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You replaced me by girly506
You replaced meby girly506
Kendall Rossi isn't your average thirteen-year-old girl. At the young age of five her brothers dropped her off at an old orphanage which they claimed would be way safer...
The Sister~They Missed (The Rathore Siblings)  by dareya8
The Sister~They Missed (The the_knowledgeable_soul
The feeling of being abandoned by one's own family was not unknown to Aadhira. She hates her family for abandoning her when she was only a newborn, leaving her in the ha...
Stay with me by girly506
Stay with meby girly506
Ivah "Aldine" has never had a good life, abused, never been to school, not knowing how to read, having a major fear of water due to her trauma and never really...
Little Aria by xoxoallexiss
Little Ariaby xoxoallexiss
3 year old Aria had been living with her neglectful mother and abusive step father for 1 year, after her biological father divorced Amy - Aria's mother. In the middle of...
A new beginning in Italy by girly506
A new beginning in Italyby girly506
Anastasias Russo, a twelve-year-old girl who's always getting in trouble with cops, stealing, drinking and smoking, you name it. Three months after running away from her...
Finding Adelina  by islaholland
Finding Adelina by isla
𝓐𝓭𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓪 𝓖𝓮𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓼𝓮 is thirteen years old and, as far as she's concerned, doesn't have a family. She's been trapped in foster care for the majority of h...
The Diary of Evergreen Evelyn  by InkedElla
The Diary of Evergreen Evelyn by InkedElla
In the vibrant tapestry of Kensington, London, the Smith family, epitomized by the siblings, grapples with the lingering echoes of parental loss. A 27-year-old Edward, w...
Long Lost (ON HOLD) by islaholland
Long Lost (ON HOLD)by isla
The Barone Royal family: prestigious, proper and intelligent. The complete opposite to their long lost princess. Valentina Barone was taken from her royal chambers...
growth by islaholland
growthby isla
• [CAN BE READ ALONE] • • [BOOK 1.5 AND 2.5 IN THE SILENT SERIES] • Read this story for small, enjoyable, funny and adorable moments with the Romano family. Get some ins...
Eliza  by islaholland
Eliza by isla
Eliza is six years old, and she and her mother have been alone for what feels like forever. After recently being diagnosed with Autism, Eliza is forced to face the chall...
Their Only Sister (The Rajvanshi Siblings) by dareya8
Their Only Sister (The Rajvanshi the_knowledgeable_soul
The feeling of being unloved by one's own family was not unknown to Akshara. Yet she doesn't hate her family for despising her since she was only a newborn, being the pu...
Unbroken Bonds | Ongoing  by EllaMarley2m
Unbroken Bonds | Ongoing by Ella
Cover by lia_sea57 on Instagram Stella Livyana, a 13-year-old girl who yearns for the love and acceptance of her mother, has suddenly received the news that her mother...
Beyond broken? by GhostwriterK2
Beyond broken?by Sophia Valentino
Sophia suffers from depression and anxiety, has panic attacks but nobody knows that other than her. To the world she is the quite girl who is the top of her class. But t...
our Malfa little angel  by funsherry44
our Malfa little angel by funshrry44
Rose Lily King is a 12 year girl that is a fighter and a angel. she have fight things that most people don't .... she has a chance to have a family that she has always...
the secret sister by 222222333333333loser
the secret sisterby Hello
The mafia brothers secret sister
Baby sister by uraka1111
Baby sisterby Scorpio
Megan lives with her brother and they find out her secret read to find out