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✰ - 𝐁𝐋𝐔𝐄 𝐇𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐄𝐃 𝐁𝐈𝐓𝐂𝐇 ! ' oh so you're that blue haired bitch that everyone loves? ' ' ouch what's that supposed to mean :( ' ( wyatt oleff x !fem oc ) (...
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The Life of Elizabeth Jane by thezookeeper2013
The Life of Elizabeth Janeby thezookeeper2013
The Life of Elizabeth Jane a girl stuck as the youngest of six older brothers. Her life, her wacky stories of her brothers and her life. The hardships she endures, the l...
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The Child Of The Red Haired Snow White  by XxMusicalHowlxX
The Child Of The Red Haired Snow 🐾XxMusicalHowlxX🐾
Shirayuki and Prince Zen have finally tied the knot. And now they are ready to move on to the next generation. ShiraYuki has been pregnant for 3 weeks and has yet to t...
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A Ghouls Lover Kaneki X Reader Fanfic (Continued from Lemon) by khlo_hyrulepro
A Ghouls Lover Kaneki X Reader chloe h
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The Power in Our Hands - Marauders' Era by mglupinblack
The Power in Our Hands - 𝐌𝐢𝐚🌎
"Only we have the power to reduce the pain that we inflict on ourselves." A story in which she saves everyone while allowing to be saved. Two broken souls temp...
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Rukia's True Past (Bleach) by _ShoujoParadise
Rukia's True Past (Bleach)by Emma Blaze
Ichigo decides to stay in the Soul Society due to his spiritual pressure corrupting the world of the living. Rukia starts acting strange making ichigo a little bit worri...
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Kakashi Imagines! by jwriteandread
Kakashi Imagines!by De_Anime_Geek
Just some fluff and romance with (almost) everyone's favorite white-haired ninja! I'll write any scenario, but I'll try to stay away from lemons, sorry... I'm not that g...
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Blue Haired Alien Girlfriend by JohnHCarroll
Blue Haired Alien Girlfriendby JohnHCarroll
Blue Haired Alien Girlfriend is a stand alone short story. Joshua is a manager at FishBurgers who walks home alone every evening. One night, he comes across an unusual...
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Red Head Stranger (Renji x Reader) by pomegranted
Red Head Stranger (Renji x Reader)by ❤️
Another Renji story that is suppose to make up for the last one. This one is short and is a scenario that would take place if someone was aware of hollows. This is how...
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For The Love by wolfandphoenix
For The Loveby Wolf and Phoenix
Daniel is ready to take over his Father's business, allowing his father to retire. But when a maiden catches his eyes, will he chance everything? Luella, a young girl f...
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Speak Now (One Direction) by uber_ducky93
Speak Now (One Direction)by Jenna
Meet Moxie Braxton. A typical 17 year old girl, from Cheshire England. Not only has she met Harry Styles of One Direction, She dated him. For four years. Now, as she hel...
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Pink-haired insurgent by nour_lebz
Pink-haired insurgentby Izumi Uchiha
A merciless world, where dreams are banished forever... ⏩ || Nour Takech ||
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Tokyo Ghoul Fan Fiction by KatherineCarlise
Tokyo Ghoul Fan Fictionby KatherineCarlise
Natsumi Akira, a young ghoul who loves hunting and battling with the CCG. She is someone who believes that the world is wrong in many ways, and questions why. Natsumi an...
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Dance Your Hearts Out (Cher Lloyd FanFic) by LittleMsMuffins
Dance Your Hearts Out (Cher Cupcake.
Cay, Sammy, Rea, Bianka and Jan are cousins that is in a group competing for there country. Oh, and did I mention that they are dancers? Great genes huh? Well, back to t...
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Jewelry Store AU by HI_wavesatyou
Jewelry Store AUby The Ghost King
Thanks Tumblr for the inspiration. It's a jewelry store AU, but imma just put my ocs in here. Thanks :-). But, anyways, the story is about Alex falling in love with the...
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Red hair, Blue freckles by CharleighCharlie
Red hair, Blue frecklesby Charleigh
Red hair, blue freckles. That's how everyone described Astrid Slate. The girl with the red hair and blue freckles. With Astrid's strange looks and strange powers, gets h...
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The Babysitter by E-Pen-Writer
The Babysitterby M.Raafay
BASED ON A TRUE INCIDENT With her Silence of Death, the Lady told everyone that how much she loves and Cares for her baby. But, She left behind the symmetric mystery of...
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My Chibi Boyfriend! by AiCookieloid
My Chibi Boyfriend!by AiCookieloid
Ever wanted a cute chibi boyfriend? Meet Pochi, your new chibi boyfriend! Enjoy little scenarios with your boyfriend. Also you can request scenarios, personal or for eve...
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