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Transformers x reader one-shots by AssassinBlueX
Transformers x reader one-shotsby AssassinBlueX
All the autobots and decepticons here to love you and you only!
  • bumblebee
  • tfp
  • decepticons
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Transformers x Reader Stories by LogicIsDenied
Transformers x Reader Storiesby Buck
Tragically a good fandom that I got sucked into real fast. Will most likely hold most TFP //Transformers Prime// since that was the only real show I watched as a child...
  • ratchet
  • fanfiction
  • shockwave
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Depressed and Abused Male Saiyan Ultra Instinct Reader X RWBY by SykonSSR
Depressed and Abused Male Saiyan U...by SykonSSR
(Y/n) Is a kind hearted Saiyan who lives with his parents, who are also both Saiyans. But one fateful day, the was a knock on the door at their families house. While his...
  • wattys2018
  • dbz
  • rwby
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AZIAN (PRINCE OF DRAGONS) BOOK2 by mckaylachinyamaqueen
AZIAN (PRINCE OF DRAGONS) BOOK2by MckaylaChinyamaQueen
Love comes in many forms. mine came in form of a dragon. His mysterious eyes, his breathtaking looks. who would have known that underneath all that beauty, lied one he...
  • youngadult
  • highschool
  • alpha
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MHA X READER ONE SHOTS by katty_kookie123
MHA X READER ONE SHOTSby katty_kookie123
Hi I'm new to fan fics so sorry if it's bad Contains : Fluff Jealousy Cheating Suicide or mentions of it Self harm Maybe some lemon idk yet So if you are a innoc...
  • mha
  • ultra
  • plus
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I Don't Think We're in Nevada Anymore by julescardy
I Don't Think We're in Nevada Anym...by Jules
oh nose, the TFP Autobots have been sucked through a malfunctioning ground bridge that spat them out in transformers animated! what chaos will ensure? everything from an...
  • adventure
  • arcee
  • transformers
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" Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work as hard " ➸ EST. 09.01.19 ➸ OPEN
  • apink
  • parkchorong
  • applyfic
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The Folly of Man(Male G. Earth Faunus Reader x multiple universes) by GodzillaLegendaryRPG
The Folly of Man(Male G. Earth Fau...by Awesome Gojira2017
You were a lizard Faunus. Once. Now you are the King of the Monsters, and kill whatever harms the Earth, or anything on it, and you go to Beacon Academy to be a hunter...
  • godzilla
  • mecha
  • mothra
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Origin of the Meta Knight (UNCUT) by StudioKinbla
Origin of the Meta Knight (UNCUT)by K. B. Miller
Are you a Kirby fan, or simply enjoy taking a walk on the darker side? Discover the surprising backstory behind one of Nintendo's most beloved series. 2 years was put in...
  • hoshi
  • knights
  • captain
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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was Awful by DullSunrise
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon w...by low motivation
  • ultramoon
  • sun
  • ultrasun
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The Tomorrow People by amybeasley07
The Tomorrow Peopleby Amy
I'm Amy. I have just turned 18 and going to live with my dad, finally. I get caught up in a war which I don't want to be in but apparently do not have a choice. I make...
  • amy
  • powers
  • love
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Together We Stand Divided We Fall (Transformers Prime Beast Hunters) by PrincessAura273
Together We Stand Divided We Fall...by Madalyn
Sequel to Life of an Agent. When the Autobot base is destroyed, Aura sets out to search for the other Autobots. With the Decepticons new fortress tower of Darkmount, any...
  • disney
  • prime
  • bulkhead
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Escape the Nightmare by CajunMacaroni
Escape the Nightmareby 8-BitMaddie
OC x alolan boys THIS AMAZING COVER WAS MADE BY @GottaReadEmAllClub A young girl escapes her old life in the Hoenn region and makes her new home in the Alolan region. S...
  • pokemon
  • ốc
  • adventure
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Ask Or Dare Dangan Ronpa: Book 3 by Nico_No_Talk
Ask Or Dare Dangan Ronpa: Book 3by Nico
  • ronpa
  • goodbye
  • havoc
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Silence with a wish (BNHA X READER) by anonymyi
Silence with a wish (BNHA X READER)by Love, Hate and Stan Todo-Deku
Hello, I am Y/n Kuma-Koi Aizawa-Yamada. I am the biological daughter of Hizashi Yamada and his good friend Kuma L/N. I wasn't supposed to be here, but I'm glad I am. Af...
  • kacchan
  • uraraka
  • ultra
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A New Golden Age (Transformers Prime) by PrincessAura273
A New Golden Age (Transformers Pri...by Madalyn
Sequel to Together We Stand Divided We Fall. At long last the war for Cybertron is officially over. With Optimus Prime one with the Allspark, and Aura becoming Queen, sh...
  • info
  • optimus
  • bumblebee
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Teen Titans Ultra by Bluejay3022
Teen Titans Ultraby Bluejay3022
The adventures of the Teen Titans from an alternate universe. See them from their early days until the end of the journey as a superhero team.
  • ultra
  • teentitans
  • adventure
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The Alpha Warhead Disaster(Male SCP-682 reader x Kaijus and RWBY) by GodzillaLegendaryRPG
The Alpha Warhead Disaster(Male SC...by Awesome Gojira2017
When SCP-682 was caught, the foundation thought he was the only one. They were wrong. Before humans, there were at most several dozen clans in members of five, of Hard-t...
  • ghidorah
  • mothra
  • imoutofideas
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Adherence by That_Badass_Ginger
Adherenceby That_Badass_Ginger
In this story, there is no fairytale romance. No white knight in shining armour, because there is none in real life unless you make them. Sounds depressing right? Sadly...
  • heartbreak
  • friendship
  • autobots
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7 Sins of Pokemon by jawsgirl901
7 Sins of Pokemonby Jaida
7 sins 7 rare pokemon
  • 7deadlysins
  • pokemon
  • ultra
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