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What if Gogeta fought Jiren at the Tournament of Power by Official_PerfectCell
What if Gogeta fought Jiren at the...by Official_PerfectCell
Gogeta face's off against jiren in this story scenario
Dragon Ball DxD by Smiley2158
Dragon Ball DxDby Smiley2158
Gogeta is transported to the DxD universe and how will the most powerful Saiyan fusion fair in this new world. #1 DBS-June 9th, 2019 #1 Gogeta May 1st, 2020
The Never Resting Saiyan|    Female goku x male reader x female vegeta by divinityforeternity
The Never Resting Saiyan| Femal...by divinityforeternity
A man with everything has no time for rest.. Every time he turns the corner a new enemy approaches.. 2 wives and himself is all that stands.. In the end will he prevail...
A sayians blessing on this world  by Ninjacomix
A sayians blessing on this world by Ninjacomix
[Ssj4 Gogeta male reader x konosuba/crossover harem] the Y/n L/n is dead and now he is being sent to the same world as one champion of gender equality as the ultimate f...
Last Opportunity  by VEGITO8889
Last Opportunity by Dark Vegito
Izuku Yagi the son of Yoshinori Yagi and Inko Yagi aswell a twin sister of Izumi Yagi. Izuku had a useless quirk which is having a tail when they don't realise it's actu...
Kuoh's Strongest Fusion Warrior GOGETA by UltraVegitoGodkiller
Kuoh's Strongest Fusion Warrior GO...by UltraVegito
Just so you know I don't own Both DBZ or DXD and try to keep update cuz I rarely gonna update this story so for that being said this is just my first story so if it is b...
The Fusion Hero by Mastermind_50
The Fusion Heroby killed by stress
Izuku Midoriya is a young boy, born in a world filled with powers called quirks. He is neglected, abused, and bullied for all his life, and even his idol doesn't believe...
The Heroine of Hope (Dragon Ball Super X BNHA Crossover) by DragonBallJ
The Heroine of Hope (Dragon Ball S...by DragonBallJ
What happened if character from Dragon Ball Dimension meet with Boku no Hero Academia. Read to find out. (A slight Bnha Characters X Female Saiyan Reader)
Dragon Ball Super: Time travel (Discontinued) by Mcmahonj
Dragon Ball Super: Time travel (Di...by Annos_Voldegold
Read to find out what happened to goku (Note:This is my first fan fiction so iam not much an experienced writer so plz cooperate) (plz ignore grammatical mistakes sinc...
Male Broly Reader x Cheelai by Victor_TheRiper
Male Broly Reader x Cheelaiby Victor Hernandez
After the destruction of of Planet Vegeta, all of the saiyan race have been wiped out by the all mighty emperor Frieza due to his hatred towards the saiyans. But not all...
The Ultimate and Supreme Warrior  by Hirolegend34
The Ultimate and Supreme Warrior by Hiro The Legend
Hiro aka Gogeta a fat and chubby kid who went to Union academy but was bullied and neglected and cheated on because he was useless the headmasters expelled him he return...
Fusion Love(GogetaxVegito) by _DBLOVE_
Fusion Love(GogetaxVegito)by _DBLOVE_
Gogeta(22) just got out of a relationship so he and a few friends have a sleepover to celebrate but a few days later he begins to get stalker and threatening like texts...
Dragon Ball- Two Saiyan Lovers Vegeta X Chrissie by YuGiOhfan1999
Dragon Ball- Two Saiyan Lovers Veg...by Katherine Isherwood
Vegeta and Chrissie met on Earth for the first time (but the second time in their lives) when Vegeta first came to destroy Earth with Nappa. But somehow, the two Saiyans...
Dragon Ball Image Reactions/memes (COMPLETE!) by shadowisprimewolf
Dragon Ball Image Reactions/memes...by shadowisprimewolf
In this book there will be different Dragon Ball images that I'll And the gang will be resting to. I've seen a lot of people doing these so I thought I'd try it ok and s...
Dragon Ball z/Super oneshots by 3motional_B1tch
Dragon Ball z/Super oneshotsby 🖤Mad Hatter🖤
Just trying to pass the time, because I'm bored out of my mind 🙃
Dragon Ball Z: Awakening by DragonBallFanfiction
Dragon Ball Z: Awakeningby DragonBallFanfiction
What if Goten had never stopped training after the horror that was Kid Buu? What if he hadn't lived in peace? What if a new enemy found his way to Earth and Goten was th...
New z fighters by Roce23
New z fightersby ahmineomnissj2002
Saitama Had trained very hard To the point that he can beat his opponents with one punch ,which in return made him lose his emotions and made him bored. But what if h...
Honkai Impact 3rd( Revenge of the Majin)(HI3 X Dragon ball) by MajinHotTuna
Honkai Impact 3rd( Revenge of the...by MajinHotTuna!
The Year 2014, 3 brothers are transported into the Game Honkai Impact 3rd, armed with great knowledge of the game as well as an account with every character weapon and s...
my roommate (vegitoxgogeta) by DBtime_
my roommate (vegitoxgogeta)by **✿❀ ❀✿**
this is my first story and I hope u like it ( '・ω・) Sorry for my bad English ;-;