SomethingelseYT X Reader by FlyMe2TheMoon_
SomethingelseYT X Readerby FlyMe2TheMoon
I know what your here for you naive little bagel bites ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (ya sinners)
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Twin Star Exorcists One-Shots by Chrissie_Vampire
Twin Star Exorcists One-Shotsby Chrissie_Vampire
Yup! It's a One-Shot book about twin star exorcists!!! You can have your own request! Just comment down at the request page! I'll be very happy in doing it! ^o^ ^ω^ ^...
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Slender Man Smut by fandom_creep
Slender Man Smutby fandom_creep
Fluff sexual stuff and screams gore screams and love, Bad grammer.
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[. . .] X Reader by ritzzrose
[. . .] X Readerby gay and tired
This is going to be a collection (another one? you ask. Yes another one I answer) of various character X reader stories. Give me someone from anywhere, and, if I happen...
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my Eddsworld comics!  by JasmineEwing1234
my Eddsworld comics! by Just Some Crazy Kid
its just some comics i did. mostly tomxedd (tomedd) with tordxedd (tordedd) every once in a while. but yeah! i may make an Eddsworld story sometime in the future but...
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what would you do if... by escapella
what would you do SPOOK OR GET SPOOKED
How would you react in these situations?
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H2OVanoss Shorts by cosmic-kyo
H2OVanoss Shortsby 💫
My OneShot book is full of these idiots... I needed a whole new book for them. There will be one shots and probs alot o fangirling. Yep.
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bunboi by hyungogh
bunboiby Mr Stark™️
a place of vkook heaven
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FAREWELL - ICONS  by -peggyscarter
A bunch of icons and such!
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Sans x Reader Oneshots by AlicornDrawings
Sans x Reader Oneshotsby SleepyTornado
REQUESTS ARE OPEN! my writings not the best but ill try please no inappropriate things(like lemons....) im not really capable of doing underlust so please no (im not goo...
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SCP 001- 099 by The-Insane-Rose
SCP 001- 099by Rose
Secure contain protect
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Book of Randomness II by Chrissie_Vampire
Book of Randomness IIby Chrissie_Vampire
Sate~ Are you surprised I made a book 2? *chuckles* Don't be ^^ Anyway, still the same XP A world full of trash from my idiotic self---*gets slapped* Okie okie XDDDD (๑...
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I Will Adore You Always by Lovelyboy268134
I Will Adore You Alwaysby Lovelyboy268134
Aizawa and Yagi known each other for a long time. Yagi had always had odd feelings and Aizawa was blind to the signs. Aizawa also was cold never respected Yagi. Yet Yag...
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Here Comes A Thought• Florence's Misc• by -DeathInATarotCard-
Here Comes A Thought• Florence's Beth and Florence
🌿hi🌿 I'm florence. A socially anxious hufflepuff , I write crappy poems, I have an unhealthy obsession with bbc Merlin and am,quite frankly, trying to turn my shit ar...
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Try me world! by SarahLIKESstuff
Try me world!by SarahLIKESstuff
Lacey Williams has a good life until her brother comes to town after he made a big mistake.Her whole life changes the week before he comes home.After she survives her br...
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When Love Calls (Blossick AU) by Hanzo1002
When Love Calls (Blossick AU)by Hanzo Jack
After Dexter leaving Blossom for some other girl., Blossom is heart broken. But that all changes when a red headed hat lover surprises her.
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Tagged!!! by CaeliaVesta
Tagged!!!by Zoë Nightshade
I was tagged, so I'm following the instructions set!!! Enjoy!!!
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🔯 F͓̽a̸c̸e̸ R͓̽e̸v̸e̸a̸l̸ 🔯 by Izzyiplier
🔯 F͓̽a̸c̸e̸ R͓̽e̸v̸e̸a̸l̸ 🔯by Fuck Me Plz
M͓̽y̸ F͓̽u̸c̸k̸i̸n̸g̸ F͓̽a̸c̸e̸ 😂
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Violet (Graphic Portfolio)  by -peggyscarter
Violet (Graphic Portfolio) by — Ally!
VIOLET | in which is share ugly graphics that I make! Cover made by @purgedsouls
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Winter Storms ( Fronnie ) by Shayhosucwab
Winter Storms ( Fronnie )by Microwavee
Winter can be extreme. Scary. Dark. But, most of all, cold. Cold can be lonely. It doesn't hug you, like warmth. Yet, it doesn't sting you, like heat. It can be good, at...
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