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The Journey of the Katana Hero by TheTrinity9
The Journey of the Katana Heroby ArcVme
We know the story of the Cardinal Heroes and their weapons; Spear, Bow, Sword and Shield. But, what if there is one more? This is the story of Rimuru Arashi. After got s...
(Un)lucky Naofumi by batfamily18
(Un)lucky Naofumiby batfamily18
Hello everyone! This is a cannon of what could have happened if Naofumi reacted differently than he did and what the outcome would be. This is after the difference, but...
We're WHAT!?!?!?!?! [ motoyasu x naofumi ] by Scarlet_nightingale
We're WHAT!?!?!?!?! [ motoyasu x Scarlet_nightingale
This story takes place before the pope incident and after meeting Melty. The four cardinal hero's, including Naofumi, were summoned to the castle by the king for Malty...
 Just roommates (Naofumi X Motoyasu)   by Yukitonz
Just roommates (Naofumi X Nathan/Yukitonz
COMPLETED (this story does not follow the original story line!) Warning- swearing, LGBT, violence and 'relationship stuff(like kissing),death if uncomfortable with any...
Rising of the Shield Hero Short stories by 1BlStories1
Rising of the Shield Hero Short
Bunch of oneshots and short stories about risin of the shield hero shipping naofumi with ren, itsuki pr motoyasu brrrrr you can also recommend by commenting.
The Cardinal Hero of Magic by Lady_Umbra
The Cardinal Hero of Magicby Selena Williams
In order to save the world from apocalyptic catastrophe, four heroes will be summoned from another world, The Sword, The Spear, The Bow, and The Shield Hero. However...s...
A Hero's Bond by PurpleCatAngel
A Hero's Bondby PurpleCatAngel
A different take on 'The Rising of the Shield Hero' story. Naofumi still gets summoned to Melromarc along with Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki and he's still the shield hero. H...
The Rising of the K.P.A. by Crime_Chaser
The Rising of the Riot Trooper
Lieutenant Kwon Pyong-Chol is an officer of the Korean People's Army and commander of the 330th Expeditionary Brigade, a unit consisting of armored, artillery, mechanize...
Motofumi oneshots (NaofumiXMotoyasu) by Yukitonz
Motofumi oneshots ( Nathan/Yukitonz
I literally gave up on my last fanfiction, and I literally have Motofumi fanfictions taking over my google docs, so I suppose- I literally write about these two all the...
The Shield's Weaponless Brother (The Rising Of The Shield Hero X Male Reader) by thenewalexmercer
The Shield's Weaponless Brother ( the new alex mercer
The waves of catastrophe. Mysterious events that puts entire worlds in danger, to combat these threats four heroes are summoned. The Spear hero, the Sword hero, the Bow...
A New Hero (Male child reader X RotSH) by ChrisReiniger
A New Hero (Male child reader X Shadow Nexus
Brought to another world for one single reason, to help create calamity, a single child must choose to either fight to change his destiny or to accept the hand he's been...
Two worlds, one shield by GreenWarrior291
Two worlds, one shieldby Ronaldo A Amaya
Garfiel Tinsel finds himself in a new world by unknown means, leading to him meeting the legendary Shield Hero, Naofumi. What does this meeting mean, and will they be ab...
Rising of the Shield Hero Characters watch The Rising of the Shield Hero by Psycho_Emz
Rising of the Shield Hero Alexa Play This Is Hallloween...
Just as the title says, some characters from The Rising of the Shield Hero will be watching the series. There will also be Bonus chapters that have nothing to do with th...
||The Katana Hero|| [Rising Of The Shield Hero x Male Reader] by Ignore_me0001
||The Katana Hero|| [Rising Of Imaad Barnes
The Katana Hero... A new addition to the 4 Cardinal Heroes... Meet (Y/n) (L/n), he was just a normal college student with his best friend, Naofumi untill one day they fi...
The summoning of the second shield hero accident by chrisdouglas10
The summoning of the second The shield
when the summoning of the 4 cardinal heroes there was a accident where in stead of 4 people there was 6 how will Maple aka Kaede Honjou and her best friend Sally aka Ri...
Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories by Psycho_Emz
Rising of the Shield Hero Short Alexa Play This Is Hallloween...
This is a story containing many different AUs, Headcanons, and Short stories for the series The Rising of the Shield Hero. Many of these AUs are inspired and I've gotte...
Naofumi The Spider Demon by imlazyhehe
Naofumi The Spider Demonby Imlazyhehe
What if Naofumi Iwatami from The Rising Of The Shield Hero was a Spiderdemon from the anime,Demon Slayer. he will have the same abilities as Rui and The Mother Spider de...
Lost Pages (Rise of the Shield Hero) by Sinful-stories
Lost Pages (Rise of the Shield I'm Alive!!
Waking up in a field of flowers after getting hit and killed by a train was the last thing Himari expected. Though she soon finds out that she was summoned to a complete...
 Motoyasu x Naofumi by Keke081
Motoyasu x Naofumiby Ke-ke
ART ISNT MINE NOR ARE THE CHARACTERS Naofumi gets a new shield but it can only be used by a girl so what does the shield do about it turns him to a girl of course! Worst...
The Staff Hero | Itsuki Kawasumi x reader (Discontinued) by Icyyhot
The Staff Hero | Itsuki Kawasumi God
The four cardinal heroes turn up, you've heard it before right? But what you didn't know was that one extra hero turned up , the staff hero, who specialises in magic, an...