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my Eddsworld comics!  by JasmineEwing1234
my Eddsworld comics! by Just Some Crazy Kid
its just some comics i did. mostly tomxedd (tomedd) with tordxedd (tordedd) every once in a while. but yeah! i may make an Eddsworld story sometime in the future but...
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RANDOM QUESTIONS by itzsuruxox
idk I was just bored and I thought I could learn and everyone can learn more about each other. I'll also put my answers as well.
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The Opinionated Season [s/mb #2] by AprilfortheWyn
The Opinionated Season [s/mb #2]by 『wyn』
this book is more of a mess than our country
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Twin Star Exorcists One-Shots by Chrissie_Vampire
Twin Star Exorcists One-Shotsby Chrissie_Vampire
Yup! It's a One-Shot book about twin star exorcists!!! You can have your own request! Just comment down at the request page! I'll be very happy in doing it! ^o^ ^ω^ ^...
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SCP 001- 099 by The-Insane-Rose
SCP 001- 099by Rose
Secure contain protect
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[. . .] X Reader by ritzzrose
[. . .] X Readerby gay and tired
This is going to be a collection (another one? you ask. Yes another one I answer) of various character X reader stories. Give me someone from anywhere, and, if I happen...
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Book of Randomness by Chrissie_Vampire
Book of Randomnessby Chrissie_Vampire
Okay. So, here's my book of randomness... And... (This is so awkward... *groans*) ANYWAY ENJOY!!! Surprisingly, the pic is not mine... (have my covers ever been mine? I...
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bunboi by hyungogh
bunboiby tired
a place of vkook heaven
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Fluffy's Mobile Legends Fanfictions!! by fluffykitten231
Fluffy's Mobile Legends KinderPlatypus231
Tis a piece of my imagination turned into literature. this is my first book lol idek that i want to write a book ??? DISCLAIMER!!!!!: i do not own any characters in the...
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Knowing Facts (about ME) by Belfchan
Knowing Facts (about ME)by Erinnica - chiii
walang may pake kaya wag niypng basahin hahahahahah
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Forever & Always {~Art book 2~} by WingsofFandoms_
Forever & Always {~Art book 2~}by (Not) Back at it again ;0 (((...
I screwed up the title, but whatever. Prepare yourself for the next book in my series of trash art.
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✏✏✏-tired.//(personal)  by -sowftcuddles
✏✏✏-tired.//(personal) by ☾☆ YUGAUX ☆☽
book about me, and only me
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SomethingelseYT X Reader (Possibly Will Be a Lemon) by FlyMe2TheMoon_
SomethingelseYT X Reader ( FlyMe2TheMoon
I know what your here for you naive little bagel bites ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (ya sinners)
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Mini Book On Me 2.3 by The-Changeling
Mini Book On Me 2.3by Jackie
If anyone gets the title reference I love you. Anyhow welcome to number dos of my Mini Books or random crap!
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Edző Tábor  ((Kuroo Tetsurō x Reader)) by Aoi-Boi
Edző Tábor ((Kuroo Tetsurō x bi-coded
Sry I had to Amúgy ilyenkor annyira nem tudom mit írjak ide Valami cringe szöveget hogy "Szereted vagy nem?" Ok megy ez Drámázzunk akkor kuRO TETSU SOSE TALÁL...
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OC Roleplay Book(reboot) by violetstar246
OC Roleplay Book(reboot)by Fandom Idiot
I wasn't satisfied, so here you go! For any level. I will RP in any way. Everyone is welcome.
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Slender Man Smut by fandom_creep
Slender Man Smutby fandom_creep
Fluff sexual stuff and screams gore screams and love, Bad grammer.
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Lady's Art Book by Lady_midnight_writer
Lady's Art Bookby Yu can go HIATUS
Edit: now its random art, smh All of these are just Yandere Simulator drawings ヽ('ー`)┌ I take requests, no need to be shy I'll draw your yandere simulator oc by her/him...
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H2OVanoss Shorts by cosmic-kyo
H2OVanoss Shortsby 💫
My OneShot book is full of these idiots... I needed a whole new book for them. There will be one shots and probs alot o fangirling. Yep.
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