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Verset de la Bible by fantabuloutastic
Verset de la Bibleby kayehatesyou🖕🏻
A bible verses to refresh your dead soul. Enjoy reading and Godbless you.
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  • verse
  • spirit
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Born Reckless ⇝ Kyrie Irving. by KarlTheAuthor
Born Reckless ⇝ Kyrie 𝓚.
Reposted simply for the enjoyment of my readers. Kirsten and Kyrie are reckless teenagers. They do what they want, not caring about the consequences afterwards Smo...
  • player
  • love
  • basketball
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The Girl on the Bus ✔️ by the_writing_thief
The Girl on the Bus ✔️by still not back
"Is this seat taken?" "Yes, someone is sitting there." "Who?" "Not you." • At the golden age of five, Nathan Ackerman had develop...
  • girl
  • romantic-comedy
  • growup
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Someone Like You by MmaroZ
Someone Like Youby MmaroZ
Nina has taken a long time to get to where she is, happy, successful. But the offer to help out a lonely old man leads to her life becoming complicated as she takes on t...
  • mature
  • love
  • theliteraryawards
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TOO DEEPby Puddin
read babes
  • hood
  • up
  • stripper
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Roc Royal & Y/N Love Story - Love Always Finds Its Way Back by ZenaEtZilia
Roc Royal & Y/N Love Story - Zania M.
This story is about Chresanto A.K.A. Roc, 18, who meets you, 17, at you guys' high school and kind of fall in love, but only to split and find yourselves meeting each o...
  • royal
  • grow
  • chresanto
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A Christian's 30 Day Challenge To Deeper Living by ShoutToTheLord
A Christian's 30 Day Challenge Aly
This is your challenge: grow spiritually, do things you didn't know you could, and delve into a deeper relationship with your Creator. There is no room for wimps. Be c...
  • philippians
  • scars
  • created
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Fairy Tail One-Shots by MagneticWarrior
Fairy Tail One-Shotsby Gricelda Aguilar
So these are some one-shots that I thought about when I was writing my other fan fics. So yeah. They include all types of shippings. From NaLu to RoWen. I really ho...
  • short
  • gruvia
  • love
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Never Grow Up (A Taylor Swift FanFic) by SwiftNemoStories
Never Grow Up (A Taylor Swift Nemo
She writes about everything that happens to her but no one ever assumed that. She always writes about her relationships and personal life, but never about her. The only...
  • taylor
  • never
  • swift
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G/T Oneshots 2.0 by I_Like_Cookiez
G/T Oneshots 2.0by Your Smol Friend
"The best thing about a cupcake is that you can pretend it's a regular cake and that you're a giant!" -Patton Sanders, incorrect Sanders Sides quotes
  • borrower
  • tol
  • tiny
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God of Metal(On-Hold for Improvement for Wattys) by Bunnygunny
God of Metal(On-Hold for Bunnygunny
The story follows the struggles of a street urchin, Tybalt, in his attempt to redeem his dishonest way of living. Granted a rare kindness by an old man who looked no dif...
  • blacksmith
  • godofmetal
  • hephaestus
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Empty Handed by iam_Axx
Empty Handedby iam_Axx
Life is bigger and more powerful than people think. It possesses a spectrum that everyone experiences yet no one understands because of its unpredictability. Life throws...
  • boyxboy
  • comingofage
  • love
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Ink On Paper by HasiVA
Ink On Paperby Hasini
This is a collection of my poems. None of them are arranged in any particular order, but the dates are recorded, so I would advice considering my age when I wrote these...
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  • board
  • loud
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Quotations by tall_girl
Quotationsby Melissa
Just a few quotes and poems that I love. I hope you enjoy them too. Thanks for reading.
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  • poems
  • remember
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IF... by momushi
#15 Momo Mushi
What if the world did not just revolve around you? What if the voices inside your head was not just childhood wild imagination? What if the fiercest enemy turned out to...
  • monster
  • fiction
  • angts
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hate story by thezqueen
hate storyby :(
what if clary already knew about the shadow world? how will things turn out for the shadowhunters? who will love who? - "tell me, what does the famous alec lightwoo...
  • angelblood
  • badass
  • love
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Midnight Memories by hopienatics_vhon
Midnight Memoriesby Vhon Michael Tobes
Love was the word he used to tell me how I meant to him. But I'm so terrified, or petrified to be exact, hearing that word. It was also the same word, He used, To tear m...
  • poem
  • memories
  • midnightmemories
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The Diary of a Young Soldier by FaneJester
The Diary of a Young Soldierby FaneJester
Kevin O'Neil was a teenager during WWII. Because of the lack of soldiers he was enrolled in the army. Will he survive?
  • grow
  • fight
  • sacrifice
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a collection of crappy vignettes about growing into your own skin inspired by the house on mango street by sandra cisneros ® to DRE4MGRL; (2018)
  • freedom
  • free
  • selfgrowth
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when will i be happy by aanicholee
when will i be happyby aanicholee
a lot comes with what isn't fulfilled
  • happy
  • anxiety
  • depression
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