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Chasing Pearls by Le_Muslim_MAN
Chasing Pearlsby Abdullah
Good things come to those who wait, but what of those who choose to chase fate? Might all good efforts go to waste, for those who pursue their goals in haste? Ahmad Abdu...
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On Her Voice by lamisadib
On Her Voiceby lamisadib
A tragic short story.
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Rainbow Sorbet  Rainbow Hijabs by fattoommah
Rainbow Sorbet Rainbow Hijabsby Fatoom Fiction
Mariam is a positive and social Palestinian- American teenager who always radiates good vibes. She is active in her school and the Muslim community. However, her life is...
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About That Arab Life by TheFangirlsProphecy
About That Arab Lifeby Smile It's Sunnah
So you're an arab?!? Perfect! Join me in ArabLand where umm... Arabs exist ofcourse. Badhak. Just grab your bizr, your tea, your shibishib incase you feel the need to h...
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Jew men and Muslim woman ?: would that be possible ? by SebastianGonzalezCor
Jew men and Muslim woman ?: Sebastian Gonzalez Cortes
Met Asher he's a Jew soldier, he's the best shayetet 13 of the whole country and he was awarded because he has win lots of Palestinian towns to Israel but his life will...
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We shall not stop dancing by AngelaBertz
We shall not stop dancingby Angela Bertz
In September 2000 events in Israel had a big effect on my life. For the next few years Israel was targeted by scores of Palestinian suicide bombers who detonated deadly...
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Killed By a Zionist by HorridAngel
Killed By a Zionistby N
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Rise until lamps become lions by Sally_Ay
Rise until lamps become lionsby Sally_Ay
Based on a true story. Palestinian story. Short story. Growing up, Layla seems like a typical girl. Little do people know, her past is a painful memory..
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Freedom Days by ladynanna
Freedom Daysby Fatina <3
" War can't kill love . Love can kill war ."- Helene Lagerberg . 1937 , Jerusalem - Palestine . Two hearts were bound together. One 10 years before the other...
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Existing Under Occupation by likeanoverdose_old
Existing Under Occupationby likeanoverdose_old
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Grave News by selsha3
Grave Newsby selsha3
Grave News depicts a Palestinian-American family witnessing the war in Gaza through the news. The family struggles to cope with fear, worry, and horror as they watch the...
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A Taste of Dialogue by HHBauthor
A Taste of Dialogueby Hana H.
Based on true events. Imagine life as it could be; with peace amongst those whom loathe each other most. Or not exactly peace, but more of acceptance and understanding...
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Silent Cries by nadz578
Silent Criesby Aisha
Palestine I have written this book of poems in 2015
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Everything I was taught to never say by Mahmodahmad
Everything I was taught to never Mahmodahmad
My words come from a part of me I never knew existed. They flow out of an exit wound with no entrance, and I'm slowly bleeding out. Contains poems and quotes about Pale...
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Rewrite The Stars by stigmabreaker2002
Rewrite The Starsby stigmabreaker2002
Emma is a Jewish american girl who went to Peace Mount international summer camp in 2015 where she met Ali a British Palestinian guy that soon became her best friend in...
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