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Ten Rules: An Object Series (Magitech Mishap) by IceMintFreeze
Ten Rules: An Object Series ( IceMintFreeze
In Divinatia, objects are placed in the district that fits their object type. There are ten rules in order, to try and keep the peace of this magical city. But when Mold...
Bambi Bambi Bambi! by CommanderBrobz
Bambi Bambi Bambi!by Brobz
A forgotten god who loves corn, a ex-scientist who got his legs blown off, and a child with text for hair. Talk about a weird trio am I right? Well, you haven't met the...
JALGFY Graphic Novel by LaurenABlack
JALGFY Graphic Novelby Misha Trash
The Graphic Novel version of my Just a Little Glorybringer For Ya book ART IS NOT MINE, THIS BEAUTIFUL WORK WAS DONE BY @ActiveArtist @Qibli1, @OceanAnchor, AND OTHERS...
i'll let you be in my dreams - harry greene by -emotionalblender
i'll let you be in my dreams - emmy :)
i know that nobody likes Harry Greene, but honestly he's lowkey hot. the story is about y/n, Harry's crush who is Nick and Charlie's best friend. Y/n has a secret about...
Plasmasonic: Deadtides by DraySpace
Plasmasonic: Deadtidesby Dray, The Scribe
The proof of any good friendship is the acknowledgment of laurels. To̅mi Andrei visits an old friend who's being honored by a local museum for donating her family heirlo...
Plasmasonic: Mana Gloriae by DraySpace
Plasmasonic: Mana Gloriaeby Dray, The Scribe
When you're the daughter of a vampire and an elf, adventure is non-negotiable. It's certain that regarding the preponderance of locations To̅mi Andrei visits, the frater...
Battle Scars|Scott Pilgrim x Wallace wells by CamusFanboyy
Battle Scars|Scott Pilgrim x Scott
~"You're amazing, Scott. You're the perfect man for me...I wish I could say it to your face though." Wallace said to an unconscious Scott~ When Ramona and Scot...
Candy AU (Graphic Novel) || A Foolish Crew AU by SquishyWritesStories
Candy AU (Graphic Novel) || A Squishy
Holidays. Special events that brings adults, children, and the elderly gather together to celebrate something special together. It gives them joy, happiness, memories, m...
Pyrrhia's Saviour and Destroyer (on hold)  by SelemenceTube
Pyrrhia's Saviour and Destroyer ( SelemenceTube
Bahamut is a special case for a dragonet and especially for a Titanwing and with his great strength and how special he is he will end the war and fulfil his destiny and...
Stormchain's Betrayal (Graphic Novel) by FrostTheDragonCat
Stormchain's Betrayal (Graphic W o r m
Stormchain after feeling abandoned by both the Bloodclan cats and the Objects get revenge with Taco, another vengeful object.
FLAGG "Sleeping With The Enemy" by jmuse58
FLAGG "Sleeping With The Enemy"by James Muse
Excerpt from my graphic novel FLAGG, "Sleeping With The Enemy". Flagg (Main Character) is trying to bring down the organization S.K.U.L.L. because of its revi...
Blackout Poetry by Hiteshiii
Blackout Poetryby Hiteshi.
This books is a compilation of all of my blackout poetry pieces made using my prose and poetry or any other write up I find online (on Wattpad or elsewhere.) PS- This is...
the Markov Chronicles ✓ (BxB) by GraveyardSiren
the Markov Chronicles ✓ (BxB)by Jaeson Clifton
Yakim Markov is a notorious monster hunter. He's devoted his life to slaying those who have been worshiping Perseus. It just so happens that Yakim's actions have put his...
More Than Media  by lollypop_
More Than Media by lollypop_
A simple Instagram led a girl into a whole new world of fame, money, and corruption.
Deer's Promise -A graphic Novel- by Splashheart8
Deer's Promise -A graphic Novel-by ✨𝕊𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕤𝕙✨
Deer is a kit that is washed on shore of an island after almost drowning in the ocean. This island holds three clans, OceanClan, SandClan, and SunClan. He must learn the...
Thought Bubble by PaulaShattuck
Thought Bubbleby PaulaShattuck
Everything can change in a split second, and sometimes it could change your whole life. This tale is made by my boyfriend and I as a fun little slice of life comic.
The Dog Man Extra Crunchy Book O' Fun by SimpsonsGirl742
The Dog Man Extra Crunchy Book O' Dianna Stephenson
Just some short stories revolving around Dog Man & Co. My first fanfic.
The Great Deep by LightofLifeBooks
The Great Deepby Heather Stinnett
Three adventurous narwhal calves decide to explore a beautiful ice cave positioned in a dangerous part of the ocean which whales call, The Great Deep, a territory forbid...
An Omniscent Storm |GRAPHIC NOVEL| by X_Starryplaces_X
An Omniscent Storm |GRAPHIC NOVEL|by Ur Local Flying Nope Rope
Tal. That's my name. I've lived with another dragon who keeps on claiming to be my mother, but I know she isn't. I was found years ago, abandoned in the mud. My fake 'mo...