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Jong Kook's Girl by GraceReeves3
Jong Kook's Girlby Grace Reeves
He was her first friend and her first crush. Now he's her cast mate unknowing of her feelings. What will happen when she joins the SBS show 'Running Man' as a new host...
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SpartAce I: School Love Affair by mongji23
SpartAce I: School Love Affairby mongji23
While Jong Kook ventures the uncertain trails of scars and bruises, Ji Hyo endures the burdens of everyday spotlight and unwanted restrainment. Eventhough they are paci...
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Secret Member [BTS] by itsayahgurlmark
Secret Member [BTS]by itsayahgurlmark
Mark has specially been chosen as the new member of the boygroup BTS. The company knows but no one told the members that their new member is not actually a guy called Ma...
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Yoo Jae suk fanfic //COMPLETED// by ParkChamsaePWJ
Yoo Jae suk fanfic //COMPLETED//by Park woo jin
You accidentally had an accident with yoo jaesuk and he wants to apologize. Everything begins from the apology .
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SPARTACE Secret by xolblink
SPARTACE Secretby sooyaaa
Everything are perfect at first. She was fine, he was fine. Everything was fine. Their love grows stronger each day they express their love to each other. Till one momen...
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Mr. Kim Jong Kook | ON HOLD | by xolblink
Mr. Kim Jong Kook | ON HOLD |by sooyaaa
Kim Jong Kook * 35 years old * CEO of Kim's Holding * Have a girlfriend named Yoon Eun Hye * Kang Gary's no.1 enemy and his cousin * The most arrogant person in the worl...
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Love at First Sight (Kim Jong Kook Fanfiction) by blobiblo
Love at First Sight (Kim Jong Jongkook Abs
A man named Kim Jong Kook fell in love with a new rising model named Jessica since their first meeting. And Jessica have the same feeling as Jongkook. Their relationship...
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SPARTACE Secret 2  | ON HOLD | by xolblink
SPARTACE Secret 2 | ON HOLD |by sooyaaa
When a Prince and a Princess got married, does it always be happily ever after? Through all the misery. Their love become stronger each day. Well, maybe because of one s...
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7 vs 13 (BTS X SVT) [COMPLETED] by soongyu
7 vs 13 (BTS X SVT) [COMPLETED]by kimkwonfavs
so let say that my brother is one of the member in BTS & my cousin is a member of rookie group called SVT. I love my life tbh lol [161228- 190722] #65 - svt
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running man by blu_kitty78
running manby S.Hades
Kitty amour a worldwide famous British celebrity and richest woman joins her soulmate and husband Kim jongkook to complete missions and win the race (disclaimer i don't...
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მოახლე by user36034066
მოახლეby 🙊 Yūnā🙈
კიმ სანი 17 წლის გოგონა რომელიც ცხოვრობს კორეაში, ის მუშაობას დაიწყებს ჯონგქუქის სახლში მოახლედ, ყველაფერს არ დავწერ ამ ფიკის შესახებ რადგან საინტერესო არ იქნება, დანარჩ...
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Running Man: Animated Challenge (in Malay) by minoru_ito_kun
Running Man: Animated Challenge ( MinoruIto
Kisah fanfict live show game, anime, dan animasi Malaysia. Watak hebat yang ada dalam cerita ini: Semua Ahli Running Man Tetap Ahli Aqours Love Live Honoka Kousaka BoBoi...
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Interdependent fates ||  by sanaxii
Interdependent fates || by sanaxii
ابدؤا بالقراءة وشكرًا 💕
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Kidnapped! A Song Ji hyo and Runningman story! by kpopismylyfe
Kidnapped! A Song Ji hyo and kpopismylyfe
Song Ji hyo just finished filming Running Man when she saw a black van following her. What will happen to Song Ji Hyo in this mysterious story?
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حبك كتب لي by kimlinaliya
حبك كتب ليby faiza hy
بشجار بتدأ وبحب نتهى
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MANTAN ANJ°NG!!! [GS] by OohCella
Niat mau cepet move on malah Ketemu mantan anj°ng terus? ~ Kyungie [ PRIVATE BEBERAPA ]
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kidnapped bts /black pink rose by vkook_forever_kpop
kidnapped bts /black pink roseby sugakookie
park Chae-young is a fifteen years old girl until she gets kidnapped on her family vacation in New York. worst of all bts is also kidnapped be same people the seven boys...
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شرطي مختفى by Oh_Somy
شرطي مختفىby Park sojin
بحيث جيون جونغكوك شرطي مختفى في عصابه مشهور بحيث دانيلا قاتله متسلسلة داخل عصابة مشهور جيون جونغكوك بارك دانيلا كتبت بالمناسبة عيد ميلاد دانيلا @danielle3_
Dragon Heart 2 [ BTS V ] by piwiwolf
Dragon Heart 2 [ BTS V ]by 티파니
Abby, the youngest one of the royal family, decided to go out on a adventure to celebrate their one year anniversary with her boyfriend Taehyung. Suga, the all mighty ki...
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Running Man: 101 Rules by history7012
Running Man: 101 Rulesby history7012
In which the Running Man members write and decide rules that they will (not) obey
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