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Pictures with a broken frame  by musasiziba23
Pictures with a broken frame by Musa Siziba
A broken marriage,divided family and broken vowls. A disloyal man and a woman who just wish love wasn't this evil
How to Reform a Rake (Myths Finding Love #3) COMPLETED! by AerithSage
How to Reform a Rake (Myths Alyssa Urbano
[Zeus x Hera] (Note: Rake is an old term for player) For thousands of years, the Queen of the Gods has put up with her philandering, arrogant, conceited and uncaring hus...
Matrimonio Rotto by lalalandecember
Matrimonio Rottoby dev
Broken Marriage There are two important things Italians hold on to, at least for both of them. 1. Trust 2. Love Jamee's trust was not just broken into pieces, but they w...
The Edge Of Never  by Sunnyday13322
The Edge Of Never by Sunnyday13322
They were in love, but does love define atrocious behavior because of past horrors? Does love define breaking a strong trust in a span of seconds? Does love define your...
The Sky Was Always Pink by darknightsensations
The Sky Was Always Pinkby 💥💫🔥✔
Her husband divorces her after nine months of marriage and she is left all alone with a baby. She then suddenly bumps into someone, her ex boyfriend. What happens then...
Blue by psychvtic
Blueby tabby
•"I hope you one day realize how much it hurts. And maybe then you'll realize what you put me through"• Short Story// read at your risk as this needs an excess...
we don't feel like us anymore - chanlix by hyunchxn
we don't feel like us anymore - hyunchxn
Many mindless bickering, silly arguments and a LOT of silent treatment dreaded the home of Bangchan and Felix. The married couple who were once so fond of each other now...
Otome Oneshot Archive by ImaginarySora
Otome Oneshot Archiveby ~ Sora ~
A Broken Engagement,A Wake Up Call. Written by Sugawara Toshi The Crown Prince tells Shiris that he wants to break off his engagement with her. In that instant, she reme...
The Hearts of Lions by royalsxdream
The Hearts of Lionsby Madiya
In 1135, King Henry I of England died, naming his daughter Catherine as his successor. But due to the strong opposition of a female monarch in England, her cousin Narcis...
ArShi Ff: Eternal Love by salley145
ArShi Ff: Eternal Loveby TinkerBell145
Follow the path of Khushi whose life is totally messed up, what happens when she is about to marry her best friend only for the unexpected entry of her past love? Who wi...
Shatter Me | KSJ [Completed] by kim_Scarlet_xx
Shatter Me | KSJ [Completed]by 𝐒𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐞𝐭 김
ඔයා අද ඔප්පු කරල පෙන්නුවා මං මොන තරම් පරාජිතයෙක්ද කියල සුන්හී...... අද ඔයාගෙ අප්පා මගෙන් ඇහුවා ඔයා මාත් එක්ක ඉන්නෙ සතුටින්ද කියලා..... මං මොනව කියල කියන්නද සුන්හී..... ...
broken marriage 💔 by RameenKhan293
broken marriage 💔by Rameen Khan
story of faisal shaikh and mrs jannat faisal shaikh faisal madly love his wife but now he hates her so much 😻 because her his wife did something jiski wajah se pyar n...
House Of Rose by wintermay675
House Of Roseby Winter
(unicode) မြင်ရသမျှကို ယုံကြည်ပါသလား... နှင်းဆီနီအိမ်တော်ကြီးက ခမ်းနားတယ်... အိမ်တော်ကြီးပိုင်ရှင် သခင်မလေး နှစ်ယောက်ကလည်း တစ်ယောက်ကို တစ်ယောက် အရမ်းချစ်ကြတယ်တဲ့... ဒါပေ...
The Wedding by JhonmorrisDelfino
The Weddingby Jhonmorris Delfino
Belle Just want to have a happy relationship she Just want to have a long lasting forever with the guy she wants but it's ended up with cheating that cause a trauma to h...
My Wattpad specials "B" by HEPHZIBAH_GREAT
My Wattpad specials "B"by Goodness Ndubuisi
Favourite Wattpad "B" Books 😍😍😍 **** My collection of Wattpad Novels with the letter B😋😋❤️
Trust, Such a Fickle Thing by hamburr_fangirl
Trust, Such a Fickle Thingby i was too young and blind to...
Aaron could only stare blankly at the pamphlet sitting innocently on his lap. Tears streamed down his face and in a fit of rage, he knocked the horrid pamphlet to the gr...
You Should Be Here by Uniquely_Queenly
You Should Be Hereby I'M FAMOUS HOE
Her marriage is crumbling right in front of her and she doesn't even know if she wants to try to save it. Queena had been through hell and back but the question is is sh...
▪︎It's Too Late▪︎[ Completed ] by Mamree
▪︎It's Too Late▪︎[ Completed ]by Mamree
#Standalone .... What will be the result when a selfless woman will get only humiliation and truma in return of her unconditional love? How long she will remain as taken...
Selina's Song by jayjay33
Selina's Songby Ann
Finn Nielson is a popular rock indie singer in his native Norway shooting to fame in a tv talent show Five years from winning and still successful and popular his manag...
Shrekquaad - A Shrek x Lord Farquaad Love Story UwU by chad4youbb
Shrekquaad - A Shrek x Lord beatmewithastick&callmeapinata
Shrek doesn't just let anyone in his swamp, but when his marriage starts to fail and his world collapses, Farquaad, his once love rival might become just the one he lets...