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A Secret Service [NOW PUBLISHED] by joymoment
A Secret Service [NOW PUBLISHED]by Joy
Now available in paperback! "I LOVE IT!" - CarniaHolmes "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face," Carter said. She pointed...
Case Reopened by joymoment
Case Reopenedby Joy
2nd Book of A Secret Service one shots. The last chapter of the last chapter isn't even the last chapter because chapters keep appearing.
The It Girl by joymoment
The It Girlby Joy
"I love how it's so different from any other teen fiction book." - Daila2707 Teen fiction has given cheerleaders a bad rap. And stereotypical appearances. Cour...
A Second Chance [COMPLETED] by joymoment
A Second Chance [COMPLETED]by Joy
"Hands down one of the best books I've read on Wattpad! I absolutely love this story! ❤" - DilettanteAmateur Lennon opened her apartment door to find Kade stan...
Celebrity Cruise [COMPLETED] by joymoment
Celebrity Cruise [COMPLETED]by Joy
"The book's amazing!!!" - cutechickhere What if you could take cruise with your favorite celebrity? Knox Hamilton, world famous singer, signed up for a week lo...
Every Second [COMPLETED] by joymoment
Every Second [COMPLETED]by Joy
"Honestly one of the best books I've read" - mywayforme "I'll take it from here," Sebastian said. "Ms. Dawson, I re-watched your interlude perfo...
A Vagabond's Tale [COMPLETED] by joymoment
A Vagabond's Tale [COMPLETED]by Joy
"This story is WOW!!! How I wished it didn't come to an end!" - chysungal "Did you kidnap me?" he asked. Gigi's eyes widened and she shook her head...
Holding Back [COMPLETED] by joymoment
Holding Back [COMPLETED]by Joy
"I love how this book is turning out!😍 Not cliche at all!" - i_hatecliche "We might live next door to each other," Haley said, "but we don't li...
Mr. Write [COMPLETED] by joymoment
Mr. Write [COMPLETED]by Joy
"This book is therapy!" - Abbieking86 "I want to shoot my left knee cap," Elliot said. "A natural response. Is it because you favor your right...
Three Weeks [COMPLETED] by joymoment
Three Weeks [COMPLETED]by Joy
"I'm soooo in love with this story!" - Seagull88 "Do the rumors intimidate you?" Edison asked. Kit chuckled. "There is something you should know...
It Happened One Night [COMPLETED] by joymoment
It Happened One Night [COMPLETED]by Joy
Liv thought the most bizarre thing about her late night would be running into Ezra Lexington - the law firms young hot shot attorney - in the elevator. But when the pow...
Make It Home For Christmas [COMPLETE] by murphnturf
Make It Home For Christmas [ Murph
You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home When Frankie Rivera took the job at the Stephens's family farm in Hummel, Vermont, she quickly found out who the owner's son was. L...
The Holiday Inn [COMPLETE] by murphnturf
The Holiday Inn [COMPLETE]by Murph
Anya Peters runs the highest rated inn in Vermont. That doesn't mean she knows how to run her personal life. When two people from her old life suddenly show up in her l...
Pomp And Circumstance [COMPLETE] by murphnturf
Pomp And Circumstance [COMPLETE]by Murph
A burst pipe. A new school. Transferring schools her last semester of senior year, leaving her beloved private school behind? Darcy Williams' senior year is not going we...
Love Like The Movies [COMPLETE] by murphnturf
Love Like The Movies [COMPLETE]by Murph
Singer-songwriter Rosie Mulligan didn't think love would look like this. In fact, the last thing she expected when she fell for boy-bander, Nate Harper, was that love wo...
Five Years of Fame [COMPLETE] by murphnturf
Five Years of Fame [COMPLETE]by Murph
All Olivia Reeve Keller wanted to do was perform her songs, whether that be in front a crowd of ten or ten thousand. But then she gets discovered and her whole life chan...
I'll See You Soon [COMPLETED] by murphnturf
I'll See You Soon [COMPLETED]by Murph
It's not easy being in a long distance relationship. When one of half of that couple happens to be in a band that travels all over the world it makes it even harder. F...
Mia's Instagram [COMPLETED] by murphnturf
Mia's Instagram [COMPLETED]by Murph
A companion to I'll See You Soon. Follow Mia Roberts as she travels all around the world with her boyfriend and his band. As a professional photographer, her photos are...