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Thought Bubble by PaulaShattuck
Thought Bubbleby PaulaShattuck
Everything can change in a split second, and sometimes it could change your whole life. This tale is made by my boyfriend and I as a fun little slice of life comic.
Captain's Gambit by MillySnowden
Captain's Gambitby Captain Friday
Jimin just wanted to accompany her father and brothers on one fishing trip, just to see the world a little, just to get out of the house, and taste the salty spray. What...
Varian & the Seven Kingdoms  by animagicsalina
Varian & the Seven Kingdoms by AnimagicSalina
This is a comic book of the Tangled spinoff AU "Varian and the Seven Kingdoms." All art is done by me and you can find them on my Instagram and Tumblr @animagi...
A Querulous Quest (Graphic Novel Version).  by AnanthVanDerLekh
A Querulous Quest (Graphic Novel Ananth Van Der Lekh
Book 1 of the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm Three mismatched adventurers set out on a journey that will prove to be far longer and stranger than any of them cou...
Candy AU (Graphic Novel) || A Foolish Crew AU by SquishyWritesStories
Candy AU (Graphic Novel) || A Squishy
Currently in progress of drawing the scenes of the prologue, I will not allow myself to say anything else about this story until the full prologue is released. Till the...
The Maggies by Nyhterides
The Maggiesby Mumma Vamp
Among the salt-licked tombstones and the blood-red roses, my mother's fragile sanity shatters and she is slowly driven to madness. My mother believes I, her only living...
JALGFY Graphic Novel by LaurenABlack
JALGFY Graphic Novelby Misha Trash
The Graphic Novel version of my Just a Little Glorybringer For Ya book ART IS NOT MINE, THIS BEAUTIFUL WORK WAS DONE BY @ActiveArtist @Qibli1, @OceanAnchor, AND OTHERS...
i'll let you be in my dreams - harry greene by -emotionalblender
i'll let you be in my dreams - emmy :)
i know that nobody likes Harry Greene, but honestly he's lowkey hot. the story is about y/n, Harry's crush who is Nick and Charlie's best friend. Y/n has a secret about...
Ivy and the Fluorescent Lightbulb by HaileyMorrisonBooks
Ivy and the Fluorescent Lightbulbby Hailey Morrison
An Illustrated Novel! || Ivy Rochester accidentally falls into a portal that takes her 1,000 years into an alternate future. Getting back is the least of her worries. 12...
Athy by Nibbles-is-cute
Athyby *Munchy-is-cute*
Losing all her childhood friends and learning how to cope with her mothers death is hard enough but not as heart breaking as her fathers rejection. She thought she neede...
Artistic, Are We? by EkemWrites
Artistic, Are We?by E. C. Millington
Feast your eyes upon an art dump of my architect skills via sketches, drawings, graphics, and free-doodles of everything I come across. Hopefully you enjoy this underwhe...
My End of the Bargain  by something_bookish
My End of the Bargain by something_bookish
Exer promised no more secrets and David feels that he should too.
Heartstopper Oneshots  by local_huffleshit
Heartstopper Oneshots by local_huffleshit
Okay we all know I'm obsessed with heartstopper by now, so why not make a oneshot book? - I don't own the characters - swearing
Battle Scars|Scott Pilgrim x Wallace wells by CamusFanboyy
Battle Scars|Scott Pilgrim x Scott
~"You're amazing, Scott. You're the perfect man for me...I wish I could say it to your face though." Wallace said to an unconscious Scott~ When Ramona and Scot...
Deer's Promise -A graphic Novel- by Splashheart8
Deer's Promise -A graphic Novel-by ✨Splash✨
Deer is a kit that is washed on shore of an island after almost drowning in the ocean. This island holds three clans, OceanClan, SandClan, and SunClan. He must learn the...
Graphic | A TwoSet Violin Fanfiction by linglinglah
Graphic | A TwoSet Violin — linglinglah ♡
Laurel McIntyre is a very private and introverted graphic novelist with a semi-successful career since her debut 3 years ago. However, her work has been getting backlash...
Blackout Poetry by Hiteshiii
Blackout Poetryby Hiteshi.
This books is a compilation of all of my blackout poetry pieces made using my prose and poetry or any other write up I find online (on Wattpad or elsewhere.) PS- This is...
"I want to believe you, that there isn't anything to be afraid of. But I can just sit here as you lie to yourself, there is always something that can hurt you, or b...
Dork diaries: Frenemies forever by Niicxie_kyutt
Dork diaries: Frenemies foreverby NiicxieKyutt
Nikki Maxwell is spending a week at North Hampton Hills as part of the school transfer programme. the good news is that NHH is super-cool and preppy, the bad news is tha...
The SandWing Hybrid Thing (Arc 1 Book 4 by FrostTheDragonCat
The SandWing Hybrid Thing (Arc 1 W o r m
WOW!! Who would have guessed that Four had another abomination and hid it from the world, The ugly abomination causes some drama before Deathdemonclaw comes back.(This...