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Dragon Ball: Last Breath by ZaruaOkkitutsu
Dragon Ball: Last Breathby Zarua Okkitutsu
What if, during their journey, a new Saiyan with incredible power and potential joined Future Gohan and Trunks? This is the untold story of Xeno, a Saiyan from a distant...
Dragon ball z/Super the reincarnation of Majin Buu by TahirBond104
Dragon ball z/Super the reincarnat...by TahirBond104
After Majin Buu Destroyed all of the supreme Kai's Shin went to Beerus for Help but he agreed but he gets into a Fight with Majin buu
Dragon Ball: The Saiyan Empire  by RedEmperor777
Dragon Ball: The Saiyan Empire by nyasha manonga
My name is Fujin Arashi or Android 24, and I am a culmination of both the DNA of the Saiyan Prince Vegeta and his soon-to-be wife Bulma. I was created in a laboratory by...
(Rimuru x Dragonball super crossover) Pictures included. by lendenproductions
(Rimuru x Dragonball super crossov...by lendenproductions
story starts with Rimuru already teleported after the tournament of power. Rimuru will be teleported during Goku's and Vegeta's sparring session. Help is needed for story
Dragon Ball: The Lost Saiyans by SelemenceTube
Dragon Ball: The Lost Saiyansby SelemenceTube
Before planet Vageta was destroyed, two pods were sent off planet and drifted off course into an unknown system, both carrying high class Saiyans, now lost to space. But...
The Unlikely Couples. Dragon Ball (OC x Android 18) by AkiraTakashima29
The Unlikely Couples. Dragon Ball...by Akira
This fanfiction was made for entertainment purposes only. I do not own Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon ball Super or any associated t...
Their Shy Obsession by weird_shy_girl
Their Shy Obsessionby Mimi
Yandere? Dragon Ball! Various x Fem! Krillin!Reader [Y/N] woke up after wishing on her Shenron Action Figure to see the blurry blue sky. The more clear her vision gets...
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Dragon Ball: Saiyan's Journey by M112k0
Dragon Ball: Saiyan's Journeyby M112k0
After his battle against Son Goku and Piccolo, the low-class warrior Raditz must face his demons to continue his life's journey. A/U.
Two Legends Unite by Huy180620
Two Legends Uniteby
After the Cell games, Gohan goes to highschool and there he meets the cardmistress herself, Sakura. They become friends and even more but when evil strikes upon the eart...
Dragon Ball R/Z | Raditz x reader  by Kiyashi_A
Dragon Ball R/Z | Raditz x reader by silly
!!!COVER NOT MINE! IT BELONGS TO ITS RESPECTFUL OWNER!!! A timeline where a hit to the head can do wonders. (Literally everyone gets bonked, even Frieza) ___ In an al...
The mixed multiverse. by GREATZUNO
The mixed multiverse.by Zuno..
in this story it will be a fanfiction multiverse anime where dragon ball, my hero academia , highschool dxd, jujutsu kaisen and one piece is gonna be mixed together in t...
still with you | two | gohan x oc by butterflyyoongii
still with you | two | gohan x ocby butterflyyoongii
second book of still with you continuing the story of venus and gohan in dbs
Dragonball X Reader Short Oneshots by creativemindinspo
Dragonball X Reader Short Oneshotsby creativemindinspo
{Completed but Open for Requests } Reader x Dragon Ball Characters Dive into a collection of short stories featuring beloved Dragon Ball characters in unexpected and exp...
Zegran Mystery Of The Ultimate Body by Azrothk
Zegran Mystery Of The Ultimate Bodyby Andre' Dunn
Zegran mystery of the ultimate body is about body who trained with a demigod who is the son of a powerful God who took him up as his pupil.
SDBH x Sonic: Supreme Kai of Time by Nicholas574
SDBH x Sonic: Supreme Kai of Timeby Nicholas27
After two events of New Space-Time War Saga and Sonic x RWBY: Vol 9: Frontiers, Goku and Sonic are back together again after the crazy storms merged two of their univers...
Dragon ball Super: Muliverse (DbM x male saiyan reader) by Matiplayerspl
Dragon ball Super: Muliverse (DbM...by matiplayers pl
Universe 7 or more exactly timeline 21. Age 790. It's been 4 years since final defeat of frieza and things are back as it were with z fighters. But a new tournament is a...
Dragon Ball Z: The Revenge by MarioManiac81
Dragon Ball Z: The Revengeby MarioManiac81
Frieza has become tyrant of the universe. He has only one planet left to conquer: Earth. With Goku away training Uub, it seems that the planet is ripe for the taking. Wi...
Son of Beerus Y/N x DBS by Crimsonemperor428
Son of Beerus Y/N x DBSby Crimsonemperor428
Being expected to be The Successor of Destruction and Heir of the God of Destruction required Y/N to become unflinchingly aware of the Divine System he was raised in. Wi...
Dragon ball legends and stuff by daddy_gogeta-06
Dragon ball legends and stuffby Daddy Gogeta
I have some random stuff on legends