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"I want to shoot my left knee cap," Elliot said. 
"A natural response. Is it because you favor your right?" Tristan asked.
"No, not particularly," she replied. 
"So the issue is...?" 
"I found the most amazing writer." 
"Damn! I hate when that happens," Tristan said. 

Is it better to write well, or to be well known? 

Elliot McKenzie is a prolific YA writer. Having published four books by the time she left high school, she is ready to branch out. For her fifth novel, she decided to use dual point of views. Wanting the male point of view to ring true, she needs a co-author. 

In her search for a co-author, she encounters Beck Daniels, a cocky introvert with the habit of speaking his mind. After their first meeting, Beck is the last person Elliot wants to work with. That is, until she reads his writing. As they begin to write together, Beck challenges Elliot's formulaic and clichéd writing, while Elliot calls out Beck's self-sabotage and procrastination. 

Mix in a crazy family, her sister's wedding and a publishing deadline; and Elliot might discover she has more of a voice then she thought.

"This story!! Seriously, I'm already hooked! It's so refreshing to read something that's not cliche and the typical highschool romance..." - thequ4rterric4n

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"Man I love this book, I can't get enough of their personality. All of them are so unique I love it!" - jrod567

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22wall_flower22 22wall_flower22 Aug 19, 2017
I am in love with u!!!!!  Like u r so amazing and i love the way u write.
SonnieMwangi SonnieMwangi Aug 15, 2017
Hey im new to wattpad and its my frst story to read nd i really lyk it ur a gud writer
newboo123 newboo123 Jan 30
@joymoment I have a question. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. But, before you publish a book, how many chapters do you write?
Sologirl1 Sologirl1 Jan 24
Well it's pretty much easy to find you....... as you write✍such amazing books📚📚
Sologirl1 Sologirl1 Jan 24
Well I am greatly disappointed......... That there will be no dragons 😭😭
joymoment joymoment Aug 22, 2017
@galagirl07 I have been in hiding for both our safeties, if the world were to ever know that we are best friends they would come after us, wanting to be like us. So we can never meet. 😔