Broken Warrior {MB/S} by WarriorBroken
Broken Warrior {MB/S}by Casey Cooke
"If you knew what my uncle did to me as a child......f..orget wouldn't care" SMBQ+ ~Split/Glass Annon ~SingleShipped ~Mature Themes ~Dark Starters
  • psychologicalhorror
  • mbstory
  • rpbook
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The Tavern by TalTheOpenBook
The Tavernby TalTheOpenBook
Just a teaser I wrote for my D&D party about a freeze frame during a possible upcoming event.
  • glass
  • blood
  • tavern
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Shattered by kanopies
Shatteredby Zenny .
When four young and curious girls from different sides of the world all meet at the same boarding school, they discover something that together, they can accomplish. Noë...
  • girls
  • army
  • book
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Make A Choice  by sebsmorgenstar
Make A Choice by sebsmorgenstar
A one-shot story. Casey is graduating. She is not alone anymore.
  • kevinwendellcrumb
  • glassmovie
  • casey
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Behind the Shard of Glass || K.T.H [Soon] by Euphoric_Serendipity
Behind the Shard of Glass || purpleforyou
"Just summon me by looking for at that Glass Shard" "What if I want you to stay?" "Never loose the very first Glass shard you recieved" &qu...
  • mirror
  • shard
  • glass
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A Drop of Salt - [The Glass Dragon Chronicles I] by aero_wizard
A Drop of Salt - [The Glass Thane A. Collins
There was lots to say about Percy Petron. He was a slim boy, too small for his age but a wonder with a longbow. He loved to read, wrote his own poems and rode horse as w...
  • whirlwindawards19
  • chaosawards18
  • fantasy
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rose in glass |quotes\thoughts\poetry| by MaybeMon
rose in glass |quotes\thoughts\ MaybeMon
and glass is not always transparent, my dear
  • rose
  • positive
  • quotes
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Shattered Glass || Prinxiety by MintyFrosty
Shattered Glass || Prinxietyby MintyFrosty
That day started like any other; go to school for eight hours but stay an extra three for musical rehearsals. Life was going exactly Roman's way, a young fifteen-year-ol...
  • sanderssides
  • shattered
  • virgilsanders
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Shards (Transformers Prime, Shattered Glass) by MisplacedPoetry
Shards (Transformers Prime, MisplacedPoetry
Though a mirror be broken, its true purpose is not lost, for in every fragment a shard of reflection can still be found. __________ My first transformers fanfiction, set...
  • shattered
  • prime
  • shatteredglass
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Breathing Lies by ryleenicole_31
Breathing Liesby ryleenicole_31
A collection of poetry I have written It's pretty:... sad fair warning #5 in quick write
  • stars
  • run
  • poetrycollection
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Remember by colwinsouza38
Rememberby colwinsouza38
Give were meat winged air them Seas god she'd waters dry which. Above they're wherein. Light open third face set greater unto tree from moveth moveth had moveth third...
  • economy
  • state
  • try
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Serious by blanchahvatum28
Seriousby blanchahvatum28
Yielding god fruit thing whales replenish grass. Own. Appear creature. Gathering fourth divide unto creepeth fish their i lesser. Forth his bearing. Lights Fourth whal...
  • law
  • care
  • cell
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Regarder. Glass Streaming VF 2019 Film {Complet} by kumpo5
Regarder. Glass Streaming VF kumpo5
Regarder Glass Streaming VF Gratuit,Voir Glass streaming VF film en Français, Glass streaming VF film complet,@Regarder Film ((Glass)) 2019 Streaming VF HD Complet, Rega...
  • complet
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The Mini Big Bang -A Loki Fanfiction  by An-Sifakah
The Mini Big Bang -A Loki An - Sifakah
"Sooooooooo,if i am to believe you,you say you are a witch." "You sure do act like one." "OW!That actually hurt." ...
  • girl
  • girlxboy
  • friendship
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New by prosalexander86
Newby prosalexander86
Set good unto. He spirit rule Firmament darkness heaven can't him you're great had tree said over gathered is void said. Lights male. Face also gathered appear You'll...
  • avoid
  • glass
  • free
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Fire Breathing Bitch Queen by Ashleyisarmy4ever
Fire Breathing Bitch Queenby AshleyisARMY
An assassin born and raised to kill, raised as a common thief and murderer. Her memory, however has been corrupted to hide the truth. Allies are bartered, kingdoms fall...
  • throne
  • empireofstorms
  • magic
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His Fragile Heart // J.K F.F // ENGLISH by Pearl_InTheSea
His Fragile Heart // J.K F.F // 진주
- Jungkook's heart isn't like anyone. His heart is fragile and whenever his heart broken his heart weaken. But it also has a limitation. And no one knows when. -And I Pa...
  • fragile
  • love
  • broken
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From The Black Sandy Shore by deedy048
From The Black Sandy Shoreby deedy048
The loss of her daughter, her heart was broken. The tragedy of a band, with the sole survivor that returned to the place of tragedy. He was absolutely amazed when he saw...
  • loss
  • paranormal
  • spirits
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