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How to Reform a Rake (Myths Finding Love #3) COMPLETED! by AerithSage
How to Reform a Rake (Myths Alyssa Urbano
[Zeus x Hera] (Note: Rake is an old term for player) For thousands of years, the Queen of the Gods has put up with her philandering, arrogant, conceited and uncaring hus...
Manan 10 Years Back by nifi777
Manan 10 Years Backby Alifiya
FEW CHAPTERS ARE MADE PRIVATE Manan ff From lover's to stranger's.... Although you are married to that person for long time, you love him but what if that person change...
broken marriage 💔 by fairytales_14
broken marriage 💔by fairy girl
story of faisal shaikh and mrs jannat faisal shaikh faisal madly love his wife but now he hates her so much 😻 because her his wife did something jiski wajah se pyar n...
Otome Oneshot Archive by ImaginarySora
Otome Oneshot Archiveby ~ Sora ~
A Broken Engagement,A Wake Up Call. Written by Sugawara Toshi The Crown Prince tells Shiris that he wants to break off his engagement with her. In that instant, she reme...
Singhania Diaries #1 by lala_writez
Singhania Diaries #1by lala
Broken love ~Advika&Ved Advika Oberoi a shy girl who grew up in a abusive household. She was never loved by her father and her stepmother ( her mother passed away due to...
MaNan OS- Is it Forever..??  (✔) by shreya23301
MaNan OS- Is it Forever..?? (✔)by Shreya
A Happily Married Couple... Some unfortunate incidents... And a DIVORCE Will this be the end? Or a new beginning? Read the story to know! Highest ranks: #3 #701 out of 6...
PYAAR KI HAAR? by shreyadhibar
PYAAR KI HAAR?by shreyadhibar
"Jab Itni hi problem thi mujhse toh shaadi kyu ki? kar lete apni hi jaisi kisi status wali ladki seh shaadi!" She yelled, her eyes reflecting pain. "ho ga...
Pictures with a broken frame  by musasiziba23
Pictures with a broken frame by Musa Siziba
A broken marriage,divided family and broken vowls. A disloyal man and a woman who just wish love wasn't this evil
House Of Rose by wintermay675
House Of Roseby Winter
(unicode) မြင်ရသမျှကို ယုံကြည်ပါသလား... နှင်းဆီနီအိမ်တော်ကြီးက ခမ်းနားတယ်... အိမ်တော်ကြီးပိုင်ရှင် သခင်မလေး နှစ်ယောက်ကလည်း တစ်ယောက်ကို တစ်ယောက် အရမ်းချစ်ကြတယ်တဲ့... ဒါပေ...
Shatter Me | KSJ [Completed] by kim_Scarlet_xx
Shatter Me | KSJ [Completed]by 𝐒𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐞𝐭 김
ඔයා අද ඔප්පු කරල පෙන්නුවා මං මොන තරම් පරාජිතයෙක්ද කියල සුන්හී...... අද ඔයාගෙ අප්පා මගෙන් ඇහුවා ඔයා මාත් එක්ක ඉන්නෙ සතුටින්ද කියලා..... මං මොනව කියල කියන්නද සුන්හී..... ...
Shrekquaad - A Shrek x Lord Farquaad Love Story UwU by chad4youbb
Shrekquaad - A Shrek x Lord beatmewithastick&callmeapinata
Shrek doesn't just let anyone in his swamp, but when his marriage starts to fail and his world collapses, Farquaad, his once love rival might become just the one he lets...
Wish To Own  by iam_uf
Wish To Own by Dark Angel
for that you've to read this story and I assure you guys won't regret reading this story. so what are you waiting for, go ahead and read this story.
Betrayed Love by phoemela28
Betrayed Loveby phoemela28
2nd story ko po..Pls support me.Luv u. Kasalanan ba ang magmahal??hindi dba kasi pinapakita mO lang na mahalaga ang isang tao sayo..
FLAWED by meetprincy1
FLAWEDby Princy Sahu
Every love story that we have heard of or read from childhood basically ends at MARRIAGE and children. But what after that ? What if your marriage is not the end of yo...
When The Darkness Takes Us: Jess's Story by the_tealveyre
When The Darkness Takes Us: Jess' Teal Veyre
When Jessica learns that a black hole is on a path for Earth, she feels nothing. She usually feels nothing. Except for when she's checking up on a certain blue-eyed cont...
unFAITHFUL  by KatNis5
unFAITHFUL by Cathrine Frensmanth
Tama bang iwan nang hindi inaalam ang kototohanan? matatawag ba na pag mamahal ang pag sasakripisyo? Tama bang itapon nalang ang lahat nang dahil sa isang pag ka'kamalin...
Our Unfinished Love by MariellPota
Our Unfinished Loveby Mariell Pota
There was this couple who has always wearing masks in front of others not knowing what will happen, all those masks they wore they were actually a very problematic coupl...
When It Falls Apart; PSH by niquenaks_
When It Falls Apart; PSHby niquenaks
confused hearts, lost people, abandoned memories, a broken marriage. everything falling apart. ◌⑅⋆●⑅note that everything inside the book is purely written in fiction, r...
Trust, Such a Fickle Thing by hamburr_fangirl
Trust, Such a Fickle Thingby i was too young and blind to...
Aaron could only stare blankly at the pamphlet sitting innocently on his lap. Tears streamed down his face and in a fit of rage, he knocked the horrid pamphlet to the gr...