent read~!
One little secret by WeAreTheCure
One little secretby Nymphadora
Three girls, One Little Secret. Devon, Ainsley, and Caleb are three normal girls. Or that's what people think. They all share a dirty little secret. They play a nasty...
Poetry Slam Worthy by KaityElisa
Poetry Slam Worthyby Kaity Elisa
From pain, to empowerment to happiness to cruel valentines to broken hearts to suicide and back to encouragement and contentment, take a walk with me as I write these po...
Nomanda  by Hd1546
Nomanda by Hd1546
In This Story Amanda And Noah Meet For The First Time And Things Get A Little Weird!!
Im bored :] by Angel2751
Im bored :]by Angel2751
Sip tea and live the life :D