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Things Happen | ✓ by Corabellina
Things Happen | ✓by ❀ɕora❀
The last place Kendall Hanks thinks she will end up is in a foster home. Let alone with the filthy-rich Mason's as her foster family. As an orphan, life has always been...
  • happen
  • drama
  • tbeawards
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*A Match* by ilost_thekid
*A Match*by 『lilly』
What will happen when Sophie and her friends get their matchmaking scrolls, and will their parents approve? Oh and not to mention that they're playing a ruthless game of...
  • wattys2019
  • sophitz
  • whoknows
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Start Of Something Beautiful -Ed Sheeran Fan Fic- by teen_nerd
Start Of Something Beautiful -Ed S...by teen__nerd
Ed Sheeran. The Ginger Jesus. This is the story of how we fell in love. Enjoy.
  • could
  • guitar
  • sheeran
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The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha Kingby It's a secret
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
  • mates
  • date
  • friends
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pregnant with Hayes Grier. (completed) by Livnikolee
pregnant with Hayes Grier. (comple...by Nicoleee
Liv and Hayes have been bestfriends since they were in pre-k. Liv moves to North Carolina and hangs out with her long lost best friend but some things get steamy, will t...
  • jade
  • omg
  • gonna
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Writing Tips For Everybody by FLAVAK
Writing Tips For Everybodyby Liz, Frankie, Vaishy, Konny...
6 WRITING TIPS to help you write or start a story during writers block or simply starting a new one must read~! Don't be a silent read~!
  • write
  • new
  • begin
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Wits academy & Every Witch Way  (fan fiction) season #2  by watsen22
Wits academy & Every Witch Way (f...by watsen22
What will happen to Luke and Andi after they kiss? Will they be a couple? #Landi? Read the story to find out!!!:)And the Every Witch Way crew will join Wits Academy!!! #...
  • everywitchway
  • happen
  • witsacademy
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Nalu Lemon by ItzwafflesYt
Nalu Lemonby XxIts Waffles
Natsu and Lucy are the bestest of friends but after that night things change..
  • next
  • happen
  • heck
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Switched by Nightwing_b01_
Switchedby Fandomsunite.___
What would happen if all the young justice members switched powers?
  • league
  • young
  • powers
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Poetry Slam Worthy by KaityElisa
Poetry Slam Worthyby Kaity Elisa
From pain, to empowerment to happiness to cruel valentines to broken hearts to suicide and back to encouragement and contentment, take a walk with me as I write these po...
  • enough
  • want
  • woman
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Assume by haiglopez71
Assumeby haiglopez71
His heaven sixth dominion he itself evening can't one divided. Yielding signs meat forth form fowl gathered wherein darkness, gathered. Behold earth night day, he our...
  • öf
  • pm
  • happen
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goddess - poetry by irrelevantlucy
goddess - poetryby lucy
i pour out feelings that were unknown to me (i may seem sad but it's all apart of the package) - keep being you, you r great -
  • god
  • goddess
  • poem
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Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hearts by taylorinwonderland
Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hea...by Taylor
A young teenager gets peer-pressured into doing drugs, drinking alcohol, going to parties, and sneaking out.
  • sad
  • big
  • horrible
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Vampire academy: Roses secret. by ReadytoWrite
Vampire academy: Roses secret.by ReadytoWrite
Rose has ran away from St.vladimer What happens 14 years later when she bumps into Lissa and Dimitri? Will all her secret's unfold, or will she die trying?
  • version
  • spin
  • off
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My Verson of what will happen After the Honeymoon (BELLA AND EDWARD) by nellabella95
My Verson of what will happen Afte...by nellabella95
This is what i think would hppen on bella and edwards honeymoon.
  • story
  • think
  • edward
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Things Happen For a Reason (One Direction, Niall Horan) by Blink180Luke
Things Happen For a Reason (One Di...by Blink180Luke
A trip to London is the experience of a lifetime for Sarah and her friends Haley and Kendall. They knew with all of the site seeing, great food, hot british boys, and no...
  • lesson
  • peazer
  • liam
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Baby skeleton (sans x baby reader)  by madisonadison2
Baby skeleton (sans x baby reader) by Madison
U were abandoned by your mother u were not nomal u had something that starts with a p then u were adopted by a skeleton that's when it all begins
  • undertale
  • happy
  • things
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My Desired Curly Hair XBREXANAX by XBREXANAX
My Desired Curly Hair Growth.
  • long
  • growth
  • challenges
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Selena Gomez and justin Bieber fan fiction : Jelena/justlena by mallory92101
Selena Gomez and justin Bieber fan...by Anonymous
The famous Selena gomez that is getting marred to justin. Selena is with justin bieber they been dating for years 10 ( k- 10 grade) everyone been trying to break them...
  • hate
  • what
  • happen
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Network by sawtelletorske37
Networkby sawtelletorske37
Give saw dominion. Waters male. Darkness. Thing days likeness. Seasons itself first isn't gathering. Moving said in meat. Beginning abundantly set above creepeth place...
  • social
  • lót
  • building
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